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  1. Before people get the wrong idea, I actually love the update that improved the melee weapons. Been a long time coming. I can actually kill enemies with my melee WITHOUT having to use Rhino, Chroma, or Excalibur. So awesome job DE. 👍🏻 But the War is till kind of... ehhh. A weapon as hard to get as the war definitely deserves more than what it has. For starters its Riven Disposition is way too low for a weapon far weaker than several. And those several are much easier to get. I’m not suggesting DE raises the Riven disposition or the base stats up some, even though that would be lovely. What I AM suggesting is that DE adds a bonus/ability to the sentient weapon. I’ve made a post like this before and now I’m just reminding DE since the improved melee system came and its a new year. As a sentient weapon that was a part of and housed the Mega Sentient Hunhow, that it should be a weapon that can adapt to enemies weaknesses. That it can inflict damage upon enemies based on their weaknesses. Such as puncture and corrosive against majority grineer. Impact and magnetic against majority corpus. Etc. etc. If health is all that is left due to armor/shield stripping, then the weapon does viral and slash. Basically any mods placed on the weapon contributes to its overall damage dealt. Basically the War channels all those elements and physical mods into a single element/physical of the enemies weakness. Sentients adapt to attacks so I figured a sentient weapon made from the most powerful sentient should be able to adapt its attacks against other enemies. A weapon capable of slaying anything, including a warframe definitely deserves more credit than what it already has. When I first started playing, the War was the big hype. Anybody who has it basically were respected as somebody who conquered their fear of the Stalker and succeeded in not only killing him, but obtaining the most power Melee weapon in the game at that time. But then I quickly realized that the Melees aren’t at all what I thought them to be. Higher level enemies where basically resistant if not immune to these melees. Until the update last year and now melees are becoming popular again and more fun to use. Now we just need some sort of Advanced Enemy like some armored bulky grineer that only melees do the real damage too, so that guns aren’t the primary weapons to use against such tough enemies all the time. The War is basically a unused weapon and with such a low Riven disposition, it is surprising that it isn’t completely forgotten. I’m just asking that DE make this weapon popular again. Make it unique. Cause I just know that it will be used way more often if the buff I suggested is implemented. It wouldn’t replace all melee weapons obviously but it would be used more. And make facing the shadow stalker a hundred times, more worth it. Also I think it should mention that the broken war is needed to craft it after being obtained form the stalker after the second dream quest. Cause so many players would level the weapon up and and delete it for more space for a better weapon. If anything every weapon that is used as a resource for another should have that info shown after obtained or simply in the description. But anyways, that’s just my opinion. Well mine and several others. I talk to others about these things before making a post and they all agreed the War still needs a buff. Please be honest and constructive.
  2. It happens all the the time, everywhere. Saturn. Earth. And the most recent has be Veil. Just keeps happening every other game. Sometimes back to back.
  3. Just as the title says. I’m getting real sick of all the host migrations. They keep happening over and over. Can’t play a single mission without players host migrating then it places the rest of us in a Noob Railjack where we are not allowed to return to Dry Dock. So we are forced to abort as well. Had to close the game once because I was stuck in the loading screen. Never encountered host migrating as badly as this. Shouldn’t be forced to be host or play solo on a mission that is meant for full squads because players are super impatient. Something needs to be done. I would list a few suggestions but I’m sure many players will not agree.
  4. Greed made me picture him being able to steal enemy weapons, which leaves them disarmed, to refill his own ammo. All that gold stuff makes him sound like Rumpelstiltskin. If anything I see him as the ultimate looter. If you need more loot than he is basically the lottery. Like one of his abilities(most likely his forth) could create a buff or proc where the loot obtained is increased. Like power strength at 200% would double all loot picked up. Teammates nearby when the ability is cast gains the buff/proc as well. Maybe a passive where he has a much longer vacuum that multiplies with companion mods for much higher loot collecting. Greed made me picture his origin as an expert thief who would steal enemy armories and such. But he soon got greedy and started stealing for his own profit. Which eventually lead to his demise or capture. Maybe he is required to farm for a very specific resource to build his own weapons or some other unique item. Course people will complain instead of just building him and using him. So that is probably out the window. But the word Greed gives off a thievery vibe, not some literal anthropomorphic goldmine. Just saying.
