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  1. Well next time I’ll spend like tornado like Inaros. Cause I’ve been staring in the direction of the spawn multiple times. I would run all the way from one side to the other and then back. Doing the exact same thing multiple times before it finally spawns. Which then I’m left facing the opposite direction from the phorid for some reason. But I keeping looking in the direction of the spawn from many angles trying to maintain my site in order to shoot him quickly before he could do anything. Sometimes he spawned while I’m facing away from him. So I don’t know what’s going on. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I was alone every single time. When I’m in a squad he appeared immediately, but when I’m by myself, he doesn’t. Makes me hate doing solo but then in a public game I have to wait for newbies to stop farming. Which is why I even made this post in the first place.
  2. Okay, now I don’t know if this is happening to anybody else but for the last few weeks Phorid has been taking a while to spawn. Usually it spawns immediately the moment I enter the area. But the last couple dozen times I’ve fought phorid, he didn’t spawn for almost 3 minutes. One time it took 5. Usually phorid is a quick mission with a powered up rhino. Some people may not care but I like being able to calculate and plan ahead so that I’m not on warframe all day and night. Can’t do that if the missions don’t know when to end or begin. So I’d like to know why has Phorid been hesitant to come out recently? Don’t know if it is a bug or if DE purposely made that happen to prevent players from rushing through the mission.
  3. When I first started playing I was pressing every button till I new what each did and since I was trying to slide for speed and jump, I discovered bullet jumping. But I didn’t know what modding was other than hacking/cheating a game. So I ended up fighting Kela Da Thayme with a naked frame and weapons. Still manage to survive longer than MR 15+ while I was just reaching MR 8. Then I learned where the other frames drop so I started farming for them. Nyx Prime was my first Prime. I had to delete my rhino just to make room for ember. Till I learned about the start booster pack which gave me 100 platinum and used 140 total to buy 7 slots for warframes. Most people blow their platinum, including money, to buy a frame that they could’ve easily farmed for. I told one dude to “NEVER spend your platinum on a warframe”, cause warframe slots are way more important and it takes the fun of actually farming for the frames away which makes the game more boring when there is nothing to gain. But the dude still bought his regular rhino and felt stupid when I told him that the easiest boss drops rhino. And he quit the game after that. Only reason I’m still playing even though there is currently nothing left for me to do, cause I’m somebody that likes to see things through to the end. Right now I’m just patiently waiting in suspense for Gauss and Atlas Prime to finally come out to consoles. Some people just quit right off the bat. DE does need to create a tutorial that actually teaches players how to play. They have MR tests that somewhat helps but they don’t explain much at all. I had to teach multiple players how to play and I still have players flooding my chat with requests for my builds. Some people quit cause they are either impatient or confused. I simply liked being able to move around and not be grounded like most other games so I gave this game multiple chances to keep me playing. Others are just impatient and refuse to learn about the game. They expect to just jump right on in with the entire frame collection in their arsenal. And when they see that they can’t just grab any frame they want right off the bat, they quit. Does not mean everybody is like that. But the few people I’ve encountered were exactly like that. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Well I have a drawing of a new infested in mind that I’m trying to get done. I’m not a very good drawer. So it takes me a very long time to draw a picture perfectly. Took a while for me to draw the volcanic frame for a post I made recently. And an infested is very complicated to design. Especially without making him look like others. But this concept is suppose to be more like an infested assassin if anything. Not just some random infested you may or may not encounter in regular missions. And my plans for it is for it to be a little more... scary/horrifying when he appears. Leaving most players in suspense. Trying to get this drawing done soon so that I could post here as an idea for you and DE to think about. Cause I’m kind of tired of the repetitive run and shoot strategy for every single enemy. Don’t want to spoil this drawing too much.
