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  1. If they made it into a 4th ability then obviously the landslide itself would be buffed to where it wouldn’t need a riven or any other specific mod to do the same amount of damage. Not to mention I think that is a bug that DE plans to “fix” at a later time. So either way... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Okay, now I’ve been seeing some posts about Atlas’s abilities and how the frame may be... boring... to use. So my suggestion that could POSSIBLY fix that, at least for me, is to switch his 1st ability with his 4th and turn it into an exalted. The Rumblers in my opinion aren’t that very good of a 4th ability. And Atlas is basically a boxing frame so figured make Atlas summon an ally as his first an go all Fist of Hercules as his fourth. So here would be the changes: 1st Ability - Summons a single Rumbler that follows Atlas and attacks nearby enemies. The more power strength Atlas has, the bigger and stronger the Rumbler would be. Holding the ability could summon 2 Rumblers with Health and damage split but move quicker. 4th Ability - Holding the button summons Exalted Gauntlets to pummel enemies with Herculean strength. Tapping the 4th would perform a Landslide. Tapping with the gauntlets would either do more damage or use less energy to perform landslide. Synergy with Tectonics where Atlas can perform a Landslide on a wall made by his 3rd to shatter it and send shrapnel flying into the enemies on the other side. Maybe Landslide doesn’t require a target and allow Atlas to travel based on range? That is sort of the basics. I was sort of picturing Atlas creating big rocky fists(golden knuckles for prime) but more... smooth and artistic than the current pile of rocks Atlas makes when does landslide. And obviously these gauntlets would have their own mod configs so Atlas is not forced to bring a melee to do real damage. Although still an option if you just tap 4th without summoning the gauntlets. Now with Wukong and Equinox having allies that shoot enemies, the strength of the current rumblers wouldn’t really change as a 1st ability due to their limited distance and such. Augments would still require a bit more thought and maybe discussion to figure out. Kind of picturing Atlas performing quick jabs as part of his landslide that would boost the combo counter faster? Maybe the Rumbler turns into smaller ones the more damage it takes? Again this is just my opinion and I’m fully open to having a legit logical discussion on the idea. But to me personally, I would use Atlas WAY MORE if this was his ability set-up. Atlas was fun to me as a newbie 3 years ago. But now with so many newer and more enemies to face, he is just... inefficient... or boring to use. I’ve discussed this with multiple people and they agreed he would be more fun to use this way. And it is not a complete rework. That would be an entirely different post. Hope hear more constructive opinions.
  3. I run a maxed powerstrength Nidus for the main purpose of strengthening teammates. But when you’re in a squad of like 2 or more buffing frames like 2 chromas or a chroma + rhino, and/or they are constantly on the move, picking up another energy orb shortly after linking is pretty annoying. During a fissure mission a fissured rhino + a fissured equinox + my fissured Nidus with 3 growing powers, we managed to reach to a 1,898% rhino roar!!! Later a vex armor reached above 11,000%. Now imagine both in the same game. Especially in a mission constantly on the move. My Nidus team build would definitely benefit from such an improvement.
  4. To be honest your suggestions actually sound decent. What your asking for may be somewhat of a buff but at least it would bring her up to the level of others. What I tried suggesting was a little more synergy between her abilities. Such as using an ability during Eclipse will add a bonus to them. Such as: 1). Her clones can do a little more damage but also all 4 clones will shoot instead of just the front 2. 2). Slight of Hand would not only booby trap objects but it would also distract enemies to them. Could even cause the items to drop a unique resource that buffs her survivability by like increasing her armor and health for a short time that scales to a certain point. Once it reaches to the cap they just heal. 4). Prism uses less energy and the beams are thicker and have punch through plus a little more range and damage. Something like that. Basically she channels the solar light energy into her abilities similar to what you suggested for her passive. The change I wanted for her Eclipse is that when cast in the light you gain a damage buff or damage reduction in shaded areas for the duration of the ability. Versus switching when you step in and out of lit/shaded spots. Reason for that is due to the fact literally one wrong step could end you. Especially with how squishy she is. That would make her ability somewhat better in my opinion in comparison to chroma. People can use that damage yourself excuse but that only requires 5 seconds for me and the ability is basically permanent as long as there is energy lying around which I always have, especially with the duration I have. Her Eclipse Augment idea would definitely be a better improvement vs just a slight range increase to teammates. Chroma can do that without an augment and the range is better. I have a selfish build and selfless build for chroma. My selfish build has greater buff but little to no range. I also figured to add more synergy is to make her prism flash give her like a few seconds of pure light to make her Eclipse apply the damage buff. Duration would increase the time the lit area stays lit. Range obviously determines how wide the area would be. That would help in darker areas or maps. Like in the plains at night. Also due to Ballas saying she “laughed”, I was thinking they could make her do like a little giggle or laugh when casting abilities, similar to rhino roaring and Umbra howling. Make her a more fun character to use. But these are just my opinions.
