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  1. With frost and gara, I feel like tectonics is a joke. I feel like his Augment mod to make 3 walls should’ve been part of the ability itself and holding down the button would send them flying. But one little wall as the base just feels like a waste. That’s my only suggestion for his Tectonic changes. Simply make 3 walls as part of the base ability and holding down the trigger on a wall would send it flying/rolling instead of summoning another wall.
  2. If you think MR 9 test is hard, ohhh boy. Lmao
  3. Funny when I first fought this boss I figured it out right then and there how to beat him while everybody else just stood there confused. lol He was kind of close to my idea of a new infested enemy but ehhhh. The one I have would be more like an assassin. But maybe this guy would be the one who sicks him onto other players.
  4. What would his motion fist waves look like? That’s what I definitely want to see changed in his deluxe.
  5. The one major reason I use a pure power strength build on my rhino is to apply a 206% roar all teammates, including Saryn, to destroy all enemies and farm for the resources or relics we need/want. I wouldn’t be holding the amount of platinum I currently have if I just stood back and watch all the Valkyrs and Inaroses run around slowly picked off one enemy at a time. I actually find “fun” in real teamwork such as combining abilities together to accomplish a goal as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible, for the soul purpose of farming resources and relics. Not “okay the valkyr gets the north corner, the Inaros gets the south, the Excalibur gets the west, and wukong you get the east. Okay everybody let’s complete this mission and farm for relics as slowly as possible”. So I’ll say it again. Y’all want “fun” slowly picking off enemies, then play solo, find friends, or go to recruit. Cause DE is not gonna keep making it harder and hard to grind and farm for everybody else just cause a few newbies make “what about me” complaints. Don’t like the grind then go play a game that isn’t grindy.
  6. I had a Valkyr, A VALKYR, complain about my Sayrn powered by a 206% Rhino Roar clearing the map while FARMING FOR RELICS on Hydron. Seriously these complainers are a joke. They clearly NEVER really played this game if they complain about the lack of “fun”. I find fun in the kind of teamwork I engage in, such as using rhino to power up teammates like Sayrn, Equinox, etc. to either destroy maps or destroy bosses. But most players asked either for my rhino build or my Saryn/Equinox builds. Even the few buddies I play with copied my builds and they get asked a lot for the builds. It’s like how you can meet a lot of people in person and think the area you live in is some kind of utopia, but then get online and find out it is actually worse. The excuses these complainers use is just laughable. Everybody else told to play solo when dealing with AFKers or Leechers, but players complaining about not having “fun” slowly picking off one enemy at a time get told “yeah man, what selfish inconsiderate MAJORITY of players”. Yep makes perfect sense. 🥴
  7. You do know there is an option called SOLO right? Why must everybody else stop for you? How about YOU go play SOLO if “FUN” is that matters. People play public for the teamwork, the grinding, maybe even assist. People like you demanding “fun” need to learn to use the solo option cause this is only a you problem. Not the entire warframe community. Find some “fun” buddies to have “fun” with. But don’t be getting mad because most players understand how this game works and make builds specifically for that.
  8. Honestly Atlas was the first frame I actually had fun with. He was also the first frame where I faced the stalker. Everybody telling me that the stalker is “too powerful” and that I should run. But I refused and when he showed up I ran up to him yelling “FOR ASGARD!!!” and used landslide and took almost half his health. Dudes started laughing but couldn’t believe that I, as a newbie back then, was able to damage the stalker and avoid being killed even though I had hardly any mods on. But the game requires too much grind. Too much horde destroying builds. That frames like Atlas are almost always forgotten. Atlas Prime coming out in 4 days and roughly 7-12 hours(usually at 11:00 central time) has gotten me excited to use him again. I didn’t even polarized my regular atlas cause I wanted to wait for the prime so I wouldn’t waste my forma. Currently thinking of ideas for new enemies that would make frames like Atlas shine more. The whole shoot and run tactic or wipe out the entire map builds with Saryn and Equinox powered by a 206% rhino roar gets old and boring. But I am ready to farm for Atlas Prime!!! Would be nice if using Atlas’s second ability on the Rumblers would make them more shiny(goldish for Prima) and allow them to run faster. Maybe even allow Atlas’s third ability to be perform on the rumblers to send them flying into the enemies too but more like a cannon ball, even launching them in the air.
  9. The “potatoes” definitely gained more appearance but only slightly. Originally they appeared in alerts roughly once per 2 days. And usually just the Reactor and not the Catalyst. Roughly 4 Nitain appeared per day as well so a lot of players claiming those are no longer rare clearly haven’t been playing often to notice. I used a warframe alert app to let me know when a Nitain or “potato” appeared in the alerts. So the night wave actually guarantees that players who would have otherwise missed an opportunity for those items would be able to get them. But either way all the endo, sculptures, kuva, and boosters are just a waste for me. Those things would help if I got a riven more often and luckily get the weapon I want. Otherwise they are currently collecting dust.