  5. Kind of got me picturing a rare new grineer that is way more robotic and brutal compared to most others. Basically he is larger and bulkier than even a Nox and wields the Korrudo. His job is to protect the heart/core. Only brute force direct abilities can affect him. Like a Rhino charge can knock him down a little while a stomp will just shake him a bit. Most the stomp could do is interrupt his brutal assault. If players run from him he will do a charge and knock you down or he would leap in your direction and perform a wide radius ground slam. Maybe armor is too tough to shoot, so the only way is to use a melee and jam it through, so he basically has a damage reduction against primaries and secondaries. To make the fight more interesting and not just a run and shoot. Already know the perfect team that would make this dude look like a joke. Maybe parries could prevent knockdowns from his assault while channeled parries would reduce the damage and stun his hands after a few swings which give players a chance to swing back. Make the fight more about skill and not how tanky you are. Kind of got too many of those as is. For the frame, I could see where after reducing the hulk buster looking grineer health down a great deal, maybe even knock him into the generator, the new frame would burst out and finish him off before turning his attention towards the Tenno. Could hear Ordis saying something like “ummm operator, this looks... REALLY BAD... not very good”. Then the frame forges the hammer and starts charging at you. Idk, just something to think about.
  6. Man, we are on a role. That would be a cool quest. Especially if it introduces this new enemy as a daylight boss in the plains. Been thinking of ways the arch wing would have a better use in the plains than just flying around for impatient people. Like part of an event is to fly and destroy machines in the air that are destroying life in Plains. And we fly into a mother ship then the mission becomes a sabotage. Yours sound like it would be a pain but a fun challenge. I could see Perses shooting the Tenno out in order to absorb and shut down the heart or else it would explode and sacrifices himself. Leaving us only the blueprint of him while the Thumper Domas or newer enemies drop the parts. That’s if they decided to make this frame have a mind of his own too. So far there’s umbra and Revenant that show clear signs of intelligence. Although your warframe breaks the War sword while the Tenno was helpless. The Plains needs some love. Sentients at night and random ghoul and rarer plague star events just aren’t enough in my opinion. While Fortuna has 2 big complicated bosses that take time to destroy. Especially with Gauss coming to consoles soon, I would love to have a reason to Mach Rush around the Plains.
  7. If you saw the other guy’s comment, he listed some alternative abilities and even play style. And I’m all for suggestions. A legit frame idea can’t become reality until after a legit discussion is made and decided about how this frame would function. When I comment on other people’s posts, I try to help by adding my own thoughts, opinions, or suggestions on what kind of abilities they could have that would make them more unique. Warframes like Hildryn, Nidus, etc. that don’t follow the basic functions or mechanic like other frames are something I’m still getting used to. Baruuk is also different when it comes to his forth. So there are many ways a frame could be designed styles that they could have. Due to ember and many brute force frames, trying to think of abilities that aren’t too similar for a volcanic frame is difficult. So I’m all for other people’s suggestions. So far the other guy’s suggestions sound pretty cool. And I’m still open for any other ideas other people come up with. In the end it is up to DE to decide how this frame would work if they decide to make this kind of frame. But the more ideas people throw up, the more options they are given and less time required for DE to figure it out. So keep commenting suggestions. The more the merrier.
  8. Well. Those make him a pretty tricky frame to use. Kind of picturing him demolishing hordes of enemies. Not to mention this build uses all the abilities I mentioned but in a more fun/skillful way than just pressing x then forget. Man, I want to take this frame out for a spin, literally, and demolish mostly infested enemies. Kind of picturing his quest involving grineer drilling into the ground all around the planet that causes inactive volcanoes to become active and destroying life. Due to the super soaker event, I’m kind of picturing Tenno being required to put out the flames, seal the fractures, and destroy the big drills that keep causing the problems. Once accomplished, we go deep into the ground to where Vay Hek basically mentions some sort of power source he plans to use to make his machines more powerful. Could lead to grineer operating hulkish vehicles. Or maybe Vay Hek intended for this power source to power some sort of Fomorian Core. Either way the Tenno encounter this frame but he is completely erupted and starts swinging at us with his hammer. Kind of forcing us to “destroy” him which drops his blue print. His parts could drop from the new type of enemies we encounter. Definitely a different way of playing compared to most other frames.
  9. That sounds like a very creative way to make him. Instead of just a plain press a button and forget. Kind of like how Hildryn uses shields and nidus stacks mutation for his third and forth. I could also see him taking damage that causes certain effects to occur too. Like when you set off a bomb in a volcano. If he takes a certain amount of damage he basically erupts. Maybe the lava design on his body appears during that phase. And if he burns out his energy he reverts back to being “inactive”. But making him a little more tricky to use would make him more interesting. The last few frames didn’t follow the same basic mechanic as the other frames. As long as we keep having these types of discussions then it helps DE figure ideas for the future. I’m currently thinking of a new infested enemy right now that would give this type of frame a fun challenge.