  5. Well DE released a Hotfix that increases the resources drop chance so that wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately it hasn’t arrived on consoles yet and I’m kind of growing impatient. I’ve gotten the new weapons, made my railjack tanky, and leveled up my intrinsic to all level 7. But these bugs and lack of resources and drops is definitely a pain. I had to bring multiple buddies of mine to a Kill Captain/Commander mission multiple times to insure they get the quellor and pennant because they don’t get shared on consoles. Most of the guys I play with haven’t really been playing that much since the update due to all the bugs. Not to mention the glitches have risen up since the update too. Which is making some people not play at all. Just trying really hard to be patient.
  6. My issue is the bug that came with it. Where sometimes I would fire just once or just start a mission and it won’t shoot. Other guys been having that problem too so it is definitely a bug. But it’s been a week now into the new year so I’m wondering why we having heard from DE.
  7. As much as a like Railjack, there are too many bugs. Like way too many. Examples: 1). Loading into a Railjack mission after stepping out as your Tenno before even starting sometimes causes the Tenno to be stuck in a sort of non-mission stance. Like I can’t use abilities but I’m invincible. No void dashes, nothing. As awesome as it was to constantly revive my teammates, my Tenno was completely useless. 2). trying to get off the turrets just for the game to put me back on them. Now that gets real annoying, especially when time is of the essence. Hard to rely completely on your crew, friends or not, so being stalled by such a bug gets really annoying really fast. 3). railjack avionics keep getting removed and capacity staying at 0. Now please think before responding to this specific one. It is definitely a bug. When ever I go to my avionics to scrap or upgrade the grid, most of my avionics get removed and my capacity remains at zero. Then after reloading back into the dojo(multiple times) it fixes itself and I have to put all my avionics back on. Finally got Bulkhead Zekti, I really do not need this happening constantly. Sometimes returning to the dojo helps but not always. Sometimes this bug persists and my only solution is to keep leaving and returning. Sometimes I’ve closed the app but it didn’t always work. There are many more bugs that interfere with the missions and forces us to abort. Being able to return from the railjack mission without aborting has helped sometimes when the mission itself becomes bugged and can’t be completed, but sometimes you can’t return from the mission at all either. And #3 happened during a sentient invasion so it really messed things up. Luckily I didn’t find anything important, otherwise this would be a rant. Now maybe this is just a console thing and the update to fix these bugs is just around the corner but my patience is running thin. Nobody else wants to even play warframe right now because of these bugs. Glitches been happening on regular missions way more often too ever since this Empyrean update. Really hard to enjoy a game that is so buggy. Never in the 3.5 years of playing this game have I ever came across this many bugs. The 3 I mentioned above are just the most common I’ve encountered. But there are way more. I really hope something gets done about them, and soon.
  8. I’ve spent months farming Syndicate Medallions which means I’ve played like 7-8 missions from beginning to end clear all loot trying to find the medallions. I destroy the loot so that it’s easier to spot medallions. Now that’s about 800 missions total where I searched from top to bottom and I’ve only found like 4-5 reinforced containers. 8-10 rare containers. Which makes me feel that rare containers have a 1% drop chance and reinforced have like 0.5%. Maybe 0.1% but I was lucky. Which would mean doing like 100s to 1,000s of Veil Proxima to find an Umbra Forma. Then the missions can take like 5-10 minutes with a good team. 20-30 with a bad team. An hour if you’re a complete newbie. So many containers to destroy and so many high level enemies that are tough. Then you’re railjack could be destroyed quickly if you leave it vulnerable. I’ve cleared loot containers through entire maps in less than 5 minutes while other players spent 10-15. And railjack may not have huge loot maps but all the flying and such can make it take pretty long. But I’m just gonna say 10 minutes to humor some people. 100 missions would mean 17 hours. 1,000 missions would mean almost 170 hours. Just to get 1 Umbra Forma. Then you gotta think about the people who don’t have all day, week, or month to search for 1 item. At the very least DE should increase the spawn rate of rare containers in Veil Proxima only. Kind of like how they made the trials spawn dozens of these containers. So DE definitely can make Veil Proxima spawn more Rare/Reinforced containers. Definitely should since Veil Proxima spawns some of the most difficult enemies. Higher levels should have a higher chance of spawning rare containers. Like let’s say the spawn chance is 0.1%. On level 10 missions could be 0.1%. While level 50 be 0.5%. Level 100 be 1.0% spawn chance. That’s just an example. That or create some special repeatable Railjack Alert that has a much higher spawn chance. Some of the rewards could be a ton of Titanium or something. Maybe a Rare Railjack Avionic. Or MKIII component. But the rare containers have a much higher spawn chance. Either way, the current spawn chance is definitely a problem. Not to mention all the bugs that keep happening too. Imagine finally getting what you want just for a bug/glitch to happen that forces you to abort or close your game. Just trying to complete all the Veil Proxima nodes was a pain and took hours upon hours.
