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  1. Sorry about the watermark. I'm poor, please don't add it to the statue! xD
  2. MadKairon

    UI stuck in Arsenal

    I equiped Wyrm Prime, as I didn't want it to kill anything I tried to unequip it's weapon, there's currently an UI error that makes both Companion and Weapon menus overlap when you switch robotic companions. When I selected no weapon and tried to equip game got stuck. Only thing working was the chat window
  3. MadKairon

    Log in Failed. Check info

    Argentina, experiencing the Login Failure Check your info problem. Cellphone app does work tho... Edit: I rebooted my modem and it seems to have fixed it. The reboot probably changed my IP
  4. Anybody knows a free capture software?
  5. Not bad enough...
  6. A well intentioned challenge poorly explained and as warframe itself lacks the features to make it possible some older computers run into technical problems and require paid external software due to geforce driver incompatibilities that render Shadow Play useless so meh
  7. MadKairon

    how to capture a video in captura

    I have the same question, togling the cinematic mode on does NOTHING
  8. Can't find a tutorial on how to use cinematic mode in the captura tool. Any links?
  9. MadKairon

    Kubrodon lure bugged

    I had the same problem, rmoving Scan Matter from Oxylus seems to fix it. I had the same problem with Bolarola lure at first.
  10. MadKairon

    PC - Fortuna This Week, But Not Tonight! (Nov 7)

    Yeah! It's coming. I can smell it in the air! WAIT! Who farted guys?
  11. MadKairon

    PC - Fortuna This Week, But Not Tonight! (Nov 7)

    Push the dam button already!! xD
  12. When you pick Zenurik as primary and unbind Mind Spring when you void dash, the zone of energy created is left behind the spot where the operator lands.
  13. MadKairon

    Landing Craft Decorations Missing [Fixed]

    Saaaame. Ah well, my quarter look more Zen now anyways. Can you tell space mom to come pick her helmet DE? Thanks.