  5. The title “Warlock” and the name Faust which makes me think of Felix Faust from DCU, make me think of some pretty wizardry moves. Such as: 1). Creating a vortex that sucks/absorbs all enemy fire and when timer runs out or canceled by recasting, all the projectiles fire out in all directions. Power strength increases the damage multiplier for the burst. 2). Create portals that don’t exactly teleport players but it can redirect projectiles back at the enemies. A second portal created would allow projectiles fired into one to come out the other. Only 2 can be created. Even projectile type abilities can go through them too. Only the side facing the direction the frame was when placed can absorb the projectiles. Range increases the size. 3). Turns enemy weapons into bombs that explode in their hands. Deals decent damage but also leaves them unarmed. Scales with enemy levels and power strength. Requires a more single target focus vs a wide spread radius. 4). Creates a barrier that absorbs damage for a short time. When the timer runs out the barrier would burst similar to Snow Globe + Freeze, and enemies nearby would take damage equal to the amount absorbed. Duration would be pretty short so longer the duration the better. Enemies can still walk past it. Thinking if enemies do walk past it it would inflict a random status to them depending on the faction. 5). Creates pads where ever the warframe is, including in the air. So if you jump and activate ability it would leave a floating pad that anybody could jump on. Enemies that step onto them are trapped and when the ability ends they take armor and shield stripping damage. Power strength increases the percentage of the armor/shield stripping. 6). Kind of picturing an ability where he drains his health to fire a projectile. The power strength increases the damage multiplied while the health used determines the based damage. So like 100% power strength would be 10x and if you drain 100 health, then the damage would equal 1,000. 7). Uses a staff to absorb all incoming damage and when released he places it down similar to throwing a spear type primary, and it creates a healing area of effect. Mainly to be paired the above ability. 8). Picturing a sort of passive where if he jumps instead of falling to the ground he creates like a small pad that only lasts a few seconds and he can run on air for a short time. The bigger pads summoned would allow for a much longer air time. But basically he defies gravity for a short time to allow for easier get always. Melee slams or simply looking down could make him run down or fall. Would be a complicated ability to implement. I know, I know, but I just can’t turn my brain off when I see certain posts/ideas.
  6. I’ve made multiple concepts of this frame but this is the first I got a drawing done for him. I’ve talked to multiple guys before making a post to make sure that other people may be interested in the idea. I’m all for suggestions and having a legit discussion about how the ideas I make can be improved to become more unique and maybe become official. Hope anybody who checks it out will view the whole comment section cause me and 1 guy had a decent discussion about the frame and a possible quest that comes with the frame.
