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  1. I'm usually ok with farming hard to find mods but in the case of void hole and others I'm against. They do not work as mods, they are your railjack's abilities. Not having void hole for veil proxima is like not having your 3rd unlocked. People will even leave your Railjack if they join the mission and see it's not there. Similar thing happens to avionics capacity in reactors but this time behind more rng layers, when you finally get a vidar reactor, you get a bad roll and it's worst than a sigma mkIII.
  2. I've noticed when boarding crewships on RJ missions that I turn on Mirage's 1st and 3rd and duration is the base duration, without mods, same for damage and same goes for melee weapons attack speed. Leaving the crewship and boarding again sometimes fixes it. Gets worst when lag is over 200ms wich seems to be the threshold for everything to go to hell.
  3. Larizu

    Slopy Ivara Prime

    Invisible Ivara Prime armed with silent weapons and infiltrate augment and no companion triggered the data console alarms during relic spy mission. Never happened with regular version.
  4. Thanks for the patch but it's BAD. My abilities keep locking: I cast mirage 1st and cant do anything else like casting 3rd switching to operator, crew ships not spawning, getting kicked out of crewships if someone else boarded them, insta archwing kills just because, carrier prime dying on space and add the old weaponery broken if you jump to space using the slingshot and primed regen not working. Things were more or less working but since last patch I didn't manage to finish a single mission.
  5. Yeah, Archmelee got a nerf with it's homing attacks that rendered them useless 😢
  6. Failed the test for the 3rd time due to canisters not dropping. 3 canisters failed on my last attemp, I had more than enough time left so they didn't expire in my hands or anything, tried to switch weapons but didn't help.
  7. Same issue also I was unable to throw the canister while wielding my saw, middle mouse button just does nothing until you switch weapons
  8. Larizu

    MR 28 test

    Middle Mouse Button will not release the cannister if you are wielding your melee weapon. It happened to me using Saryn and wielding a zaw. Didn't try with other frames and weapons.
  9. Not saying this update is good or bad. Warframe evolved into something I don't enjoy playing. If I accidentally kill the grineer guy and spawn a lich I end up with an npc that can only be killed based on rng stuff (not player skills) or he will steal property from my inventory wich should be at least treated as private property. License agreement states otherwise but no agreement is above the law.
  10. Warframe is a FAST PACED game. I thought DE had that clear when they introduced Gauss. The wrong part about Grendel missions is they take too much time. The hardest part of the game for me is mastery rank tests, specially those tests with timers. I failed some of the many times and it required me to train and develope better skills to pass. Grendel missions? They require a little player skills and a lot of time to waste.
  11. I wont say the lich system is good or bad. I don't like it at all. We are again forced to play this "content". If we accidentally kill the grineer guy and a lich is born we end up with an npc that can be killed only based on rng stuff (not player skills) and who steals property from our inventories wich DE would be wise to consider our private property. I know the license agreement states otherwise but again no agreement is above existing law.
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