  9. Well this was my concept of a Gas Based Frame. Picturing a dude closer to the shape of Vauban but with a gas mask like helmet.
  10. First off I’m gonna explain a little math. For most frames the health and shields are 3x at max while the energy is 1.5x at max. Exceptions are like Inaros who has no shields so his health is 4x maxed. And hildryn who has no energy but uses shields so hers is 3.5x maxed(which is the addition of the 2 multiplications). So if the energy is at 200 rank 0, then maxed rank it will be 300. If shields are 80, then max rank will be 240. Get the picture? Good. For his stats I could see him having a bit more health and armor compared to most frames due to dinosaurs being super tough. And based on movies and such they have a lot of stamina so I could see him with 300 energy max unless DE decided to go higher. Next another idea for the appearance could be Grimlock from tranformers(live action). He had an anthropomorphic T-Rex form that could assist with the warframe’s. Now abilities could be some what complicated. From what I’ve heard, dinosaurs can’t handle the cold so maybe he could have low shields at first and then sacrifices them for larger health in his alternate form? Since shields are weak to cold. Passive could be like a chance to scare enemies off if they get too close. I could see him having an ability where he warms up the surrounding area that reduces enemy accuracy while increasing his shields and/or armor? Due to dinosaurs have all sorts of offensive and defensive abilities, I could see him being able to create a defensive barrier but only in front of him(range helps a little) and can buff up specifically melee damage like adding more puncture/slash/impact damage depending on the switch. Like Ivara’s first ability or vauban’s second, he could switch between the different physical buffs. Now I can picture a stampede but not like that. More like he literally runs them over. As in they fall down and he continues to stomp on them. Or be like a slower Gauss in a way to knock enemies straight to the ground but if turned around and done again, he inflicts damage by stomping over them as he charges by. Since he would be running with so much weight, jumping, sliding, won’t be possible though he could still turn better than Gauss. If used with the ability above then enemies would take addition damage when he charges them. I could see a Roar but I was picturing more he stuns them by roaring so loud into their ears. Which makes them temporary deaf. While buffing his armor. But only affects those in front of him. Kind of picturing him taking on a giant ferocious form where he goes berserk on the enemies. Completely gnawing on them. Abilities could be slightly changed like for him to utilize all 3 physical damage buffs. Being able to roar while running. Being able to launch onto a nearby enemy and just eat away. Passive ability could cause enemies to be terrified of him so they always keep a distance. Maybe could channel the heat build up into a single long range torch or flare to catch enemies on fire. Etc. Could see him having an environmental buff/debuff where cold/ice areas weaken his armor and shields while warm desert looking areas buffs them up. That’s about it on the abilities. His quest I could see being part of the plains where Vay Hek discover dinosaur fossils and such tries to clone them for his army which the Tenno have to prevent. Destroying dig sites and drills. Maybe we encounter this frame slumbering and we wake him. Which causes him to panic and attack everything. His parts could be scattered where mining or some new excavation mission has a chance to drop one of his parts. That’s my basic idea of it.
  11. More like the J3 Golem. The one that is much, MUCH larger than the regular Jordas Golem. Maybe like on some Open World we find a crash site/s and it turns out to be a railjack that has infestation all over it. Which leads us to a sort new event or remake of an old one where we face the J3 Golem but in our railjack. A few changes to how the fight goes may be needed but it does give DE a chance to bring back one of the “trials”. Maybe add like an infested arch wing and infested arch weapon as rewards.