  7. Well for starters the stats I had in mind for the Grineer enhanced frame were like: Health: 450 Shields: 150 Armor: 1,000 Speed: 0.9 Energy: 225 Mainly since grineer are known for having a crap load of armor. Usually 2-3x more than health for the more annoying ones. Passive: Physical enhancement that makes his jumps higher/further & faster, and increased damage for hammer type melees. Maybe has the ability to wield an extra primary for his heavy artillery/arsenal. Hold the switch button to wield both primaries with little to no zoom. Perfect for dual shotguns. Ability 1: Throws a seeking drone that sticks to enemies and explodes. Maybe even drains their armor or shields to inflict extra damage. Power strength and duration could determine the over all drain and damage. Ability 2: Sets down a tough barrier similar to the blunts set by grineer that absorbs projectiles. When timer or health reaches zero it pops and all the bullets or damage absorbed is inflicted back at the enemies nearby. Ability 3: kicks into overdrive where movement speed slightly increases, jump distance increases and melee damage is increased. Ground slam radius is increased as well. Primaries and secondaries gain explosive rounds. Ability 4: summons an exalted arch-gun that switches between a mini-gun that fires rapidly, fires multiple bullets at once like a shotgun, and being able to fire seeking rockets. Those were my original thoughts last year. Due to the release of the deployable arch-guns and such, that may not be an option but I wouldn’t be surprised if DE actually did implement them. There many alternatives but I don’t want to make this frame too much like an iron man suit. So I went with the most grineer based abilities. The origin I had for this frame was definitely based on it being the biggest war machine than any other frame. But due to the damage it sustained it lost like 2 or more limbs and suffered some pretty fatal injuries until the Grineer got a hold of it and decided to make it one of their secret weapons. Eventually we fight it and manage to free it from their control. Mainly reminding it that the Grineer were the ones that not only nearly killed it but they turned it into their own personal weapon. I say “it” cause I don’t know what the gender should be. Been thinking male for a while but who knows what DE would decide at this point. The name that I’ve been tempted to call it is Ares being that it is suppose to be the biggest WAR machine of all. After all “Grineer use to be builders, now all they make is war”. But these are just my suggestions/ideas for such a frame. Might need a drawing to help with the visuals but I’m definitely picturing something close to the shape of Rhino Prime but with more grineer style armor and larger forearms. Definitely cybernetic looking. With the idea I have for a new possible combat enhanced grineer enemy, this frame would be a decent one to bring against him. Kind of got a little too much map nuking frames so I figured another one that requires a little more skill to use that can also be damaging against bosses would be better. Again just my ideas. You’re free to use them to come up with and/or improve your own if you want.
  8. Well I did think of Nidus way, way before it was even announced that he was in the making and it is pretty creepy that the abilities are identical to the ones I’ve thought of. Almost makes me wonder if DE has a Stalker on me. Lol But I have been thinking of faction based frames but I don’t know how that would work. With the way the origins of the other frames have been that would be kind of difficult. Hildryn is kind of corpus, but I have thought of one before. Like if Alad V had been working on a warframe design of his own using other frames and corpus technology. But soon gave up and focused on the infested and now sentients. But maybe Frohd Bek revived it and was successful until the tenno stepped in and sort of freed it from their control. Sort of like a Corpus Frankenstein. Kind of picture Alad V popping up and sent his minions at us while telling Frohd Bek “didn’t anybody tell you, you shouldn’t play with other people’s things?” Be a very interesting conversation. Probably too much nerd. Lol Now a grineer concept I have been thinking about. More of a new grineer enemy, one that would be the bane of the Tenno. But for a warframe I was thinking that maybe as an origin the frame was a bit more militarized compared to most others. But was critically injured and had parts replaced with a more grineer enhanced cybernetics. Which gave it more physical enhancement far greater than other frames. Like higher jumps and greater damage while wielding hammers. Abilities would be center around being a very high arsenal frame. Like being able to increase the damage of melees by a lot due to its physical enhancements and being about to obliterate the map with its arsenal. Like firing out a bunch of homing rockets at the enemies. Provide some decent cover. And he would have like the highest armor in the entire game but probably low to no shields. Basically he would be a literal tank. I have ideas for a fan concept of my own but unless people are willing to actually discuss this type of frame I’m not really gonna go through that again with trolls. People who talk trash about an idea with no valid reason. But good luck.
  9. A lot of players be trying to outperform the other. It’s like the majority of players are lone wolves for the most part but then we have these extremely greedy ones, slothful ones, and just straight up crybaby ones that act like the game revolves around them. I’m a type to f team player that tries to not only find the most efficient way to accomplish a mission for the purpose of farming(imagine being the only farmer in a village of like 100 people) but I try to also find some cool fun combinations as well. Like my fissured Nidus + a fissured Rhino + an equinox were able to achieve 1,898% rhino roar and by my calculations it could still get higher. But you won’t find a video of that because to achieve such a “godly” level requires TEAMWORK. Most videos are made by more lone wolf type players. The most teamwork you may find is during a Hydrolyst capture. A more fun combination I recently did was I created a Volt Shield and electrified it and used the augment to allow Gauss to pic it up and run over enemies and not only knock them down, but zap them to death. I also used the same method but with an atlas. The strength of Hercules, speed of Mercury, and shield of Zeus, you might as well be called Shazam. Lol But when I farm for new primes, polarize weapons and frames, even help newbies obtain new frames, I try to use the most efficient builds and combos to get the job done. Even part of one of my fan concepts I’m trying to think of a new type of mission that requires a bit more skill than a simple “kill everything you encounter. Do not relent” mindset. But to completely nerf a frame because a few players feel left out of a SPECIFIC mission is definitely not the way to go. If DE made a mistake and didn’t fully calculate Saryn’s capabilities(similar to old chroma) and decided to correct it, I would understand. But to nerf because a few players demand it when they don’t fully understand how this game works is a whole other story. I’m all for suggestions on what would be a better alternative FOR ALL players but so far no one can really provide one without demanding an entirely new game. Only thing I can think of is similar to Monster Hunter World, and that is to create 2 modes: 1). The normal mode that we currently are aware of. 2). An elite mode where all enemies of all planets are like level 60. Only the sortie really provides such a level and the highest I’ve seen so far for regular missions is 50. But at least this way, with a higher and better rewarding system, the elite mode could be a way for more higher rank players to go all out. And once a newbie gets better and somewhat less selfish at the game then they could easily join the elites. With the exception of no life trolls, the elite mode would be a way to separate newbies from veterans(basically) without changing the entire game. And create a better challenge for higher rank players to “have fun” while still farming and grinding. But that’s just my opinion.
