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  1. Just had this bug on Arbitration Survival, need a fix there too :)
  2. I joined a random RJ squad (as client) with my unranked Archgun and Archmelee weapons, after a few rides they were maxed as shown in the end mission screen. I waited for the mission to be over and the next one already started and then left the squad. When I checked my arsenal my archweapons were at rank 24 instead so I'm guessing I lost the aff from the last finished mission.
  3. TYPE: Mission - Archgun affinity loss DESCRIPTION: Archgun affinity gained during Ophrix missions is lost after the mission VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Equip any archgun not max ranked on your Mech, check the new rank on end mission screen, see it all lost once you leave that screen. EXPECTED RESULT: Rank weapon OBSERVED RESULT: No rank weapon REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  4. Nah, the Entrati are just a bunch of gypsies with all the family quarrels and stuff.
  5. TYPE: In-Game (Observed at Cambion Drift Isovaults/arcana) DESCRIPTION: Client's Necramech STILL losing their bonus affinity after host migration. This is still NOT FIXED. REPEAT: NOT FIXED. VISUAL: Doesn't apply. REPRODUCTION: Go rank your necramech at Deimos Vaults, press "p" to check progress. Wait for the host to leave (even after mission/bounty finished). Leave the Cambion Drift and go check your mech in the Arsenal, see how the bonus aff went POOF EXPECTED RESULT: Keep the friggin affinity OBSERVED RESULT: Dunno, I think I can hear the laugher of the coder w
  6. Nice try, not fixed. I sometimes wonder who's doing their work worst, the coder who let the bug slip or the one who reported it fixed.
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Proboscis Cernos glitching and locking all weapons after certain swap actions VISUAL: Here you can see Arum Spinosa equiped but Proboscis Cernos on the frame hands https://i.imgur.com/ATi906G.jpg REPRODUCTION: First time seem to have happened when I ran out of bows and it got auto-swapped. Second time the glitch seems to have triggered when grineer disarmed it from my frame EXPECTED RESULT: Normal weapon behaviour xD OBSERVED RESULT: Weapon swapping getting funny and weapons not firing, squad yelling at me for losing towers REPROD
  8. I went to the grendel defence mission on Mirage. Every time I tried to use her 1st the clones wouldn't show, instead she would leave behing a "molt" like Saryn's 2nd and lock all abilities and display "ability in use" for any of them and disable melee attacks until I hit the edge of the map and forced the frame to "reset". Luckily the squad was good and we managed to get the part, but I really think some DE coders must spend some time meditating in Zanuka Prission.
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