  10. Kind of forgot about the shields. But these abilities and the alternatives are just some ideas. I’m all for other options. As of right now, it would be impossible to make a frame without someone finding some sort of similarity to another frame. It’s why I created 2 alternatives so far and I’m still thinking of other abilities that would make him more unique without completely changing who he is. My goal is to make him be capable of high damage at close range and far range depending on how you mod him. My posts are usually more like discussions on what could be a decent new frame and asking others what ideas do they have for them. The abilities I throw up are just ideas to start with. Which is why I mentioned there may still be improvements needed to be made to make him more unique.
  11. Kind of picturing new infested enemies due to the zealots. Like imagine an infested covered heavy gunner with a Synapse mutated into her arm. Maybe one like Baliff that has an infested hammer and can only be damaged by melees. Otherwise it reflects projectiles from primary and secondaries. Make people use melees more and make the one on one fights more entertaining than just shoot and run. Channeling could completely parry all the melee attacks they do without taking any damage. Make it into a real fight. Could see the infested Baliff looking dudes being able to throw their hammers with an infested string attached to them to pull it back. Maybe have enemies that actually grab you and throw you. Not just knock you down or pull. The whole keeping your distance and shoot then get dragged around gets old, annoying, and boring. Or running to get somewhere just be knocked down. Like for there to be other things they do. More and newer enemies in the infested faction and obviously a newer boss. Just waiting in suspense is hard. IMO
  12. Looks like I got it. Thanks. This will definitely help for future posts. Why don’t anybody else seem to explain this? They make it sound so complicated but this was actually easy. So easy that it is kind of embarrassing. Lol
  13. Trying to make the picture show up is pretty annoying. Looked up like 2 dozen times how to do it but everything they show me that I’ve tried doesn’t seem to work. All I can do is post a link. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. I am getting a bit impatient waiting. Just remade a volcanic frame concept that I would love to use on this type of open world. Finally got a drawing for this frame. Took a while trying to draw. And still a work in progress. Like should he be like a shiny obsidian or rough dark brownish rock? But imagine fighting a giant infested boss and army with this frame.
  15. Made a post way back about this type of frame. Except now I have a drawing of him. Decided to name him Perses for now, based on the Greek Titan of Destruction. Took a while to draw. Couldn’t decide if he look better with a rough rocky looking appearance or a shiny metal looking appearance. Be helpful if some people could offer a few suggestions to it. Stats: Not exactly an expert on stats but here goes. Health: 400 Shields: 300 Armor: 300 Speed: 0.8 Energy: 250 Abilities: Passive - enemies that make direct contact to Perses become inflicted with fire 🔥 status. When he bullet jumps his heels erupts and launches him further and faster. 1st - launches a molten ball that explodes on impact dealing blast damage to those within the blast radius. Leaves a pool on the surface if it hits the ground that burns enemies who step on it. 2nd - creates a thick harden Obsidian armor that reduces his speed by 25% but prevents him from taking damage and being knocked over. If destroyed or recast he will explode and deal blast damage and impact to enemies within the radius. Has a cool down of at least 5 seconds to prevent spam. Increased impact damage from melees while active. 3rd - uses the vents on his back to propel him forward at high speeds, knocking down all enemies in his path. Difficult to turn while using the ability. Best to use in long hallways or wide open areas. Leaves a trail of smoke that reduces enemy accuracy that are caught in it. Range increases the spread of smoke. 4th - places his hands on the ground and causes eruption within the radius that deals blast damage to all enemies near each eruption. Range mods determine not only how far the radius of the ability itself but it also increases the range of the eruptions. Casting speeds increases how often the eruptions occur. Alternative abilities: Being able to fire a ball in the air that explodes and sends meteors that rain down the area. Dealing blast damage to any that are hit. Perses becomes ignited and gains faster charge attack speed for melees and adds 50% of blast damage to all weapons in his arsenal. Couple with his his second ability and personal weapon, could inflict a lot of melee damage. Personal Weapons: Perses wields a hammer that has 2 axe blades on one side of it. Charge attacks with this weapon does additional damage and blast/impact effect that knocks enemies flying. Has an