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  1. Only had this happen in Deimos during Vault runs, but for some reason Operator Void Dash bugs out, permanently disabling it (until I enter Nekralisk). This would not be important if not for the fact that Vazarin Dash is one of the few ways to heal a mech. Also suddenly being unable to void dash is kinda irritating. Please fix.
  2. At this point I'm starting to think that DE are trying to sabotage their own years of work by making their new game mode as unfun as possible. Also Rip my 50% and 55% vidar cryophons. Thanks DE. It's not like the short range was already the price for having higher damage. Now it has no range AND no damage! Brilliant.
  3. Was in the Kuva Fortress doing the Requiem Relics survival when the host left through extraction and when I became the host (last one left, 3 people extracted), I noticed that my Kuva melee weapon stance was gone, didn't say [Crushing ruin] in the bottom left next to weapon's name and no matter which combos I tried, all I had were simple hammer auto attacks.
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