  10. DE is mainly aiming for very different frames which is causing players to want more than just one frame of each attribute. But considering that some frames do share some elements I could see a somewhat alternative ice frame. Like Female one that is more of a creative ice user. Like being able to summon ice minions and weapons instead of just freezing everything in her path like Frost. She could have an Exalted blade that can take on more than 1 shape for multiple purposes. Like she can create a rapier for puncture, a hammer for impact, and like an axe for slash. I could see her being able to create snowy winds that freezes enemies guns and slows down robotic enemies. Maybe she creates a frost shield that specifically surrounds her and reduces the damage of projectiles while freezing those who uses melee. Kind of see a passive where she leaves an ice trail when she moves up to 10 meters that’ll cause enemies to slip and fall. Maybe her first ability not only applies ice damage to her melee, but increases the ice damage a lot and gives it a 100% freezing status chance. Name could like Arcticus. Just saying, there are many ice abilities DE could add and at least gives players more options on how to use ice other than your weapons.
  11. Well they are adding a bat ephemera. But it would be cool if they added more. Been thinking of frames that would give off a horror vibe. Mostly ghostly looking. Basically take wisp, add Night Equinox Prime lower dress/skirt, add Nekros’s boney details, and give it Inaros agile stance. That would be a sort of default base appearance to branch off on. So far only nekros and harrow make decent horror frames but it be nice if there was a nightmarish frame and better event than a pumpkin headed Juggernaut behemoth. Either way, Happy Harroween. Lol
  12. Well I do feel like the more people actually discuss the idea, the more it can be improved. Which is why I tend to offer some suggestions and advice to other people’s ideas in order to help them evolve and maybe become official. Artwork definitely helps in many ways. And DE does pay attention more than what some people believe. I’m still working on my Volcanic frame concept Perses. Trying to figure out some ways to really get the details down not just on the frame but also how DE would introduce it into the game. And now you got me picturing a sort of ghost floating around. Kind of picturing Excalibur holding his exalted blade out in front of him with the shadowy ghost frame surrounding them in darkness. Would be a pain if DE made us have to face it. Bring on the mirage and umbra. Lol
  13. This was my idea of a new infested frame. Wanted it to be very different from Nidus but still give off that infested vibe. Maybe you could use it to come up with more/better ideas. The name you used though definitely gave off an infested vibe. Got me thinking “Pestilus sounds like an infested name”. Another guy made a post about an open world map too which made me think of a boss that drops this frame as well. Basically a queen of infested swarms.