  12. I’ve been thinking of a sort of new “system” for the augments for the last couple of years. Mainly as a sort of evolution of the abilities. Like maybe the more they are used to a certain degree plus a few other things similar to what you mentioned, you unlock the alternative/improve ability. Now I doubt that making it cost more energy would be good. Due to how low most frames’ energy cap is even with Prime Flow. With more difficult enemies coming our way having stronger/alternative abilities would be a nice addition. Instead of adding more power strength mods or whatever, figured turn the augment mods into part of the evolution of the frames. Make using them more worth it if it unlocks more powerful abilities for the frames without costing them mod slots or capacity. Maybe instead of erasing the mods, doing the requirements(which ever DE decides) would unlock a sort of augment mod slot that doesn’t use up the warframe’s capacity. Maybe up to 4 if DE decides. Maybe at least 2 in order not to make the frame too OP. But I do hate how some augment mods are basically evolved versions of the abilities while others are just pure alternative. Sometimes those alternatives are completely useless. And due to how weak some abilities are, those alternatives/improvements should be the default. But I do hate having to sacrifice space for mods that could be fun to use. Like the peculiar mods that are fun but a total waste of space as they don’t help at all. Maybe a new peculiar mod slot specifically for peculiar mods. Only one can be chosen. Either way, definitely be nice to be able to truly use an augment without sacrificing your builds.
  13. NOW!!! These are not drawing or anything like that. What I did was take photos of the Monster Hunter: World, Coral Highlands. The use a filter to change the coloring and such. Multiple times. But the point if these pics is to give a better visual of how I picture parts of the Infested Open World map. Nidus’s forth ability, the fungi every where, all that gives off a sort of under the sea like vibe. Very creepy sea. So I took the photos and filter them to like more dark and red-ish to kind of match the infested. Obviously there would need to but lots of changes, like adding the fungi, add like infested light bugs everywhere, but this is sort of how I picture the infested world. And everything is an enemy. Plants, vines, pretty much anything is infested and may or may not attack you. Nidus could have that bonus effect where he isn’t targeted by them much like how revenant can bathe in irradiated water in the Plains. Just my opinion.
  14. Man the new Railjack has got me thinking of a new alternative to fighting something like the J3 Golem. Got me picturing us locating crash sites in the new Infested Apocalypse open world where we investigate and learn that they were parts of a railjack destroyed by the infested. Which eventually leads to an open world event bringing back the J3 Golem but we use our railjack to fight it. Could still deploy arch-wing for certain objectives. Still picturing an infested Arch-Wing and melee that would rewarded as a result. Maybe the quest gives you the BP while the event gives you the parts? That or the J3 Golem becomes a permanent boss for the open world. And the new Arch-Wing mechanics(blink) would make fighting giant infested bosses in the open world more fun. I’m sure DE is taking this all in and planning for it in the future but man I want a horrific open world map right now!!! 😤😤😤
  15. IKR??? I’ve made a few concepts, some repetitive due to changes and it being placed in archived, and I try to put in as much details as I can to make them more “Unique”. Even go as far as describing their appearances in comparison to other frames to help with the visual image. And I try to create a sort quest/origin idea for them too. But what makes my posts a bit more “unique” compared to most others’ is that I encourage others to give their suggestions/input on how the ideas could be improved to make them possibly official. But narrow-minded trolls would rather make a comparison to another frame based on 1 tiny similarity, which all existing frames have, and throw the idea into the trash. Which is why DE doesn’t have a 👎🏻 option. Cause trolls will just down vote every post they see whether DE brings the idea to life or not. I even got a drawing for the most recent frame concept I’ve made(which was repeated in the past) and I’m currently trying to improve it before reposting(due to being locked in archives). But when I comment on other people’s posts, I try to offer more/alternative ideas that could be used to improve the concepts. But everybody else would rather argue over ideas or have a competition on who has a better vision of such a concept. DE is probably giving themselves big muscular necks from all the head shaking they be doing seeing all these people argue and bully instead of cooperating and being constructive. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  16. Then I must have been dealing with more bugs than I realized. Cause Ive lost multiple resources and stuff from aborting the first few times playing railjack missions. Been having a lot of bugs that have prevented me from gaining a lot more than I already have in railjack.