  10. For the most part, I’m the squad leader. And so far I got 4 Kuva and 3 drop chance boosters this past 7 days. Before that I got sculptures and endo which I currently have 40 sculptures and 440,000 endo. So at this point the whole squad leader thing doesn’t work/apply to me except to say that I’ve been having the worst luck in the past 3-4 months. But a lot of times I play solo.
  11. Without the Chinese we wouldn’t have Excalibur Umbra. So there is a bright side. Lol
  12. Bad host has been involved in insults I hope that the official can punish and inform me that the player will be punished afterwards. Otherwise, the official procedures for matching the investigation will be more complicated. For those who don’t know how to read Chinese or use a translator. 如果您对特定播放器有个人问题,则需要寻求支持。论坛不是地方。
  13. Okay at first I didn’t care about Excavation Syndicate missions when there was just 1 but there were multiple times where I had mostly Excavation missions and compared to the others, they take a while to complete. For example mobile defense takes like 5 minutes to complete when you compare the objectives timers and travel time. While each excavator takes 1:40 minutes to complete each. That is 7 total minutes. Then calculate the time it takes to travel to each one. Now why is this a problem for me? Searching for Medallions. Even though survival forces me to spend 10 minutes waiting for extraction it gives me time to search the entire map for medallions during that time(even though I mostly get it done in 5). While excavation I’m forced to stay with the excavator and protect it from enemy fire. SOMETIMES 2 would spawn near each other but most times they spawn far away for me. Plus when there is 2 to protect it becomes harder/more tedious. Then there’s the power core guys sometimes taking forever to spawn near the location of the excavator/s and I can’t take the risk of running around searching. In the end the mission itself can take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Which then I’m free to search for the Medallions for extra syndicate standing. Which can take between 3-5 minutes depending on spawn location. And no I do NOT play public because of players who don’t care about medallions. Or the off chance I load late into the game and miss a few from the start. So I don’t do public games when it comes to syndicates. Also it would be nice if medallions actually spawned in interception and defense missions on ALL maps and locations. Not just 2-3. Cause there was a time I had 7 defense and interception missions in one day that didn’t spawn medallions. Either way Syndicate Excavation missions take too long for me to complete. And I usually don’t have time to spend hours on warframe so I try to get my daily logins, standings, sorties, etc. and don’t like when I’m delayed. Didn’t care at first until I got like 4-5 excavation missions in one day. And compared that to every other type of syndicate mission, it just takes like up to twice as long to complete vs every other mission. Even the 10 minute survival is shorter. For me anyways.
  14. Maybe I’m just having the worst luck but for the past 3-4 months of doing sorties, I haven’t been getting hardly any Rivens. Like 1 per 2 weeks of sorties. I remember getting roughly 1 per 3-4 sorties. So did DE reduced the drop rate of these rivens in an update that I’m not aware of or am I just having the worst luck these past few months? Doesn’t help when I’m getting rarer items more often than a riven. Like boosters and Orokin Jelly Beans.
  15. Man!!! Why did you have to go do that? I made a Volcanic Frame Concept called Perses(for now) with a drawing. And one of the ideas you mentioned would be a decent way to introduce him if DE ever decided to go through with it. Second I have an idea for a new type of Grineer enemy part of a much larger event. More like a more complex sabotage where you’d end up fighting this dude before being able to complete the objective. Kind of trying to get the drawing down. I’m not super good so it takes me a long time to complete a drawing that people can actually recognize. Also since infested don’t seem to occupy that many planets I can see one of these new maps being an infested base. Possibly for even an open world infested map. And I have dozens of ideas for new infested. Working on a drawing for one specific infested right now. God!!! Got all these images in my head and the biggest question I had was “how would these be added into the current solar system”. And you just provided a possible way to do so. But that is IF, DE decides to consider our suggestions. 😤😤😤
  16. Maybe if he used redline. Then it would be like him over heating. Since redline buffs the other abilities I could see a redline augment that pushes the percentage to like 110-120% and adds some additional effects to the other abilities like what you suggested. Otherwise it would be compared to Nezha and probably fire Chroma.