  14. Okay for starters the post is kind of a jumbled mess. Might want to organize it a little more. But my suggestions to the abilities: passive: standing in shaded areas grants invisibility. First Ability: hops into an enemy’s shadow(or becomes one) and drains enemies health unnoticed. Have to look at an enemy to activate. Flying enemies may be an exception. Second Ability: becomes a shadow on the ground or walls and gains increased movement speed and invulnerability. Similar animation to Hydroids undertow except becomes like a black fog on the floor or walls. Third Ability: area around the frame becomes dark/darker and reduces enemy accuracy. Enemies that are caught inside the radius are vulnerable to finishers/true damage. Can even affect Mirage’s Eclipse. Forth Ability: creates a shadow that the frame stabs and all shaded areas nearby have a shadowy blade/spike shoot out and pierces anybody in range. Including enemy shadows. May require an effect like all enemies nearby will have a more noticeable shadow appear underneath them where the shadow spike hits them. Inflicts true damage and unalerted enemies are executed. The abilities I chose are to make this frame a very good survivalist and a stealthy executioner. Basically when the job needs to be executed quietly, this frame would be the go to. Also the abilities would synergies more with each other as well. Alternatives Abilities: Being able to create shadowy clones of the enemies that distracts them. Bullets that passes right through the shadow clones would inflict damage to other enemies that are hit. Or the clones are linked to the enemies so when they shoot them they actually hurt themselves. Appearance: kind of picturing a more sickly version of Wisp in a way. Like being very thin compared to most frames. More... anorexic when it comes to overall shape. Has its own style of floating. It would have like a sort of dress or cloak, similar design to Night Equinox mixed with a little Wisp. Would draw it but I’m not super good at drawing and kind of got my own I’m currently working on. But basically picture wisp with more of Equinox Prime lower dress, Nekros’s boney details with more of Inaros’s agile stance. Was thinking of it being a female since the last one and next one are males. Health: 250 Shield: 250 Armor: 100 Speed: 1.1 Energy: 240 Roughly the stats. I’m not very good but this frame would have stats similar to Loki. Mainly to fit the appearance. Name: kind of thinking of Exspiravit. Which is Latin for Ghost. Umbra means shadow so we kind of can’t use it. Unless we want to call it something like Mortumbra which is a combination of Mortem which means death and Umbra which means Shadow. Names are tricky and usually based on real Latin words. But these are just my suggestions. Use them however you please. Good luck. 👍🏻
  15. Sure many people have probably made a post about this but here is my perspective. I have hundreds of relics, mostly old vaulted ones, and I’m kind of tired of them filling up my relic space. Maybe make the Void Trader turn relics into void traces. The average is 18 so maybe at least 10 void traces per relic? Would rather do that than have them collecting dust or spend days to get like 1 platinum per relic. Would be nice. Create a Orokin Squirrel for all I care.
  16. Y’all should play Feed Me More in the background for Grendel. Cause that is exactly what I’m gonna do when he comes out. Lmao
  17. I’ve given up trying to reason with these people. I try to understand their point of view but that requires being pretty selfish to do and I’m not a selfish person. Me and like 7 other guys have played this game for a while and we hardly use Saryn but when one of us does, the rest of us basically support it. Many arbitrations were successful due to a Rhino Buffed Saryn taking out majority of the enemies and leaving the drones and more annoying to kill enemies left for us to get rid of. Only time a Saryn has been a problem for us is during a defense fissure mission. The Saryn would nuke the map before the guys were fissured thus leaving us with not enough reactant to open relics. I made a post about speeding up the fissuring process in defense missions to avoid this issue and I was told to “play solo”. Like these trolls don’t know how relics and fissures works. The more players, the more relics, the more prime parts to choose from. Most of these trolls don’t even try to provide an alternative. The few that do are basically asking for a whole new different game. Might as well go play a different game that is not grindy. But they don’t care. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  18. Not to mention she is built purely for killing. Nothing else. Other frames provide support or defense with some horde killing while Saryn is pure horde killing. And many enemies are immune to elemental effects and abilities. Which makes Saryn useless against them. You hardly see a trinity in missions, mostly cause she doesn’t kill huge hordes of enemies like most others. She is pure support. Inaros is common in survival, sometimes Loki, which can be a pain when those players refuse to kill the enemies quickly enough to drop life support. The objective in defense is to kill all the enemies in order to progress and to do that would require a frame like Saryn to kill them quickly if you plan to farm for relics. So there is no surprise if you find a Saryn in a defense. Funny how nearly every post is about a saryn encounter DURING A DEFENSE mission or ESO. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  19. Again more assumption. I’m MR27 1/2. I’ve played with every frame and I still try to figure out ways that 2 or more different frames could benefit one another in a coordinated squad. In other words I’ve played with Saryn. I’ve made multiple different builds from 337% power strength to 280% range, to over 200% duration and even 175% efficiency. Currently run a 265% range plus 154% power strength plus 160% efficiency and 95% duration. Even with the range the spores still have a difficult time spreading. And I’ve played with dozens of Saryns yet the only ones you keep mentioning only exist in the forums. Next, I’m well aware of ESO and enemies do not start off at 100, so omitting the details of which zone you were in during Elite Sanctuary Onslaught does not help. Not to mention people who refer to regular Sanctuary Onslaught as ESO. And I’ve brought a Rhino into multiple Onslaughts, especially to farm for the Fire Steps, and I have powered up a Saryn and TRIPLED the damage. Still did not kill them “instantly” but enough for us to keep going to zone 8, and many players have asked the Saryn for their builds. Some even said “Saryn is OP” while my Rhino is tripling the damage. Only a few people who are fully aware of Rhino’s capability would ask me for my build. Then Saryn is not the only killframe. A buddy of mine usually brings Equinox into the ESO and I power him up with my rhino which allows US to destroy the enemies and keep the efficiency up. After all, the objective is to “kill everything you encounter. Do not relent”. Everybody I’ve encountered expressed how glad they were for me and my buddy and even asked if they could continue to farm with us. Then, as a rhino powering up a Saryn, I’m still able to run around and kill enemies. Mostly the super tough ones. I may not kill as much as the Saryn or Equinox in the group but I don’t stand around and make excuses to do nothing. Never did even when I was a newbie 3 years ago. Saryn does not have the cheapest cost. Most enemies are weak against Viral and some of the tough ones are weak against corrosive. And Saryn having both makes her the best for pure grineer killing. Equinox can kill decent level corpus and infested faster than a Saryn. Maybe if DE buffed up the other frames to do more damage then I would understand. Or if DE made other weaknesses beside Viral and Corrosive more noticeable. My volt power strength is over 300% yet still has a hard time killing level 30 enemies. Mainly grineer. Volt is way faster than Saryn. My volt increases the squad’s speed by 2.5x and lasts for 24 seconds. My saryn even at 299% strength couldn’t make me run that quick with her Molt. Every frame has a purpose. But y’all choose to only focus on how much damage could be done or how many kills y’all can get. Saryn is not the best frame and never will be. Otherwise EVERYBODY would be using her and making posts demanding for the others to be buffed. She is absolutely useless against bosses while chroma and rhino can kill them easily. She is not that useful in open world maps due to the wide open areas and her abilities can’t reach that far while chroma and rhino are usually chosen to destroy enemy ships before they can arrive on the field. What I find funny is that every time me and a buddy get together and do missions like ESO and destroy everything with our Rhino and Saryn/Equinox combo, I soon find a post by a newbie saying that Equinox or Saryn should be nerfed. If it is that big of a deal then these posts should be getting like 100-1,000 likes and votes. But they don’t. Because most people see the value in Saryn and knows she is NOT the best frame in the game. She is just ONE of the best for pure killing objectives. I’m pointing out facts based on my experience. All you’re doing is saying “they exist and should be removed”. Not providing enough evidence to support. Videos would help with your claims but yet you people refuse to provide any. Until DE reduces the grind requirements, demands for nerfs are never going to be fully supported by the community. Again, you have solo and recruit if you want a squad purely for fun. The rest of us are going to continue to grind for what we need/want within the time periods we have since some of us have lives outside this game and don’t have the time to bring a valkyr into an ESO.
  20. Well, either way I’m trying to draw up an idea of how this guy would look. Want this frame to be more than just something added. Want it to be like a whole new quest that introduces a new kind of enemy that does not fight the same as others. The shoot and run tactic gets old and boring. But when I said direct abilities meaning they don’t require a target to use, such as slash dash and rhino charge. Those abilities can just be performed and if he is standing in the way then they hurt him some. But like many bosses, he wouldn’t be affected by abilities that much. Like nova and harrow would barely slow him down. What would make him different is that he CAN BE knocked over or down. Adding the cutscenes where the warframe rips parts of his armor to weaken him would be a decent and cool method. I just don’t want him to be another victim of Chrhino Vex Roar(name for rhino and chroma damage buff combo). We have multiple enemies that are tricky when it comes to damaging them and I simply want this guy to be similar but in his own unique way. Even have his own unique origin to how he came to be instead of just being another grineer clone. I just hope DE is reading the entire post and comment section. Cause some of us be having some interesting conversations for new content.