alternative “fire mode” where he flips the weapon to where he swings the bladed part and deals slash damage and heat. A unique combo and stance mod that allows him to use both sides of the melee. One combo where he throws the melee but only like 5 meters where it spins the bladed part really fast and if perform another swing after he catches it, he’ll do a ground slam with the hammer side that has a blast damage effect. Charge swings during that moment increases the radius of the slam. There’s still more to be done I’m sure. To make it more balance. More unique. Just hope others think it is as good as I do. I may update the pic at a later date once I decide what he will look better as. Like I always say, “can’t stand the heat, stay out of the volcano”. Actually I just made that up. Lol But seriously, tell me what y’all think and be constructive. And civil. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. And feel completely free to give other suggestions. Either to the abilities, stats, or even appearance. Thanks 🙏
  16. After all this oxium needed to even build this dude. He better have the highest armor in the whole entire game!!! But yeah I fully agree that an exalted armor would be a unique ability DE hasn’t done yet. But I think your suggestion might be a little 👌🏻 bit too much. Like running into enemies to make them be knocked over or affect by status based on energy color and maybe the sentinel weapon can be changed similar to ivara’s arrows would be a nice addition. but going volted iron man might be a bit too much. Just saying.
  17. Well the problem there is that Jupiter is supposedly made out of nothing but gas. Think Saturn is too, which is why the tile sets are on ships and meteors. Not the planets themselves. So fishing and mining is not possible. HOWEVER. I am picturing something like little flying half sentient drones, kind of like Fortuna Robotic fish, that fly around and you have to catch them with like a net. And maybe instead of mining, you find some sort of gas molecules that you have to absorb into some sort of container. Basically could lead to building more half sentient styled weapons. Maybe someone similar to or part of the quills would be able to dissect the little sentient flies(basically) to use for unique resources. But a Jupiter Open World is way too complicated. Wouldn’t be an open world. More like a Jupiter City Utopia. And Alad V doesn’t take kindly to the people unwilling to engage or accept his greedy, power hungry, mad ideals. Instead of some underground basement or native village. It would be a legit City with tall buildings and stuff. I could see moments of having a chase throughout the city. Be like a Hulk/Spiderman styled mission that requires climbing/leaping tall buildings to get to certain way points. And our job is to get rid of intruders or push back the corpus/amalgam forces that try to break into the city. Maybe could even have like a big fortified wall too. Maybe some sort of giant in ground pool or Lake could be built for their way of having water. But some how little half sentient looking fishes began to show up. Maybe part of a quest is catching them all from one of the water locations and cleaning the water supply? Maybe turns out that the Amalgams weren’t the only things tricky Alad V made. Idk. I’m just throwing a bunch of stuff up there. But doubt that another corpus styled OW is gonna be made. The next logical OW is for infested. But doesn’t mean these ideas can’t help DE plan for something even further down the line.
  18. I’m still surprised about the infested suit. One guy made a post about making tenno’s half infested which made no sense since they are “immune to the infestation” so I suggested something more like an infested suit for them to wear if anything and few guys agreed. Definitely proves DE is listening to its fans. I’m so hyped about Gauss. I’ve made a speed frame concept multiple times. One was simply called a speed based frame while the repost with slight changes was called speed ATTACK based frame. The frame was mainly about being able to perform things super quick, such as faster recovery from knockdowns, ability cast, even executions. But both were met with comparisons to Volt and Valkyr who have Speed Buff abilities. Mine idea was more like being able to strike enemies quickly and without being noticed. Kind of like how Wisp’s passive is invisibility while in the air, his grant a little invisibility when he performs certain speed striking abilities. Either way I excited to see how this warframe turns out. And really hope we get an infest open world. First grineer and then corpus. Next should be infested then maybe, MAYBE, corrupted. Don’t know how that last one would work unless DE plans to introduce Orokin Survivors. Or maybe more people like Keshin. The people could even respect Umbra more often when he approaches them. All I know is I’m growing impatient waiting for a new infested world and we have a pretty decent, well thought out one right here. Lol
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