  17. You mean Derelict Nidus? That would be a more accurate name for an infested made of Orokin technology. But sadly as someone who loves using Nidus to double/triple teammates power strength(imagine chroma vex armor or rhino roar), we won’t being seeing him to almost 2 years from now. We have 6 other frames to come first and they take between 90-105 days to each be released. The last few primes were roughly 90 days apart while ones in the past were more 105 days. Either way we won’t be seeing Nidus till 2021. ☹️☹️☹️🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  18. I’ve dealt with trolls for the past 2 years so it is little I’m having to explain to little children how this game works and science of reality that is sometimes applied to it. So I tend to speak in a lot of details to make sure everybody understands what I’m talking about and why. I made a speed based concept like 2 years, the first attempt at a concept since Nidus(an infested concept I thought about) came out. It made me more tempted to post possibly more ideas for DE to think about cause I was getting kind of bored of the game. But my speed based concept wasn’t about buffing speed like volt or Valkyr. It was more like speed attacks if anything. High speed performance. I threw a few other ideas into as some form of alternative which later on new frames that were released shared. One being martial arts type exalted which baruuk now has. But trolls continued to compare the concept to volt and even rhino. But now Gauss is released and I can say to them trolls out there is “IN YOUR FACE!!!” But point is I’m excited about Gauss and I want to be able to use him more often for almost every mission. Which is why my OP was about 3 possible augments that would make this first ability more useful than getting to the objective as quickly as possible. And since most maps are kind of small, figured building up kinetic energy to create a more powerful explosion when colliding to an object would be something all Gauss users would want. Why being able to equip dual melees to add melee damage to the Rush based on the melees equipped. Imagine running through a horde of infested with a high slashing melee. Probably channel them too if you have them out. Maybe even build up a combo multiplier as well? Either way, yeah I tend to put in a lot of thought into the concepts or suggestions I make to insure that there is no flaws or narrow minded comparisons.
  19. Be nice if his Mach Rush would allow him to close line all enemies in his path with his melee. Like you can’t swing but during the rush you can hit multiple enemies once. Not just knock them down. And if you get good at spamming to make him dash back and forth than you could hit them repeatedly. Maybe even stack up the combo multiplier while doing so. That or his Mach Rush collision force does more damage at a higher radius the longer Gauss runs before colliding. But that’s just me.
  20. Again I was breaking down the whole science of Mach Rush to explain why jumping, turning, swinging, anything other than head on collision would be difficult to do. Which is how I understand why this ability is the way it is. I never accused you of comparing Gauss to any frame. I was pointing out the differences to further explain Mach Rush for people to understand why I don’t fully agree about giving Gauss some parkour mobility during his Mach Rush. But other players have suggested that Mach Rush be basically turned into rip-off of Volt Speed. So I was making sure that I cleared that up before ANYBODY tries to compare the 2. I can already travel quickly across small maps which is why I don’t care about some extra mobility. But I like to be able to use Mach rush for more than just traveling which is why I gave 3 suggestions for an augment mod that would make Mach Rush more useful. Without making it too much like volt speed. This is just my opinion from my perspective. I wasn’t arguing or judging you. I was further explaining my original post and why I chose those 3 augments over any other.
  21. I did a race with Volt against Gauss. Gauss was almost as quick as my volt and my volt is slightly over 300%. From the LOOKS of it, volt wasn’t nerfed but the crazy vibrations like my volt is having a seizure has calmed down. I also sped up a Gauss in the Plains and he reached 1,000 meters in 3-4 seconds. So I don’t think Volt was “nerfed”. I think they made the animation smoother so it feels like he is to some people. Basically a placebo. To me, he is still super fast. I thought he was slower at first too till I kept flying into walls and such while running. Which is what happened with Volt before. It’s like I get stuck on things a lot easier at high speeds. Too me volt speed is still the same. And I tested it too sooo... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  22. I’m not talking about just some attack. Don’t know about you so I can’t judge but I know that there are 2 types of running. There’s running with a bit of speed in your step and then there’s running with power. Soccer and a wide receiver in football would be a decent example of the former. Both require running but with short rapid foot steps. Which can allow you to stop almost instantly and take sharp turns. While football itself would be a pure example of the latter. When you typically try to tackle someone you run with a lot more power in your steps. One is to clearly catch up to the man with the ball. The second is to tackle with guy being unable to resist. I have ran both ways. Trying to dodge people in both football and even basketball I learned how to run. Really quick and be able to dodge/stop. On guy called me the Road Runner one time. While I’ve also ran with a lot of power in my steps, giving it all I got. Mainly cause I’m football I’ve had to deal with guys much larger than me and they would play very rough. So I ran with everything I had trying to put all my power into my legs and a little into my upper body so that I can run anybody over. The point I’m making is that when you run with a lot of momentum, your ability to make turns are greatly reduced. While running with more rapid and even shorter steps can allow you to turn more