  17. I’ve been in 10 missions and all of them forced me to wait 15-20 minutes for the host to decide to move on to the next location. That’s ridiculous. And the simplest solution for those who have lives outside this game is for DE to add an option to solo extract for players who are not the host. Not to mention that if the host throws up a mission then players outside the railjack should have a timer that will automatically force them back into the railjack. Also maybe an option for non-host players to be able to throw up the next mission instead of being completely limited to whatever the host decides. But adding solo extract for non-host players is definitely needed. I’ve spent way too many hours on this game today than I should have. And railjack is not exactly a solo type mission. So please do not give the laziest response of “go to recruit”. Adding this simple function would be a better and shorter alternative than spending hours trying to find a squad.
  18. Be nice if it cost the users the resources instead of just the host. Like if they fire the Gunner beam, it would use up their cores. Or they can’t fire at all since they are out. Like maybe you gain some sort of temporary access to high level gear while on their ship and it still costs YOU the resources for using them instead of the host. Which would provide more arsenal in a way cause let’s say you decide to fire the Gunner on 16 crew ships and you have 4 players with 4 charges. Doubt it would get that bad but point is the players would only be wasting THEIR resources instead of the main host. The railjack maybe be different but the resources are still the same.
  19. Figured it out. I just click to reset to default and now I can use blink.
  20. I’ve moved in ALL directions. Nothing worked. Like I said, I did it according to the updates and it still doesn’t work for me. Nor does it work for a few others I’ve played with. And when I try to look it up, I keep finding PC players. Try again.
  21. Not sure if anybody has pointed this out. And before anybody say anything, yes I tried looking up multiple times to see if this issue was discussed for console players. But I’ve been trying to use blink according to the latest updates and my arch wing just won’t blink. Feeling like a moron being played for an early April Fools joke. Why is it an issue for me personally? Because the missions be taking way too long to complete and resources haven’t been increased or anything for consoles. So being able to blink towards enemy crew ships and fighters and destroy them is definitely important. Especially if I’m the only one in the Railjack mission that is actually doing anything. Not to mention there is almost zero communication going on no matter how hard I try to communicate with the squad. They just ignore me and make missions take too long. Had to wait almost 10 minutes for a guy to return to the ship to start the next mission. So something needs to be done about that. But blink not working is definitely a big pebble in both boots I fished out of the lakes. Especially when you’re being ambushed and your team isn’t shooting the enemies. Really hope this issue gets solved. And maybe we console players get compensated for all these issues we’ve had to deal with this past month. Like maybe some sort of resource booster and resource booster weekend would be nice.
  22. Well I predicted Atlas, Wukong, Mesa, chroma, limbo, and zephyr. But I can see why Baza was primed since silent keeps her invisibility active. Titania Prime is most likely gonna have her signature gunblade and rapier. But considering she has an exalted Archwing ability, she may come out with the first prime Arch weapon. I would assume, if so, it would be a Arch Melee. Since Hildryn has a signature Arch-Gun that will most likely be primed with her in the future. We still don’t have have a Prime Okina or something similar. There’s a chance it could be released with someone like Nezha based on his fighting style and the weapon itself. We still don’t have a prime launcher. And it’s been awhile since a shotgun is as primed. Which opens the opportunity for the Corrinth. We still don’t have a Prime Dual Swords. Unless you count the Nami Skyla, I’m picturing more of something with 2 swords. Not a sword and dagger. But the last couple of years of frames have their own unique weapons. So I can see them mostly being primed along with their respective frames. What I hope comes for the next primes are bonus abilities if wielded by their respective frames. Maybe DE could eventually think of ways to add unique bonuses to already existing prime weapons and frames.
  23. Well this is the concept I’ve made. Still trying to work on the drawing to make it more detailed. And trying to think of more interesting skill set for him. I’ve made many before but this is the first time I got a drawing for him.
  24. Be nice if there were more stuff per holiday. Like have a wind of snow around the body with sparkly lights as a sort of Christmas ephemera. Maybe some prime decorations to give the inside of your ship a more orokin vibe. Be cool if all the ships had unique interiors. Prime ship could have a more Orokin interior. Either way it would be nice to have more “gifts”. I would happily spend plat on an orokin interior.
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