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  1. Game freezes and reboots my PC since update.
  2. Fixed the Rescue NPC not returning your graciously gifted Secondary weapon upon completing the Rescue Bounty phase in the Plains of Eidolon. Wow! I reported this when PoE first came out! Thanks. Can you fix operator's mind sprint leaving zenuriks energy bubble far behind? TY
  3. TY! Similar issues when firing Braton. Hope you can fix that too!
  4. Some silly translator decided to translate "Mesa" to spanish xD
  5. Sorry about the watermark. I'm poor, please don't add it to the statue! xD
  6. A well intentioned challenge poorly explained and as warframe itself lacks the features to make it possible some older computers run into technical problems and require paid external software due to geforce driver incompatibilities that render Shadow Play useless so meh
  7. Can't find a tutorial on how to use cinematic mode in the captura tool. Any links?
  8. Yeah! It's coming. I can smell it in the air! WAIT! Who farted guys?
  9. Anything about all the items that have vanished from our quarters?
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