sharply but you may not win a race against a bull. There’s running a long track and then there’s an obstacle course. Volt speed is meant to increase movement period and allow for faster parkour. While Mach Rush is design to build up momentum and knock everything out your way. So the 2 abilities are not the same at all. So the reason I said dual melees, is cause while running at your upmost speed/momentum, it is hard to swing. Which is most guys just raise their arms up and close line others. So with dual melees, Gauss could just raise his arms and hit all enemies with a single motionless swing from BOTH sides of himself. While a single blade can only hit one side. So basically a 50% chance of hitting enemies. All that running up walls and such defeats the purpose that is a power running ability. IT IS NOT VOLT SPEED. So you literally can NOT run up walls. The momentum would not allow it and Gauss is not the Flash. Or Sonic The Hedgehog. Now maybe if Mach Rush was perform while in the air and you’re near a wall, I could see Gauss being able to RUSH across the walls. I’ve done that many times in real life. Running across the walls was my only way to turn due to all the momentum. So maybe if Gauss ran into a wall in a certain angle I could see that allowing him to run up and across the walls. But as of right now, most people are wanting Gauss to be a superior volt. When I’m more focused on him being a DIFFERENT kind of SPEED BASED frame while volt is electricity. Running at such a high momentum makes it very difficult to jump too. Which is why there is ZERO complaints from me. I’ve only played with him for 30 minutes and I’ve already mastered how to run with him and destroy a lot of enemies. Took out a thumper in the Plains super quick. No pun intended. Plus running into walls makes him a more little fun to use. I’ll always use Volt when dealing with a lot of obstacles. But Gauss is the man for the Plains. 👍🏻
  23. I know, I know, he just came out, at least to consoles, so obviously augment mods aren’t coming to him any time soon. But one thing I would like if I could do more with Mach Rush. Trying to use his other abilities in sync with his first is pretty hard to do. But none the less I enjoy running around. The only idea/s I have for Mach Rush is the ability to wield dual melees that deal damage to all enemies that Gauss runs into at Mach speed. It would be like he is hit them one time each with the melees and if you learn to stop and go you can perform quick slashes. An alternative would be like creating miniature explosive on each enemy hit. Another would be the longer Gauss rushes before hitting a wall, the wider the radius and more damaging the explosive becomes. Maybe that could be added to his Mach Rush whenever Redline is active? 🤷🏻‍♂️ But being able to equip some sort of dual melee to perform quick attacks when Mach Rushing enemies would be an awesome addition to me. I would gladly trade a mod slot for this addition. But that’s just my opinion.
  24. When I first started playing I was pressing every button till I new what each did and since I was trying to slide for speed and jump, I discovered bullet jumping. But I didn’t know what modding was other than hacking/cheating a game. So I ended up fighting Kela Da Thayme with a naked frame and weapons. Still manage to survive longer than MR 15+ while I was just reaching MR 8. Then I learned where the other frames drop so I started farming for them. Nyx Prime was my first Prime. I had to delete my rhino just to make room for ember. Till I learned about the start booster pack which gave me 100 platinum and used 140 total to buy 7 slots for warframes. Most people blow their platinum, including money, to buy a frame that they could’ve easily farmed for. I told one dude to “NEVER spend your platinum on a warframe”, cause warframe slots are way more important and it takes the fun of actually farming for the frames away which makes the game more boring when there is nothing to gain. But the dude still bought his regular rhino and felt stupid when I told him that the easiest boss drops rhino. And he quit the game after that. Only reason I’m still playing even though there is currently nothing left for me to do, cause I’m somebody that likes to see things through to the end. Right now I’m just patiently waiting in suspense for Gauss and Atlas Prime to finally come out to consoles. Some people just quit right off the bat. DE does need to create a tutorial that actually teaches players how to play. They have MR tests that somewhat helps but they don’t explain much at all. I had to teach multiple players how to play and I still have players flooding my chat with requests for my builds. Some people quit cause they are either impatient or confused. I simply liked being able to move around and not be grounded like most other games so I gave this game multiple chances to keep me playing. Others are just impatient and refuse to learn about the game. They expect to just jump right on in with the entire frame collection in their arsenal. And when they see that they can’t just grab any frame they want right off the bat, they quit. Does not mean everybody is like that. But the few people I’ve encountered were exactly like that. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  25. Well I have a drawing of a new infested in mind that I’m trying to get done. I’m not a very good drawer. So it takes me a very long time to draw a picture perfectly. Took a while for me to draw the volcanic frame for a post I made recently. And an infested is very complicated to design. Especially without making him look like others. But this concept is suppose to be more like an infested assassin if anything. Not just some random infested you may or may not encounter in regular missions. And my plans for it is for it to be a little more... scary/horrifying when he appears. Leaving most players in suspense. Trying to get this drawing done soon so that I could post here as an idea for you and DE to think about. Cause I’m kind of tired of the repetitive run and shoot strategy for every single enemy. Don’t want to spoil this drawing too much.
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