  21. Got more Kuva and Sculptures. Still no rivens.
  22. For starters I’m not a Saryn main. I’m more of a Rhino main since I can use him to power up weak teammates. Do you think it is a coincidence that the only people I see complaining about Saryn are mostly newbies who don’t fully understand how she works, how the game works, and finally that she is not that good against super high level enemies? Saryn takes time to use. And a lot of energy which some players found ways around with like Dig. Not every frame is meant to destroy maps. For example, Loki is meant for stealth missions like spy. A Saryn is not a good choice for spies. Even with a rhino roar TRIPLING the damage, Saryn still cannot wipe out level 100s as quickly as people be claiming. Those people are either omitting a lot of info such as the spores building up over time to be able to kill quickly, or they are greatly exaggerating. The Simulacrum is not a very good evidence or proof since there is a thing called True Damage that unalerted enemies take and a paused AI takes more damaged than an unpaused AI. I’ve been playing high level missions a lot for Neo and Axi relics, new content, resources, etc. and a Saryn has NEVER done what you people be claiming she does. Which means y’all are specifically focusing on weak missions where any frame could kill hordes quickly. The ONLY problem I have had with a Saryn is during fissures, more specifically defense. Cause they are so impatient that they kill all the enemies before they fissure and as a result, don’t drop enough reactants. Had to prove to several Saryn users that they need to stop spamming the 1st and 4th abilities. So again, you can play solo, find friends, or go to recruit, if “fun” is all that matters to you. The few people complaining on the forums do not speak for the majority and we aren’t going to waste our time making hundreds of posts on why Saryn or any other frame should NOT BE NERFED. For every ONE of you complainers with Saryn, there is like 50-100 people that use Saryn A LOT. Only time I use Saryn is to help a few guys level or farm for relics when a new prime comes out. All that trash talking or false claims of speaking for the majority is not helping your case at all.
  23. “Most”? Dude clearly you haven’t been playing this game long or much at all. I’ve played with all sorts of players from MR1 - MR27 and NONE of them complained except for 1 Valkyr during a Hydron defense while farming for relics. Most of them asked me for my builds or thanked me for helping them out. Some even sent me friend requests or asked if they could continue to farm with me. Just cause YOU see a few people complain on the Forums about a horde killing frame, doesn’t mean that Y’ALL speak for the majority. You’ll learn one way or another that this game requires A LOT of grinding and people are going to naturally look for builds and frames that reduce the amount of time it takes to grind. YOU may not care about the grind but most players that actually play this game do. Some of us have lives outside this game and can not afford to spend hours playing this one game. And we are not gonna spend weeks farming for a new prime because a FEW newbies are too lazy to play solo or find friends that only care about slow grinding “fun”. You have an easy option to avoid this “issue”. But you are demanding that DE practically slow the rest of US down for YOU. I know 10 people that play this game and they do not agree with you. Nor do the hundreds to thousands of players I’ve encountered. Get your math and facts straight before speaking for the majority.
  24. This is simply my suggestion for Atlas’s Tectonic ability and that is to make 3 walls as the base of the ability, not an augment, and holding down the button on a wall would send it rolling into the enemies. Maybe flying like a cannon ball if aimed up a little? But one little wall is such a joke compared to frost’s and gara’s abilities. Now the augment for the ability I could see being able to merge the 3 walls into a bigger one instead of them just all 3 sit in the same spot. To cover a wider radius. Could even be an energy charge ability where holding down the button would charge it up and the more energy used, the more health the walls would have. More health could determine how far the balls would role too. Also be nice to add a little Synergy with the first ability by making it where if Atlas uses Landslide on the walls he would knock them flying into the enemies as a bunch of pellets doing impact(or puncture) damage and a lot of damage based on the health of the walls and the power strength/damage of landslide. That would make landslide more useful against bigger hordes of enemies in my opinion. Throw up a wall for quick cover and then landslide punch the wall into little pellets that go flying into the horde on the other side of it. Range would determine how far and wide the radius of the pellets would go. The rest of Atlas’s abilities would still be okay especially if this change is implemented. Maybe make the Rumblers capable of being smoothed out by the second ability for increased movement speed while launched like cannon balls by the third ability. To make the rumblers more useful than just press 4 and forget. Maybe his petrify would leak from them as well to increase the effects of it on more enemies. But Tectonic does feel way to weak for a defensive third. The slight change I’m asking for would make it more even with Frost and Gara and bring more synergy to Atlas’s kit. Just my opinion.
  25. With frost and gara, I feel like tectonics is a joke. I feel like his Augment mod to make 3 walls should’ve been part of the ability itself and holding down the button would send them flying. But one little wall as the base just feels like a waste. That’s my only suggestion for his Tectonic changes. Simply make 3 walls as part of the base ability and holding down the trigger on a wall would send it flying/rolling instead of summoning another wall.
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