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  1. This is a bug. Not really visual or art, but UX bug as it impacts the pleasure to play Ivara. However, I see a visual bug here too as almost all Ivara and Artemis are blurred... all but the tentacles and a small part of her helmet that looks clean. Transparency has a hard time with Ivara.
  2. However... we still have invisible parts when using her 3 with this nice skin. Just saying. Here, half the body and no lower part/legs.
  3. Well... let's say "this" fixes the bug (that is still here).
  4. Well, you have 3 options when making a Warframe like Wisp and want to make it float. 1. The easiest way would have been to keep only the idle animations : low quality. 1. As you say, do it the "half" way. So sometimes she floats, sometimes she walks : med quality. 2. Consider that making a floatting Warframe means she always float because she didn't even know how to walk as a floatting Warframe, so you make all animations "float compliant" : top quality. By the end, we can also consider that delivering a new Warframe cannot "half work" and that includes the animations. Wisp works like a kind of Archwing and you cannot walk when using an Archwing. I even wonder if that would be less ugly if Wisp was using Archwing melee animations, which would be more coherent (and maybe requires less work? I don't know).
  5. The latest hotfix, that allows Wisp to float when using melee weapons (should have been there from start but ok, nice fix) does not fix anything about Ivara Prime. As said, I will continue to update this post ^^.
  6. Don't know if other Warframes' powers can create the same bug, but I noticed that today with Mirage. Just look at the blade, with her 1's mirrors, then her 3's self:
  7. Well... let's "Yes'n'Nope". YES: YES: NOPE: NOPE: I still hope DE want and will fix the jelly part to make Ivara Prime as beautiful as expected.
  8. Well ok. Still waiting for Ivara Prime fix about her ugly frills. Next update?
  9. Another bug on the forehead (that makes a lot for a new Prime I think -_-...). I really want to love Ivara Prime, and the Power Menus shows how beautiful she can be... until you're back in-game. I think I will keep coming here until all those jelly parts are fixed. Well, one more "nice version" ^^...
  10. I just discovered that all looks fine in the Power menu, but only here (well... this is not Artemis Prime) :
  11. When using Captura, I noticed indeed that the arrows you shoot are based on the default color, not your own colors. Another one showing almost the full body of Ivara, but some parts are still missing. However this time I can see the Anasa Prime armor, but Shade Prisma is gone... and maybe this a good opportunity to update the link FX between the Sentinel and Warframe as this one looks old now.
  12. Another issue is the lack of Alpha Blend (I think) to make the 3 frills less ugly when using dark colors. You see the connection with the body too much, and it makes it not as smooth and fancy as expected.
  13. I have several bugs with Ivara Prime (I use a 1080Ti with all settings to Max). Her invisibility power only displays some parts of her (sometimes only the Syandana). Here you can see Shade Prisma above the upper part of Ivara, and the melee weapon: Almost the same here : There are several issues with all the jelly parts that are displayed behind menus and also Orbiters screens (top left below): ... or not displayed at all outside Ivara, on the login page:
  14. About the scale, I tested it here is what two players see: And now inside: The other player is displayed at 52m.
  15. Just two words: one about the “RAMMING” part… I just don’t see it working at all. Is there really a RAMMING feature to start? I mean, I play WH40K Battlefleet Armada Gothic I & II, and ramming feels powerful, especially if your ship as a front spear made for ramming and dealing huge damages. In Assassin’s Creed sea battles, you can ram the enemies (and also have made-to-ram front prow), and sometime completely destroy them, cutting their boat in two parts. You feel the power of the impact, even more if you were at full speed, and you have sometimes a kill cam that shows the destruction. Here… nothing. I never feel anything when ramming small and medium ships. It looks like I just pass through small dust dots floating in space. Second word: the scale of the Railjack is really too small. When you are outside with your Archwing, you can see the cockpit that is as large as yourself, whereas you can put 5 Players inside when piloting. I also found this concept art that looks pretty accurate and show how high a Railjack could be : Once again, when outside, the Railjack looks small. Some might say “so the Orbiter is and the interior never matches the skin you have”, which is true, except you never fly around the Orbiter and can enter/exit/enter/… during a battle. As the areas where we have Railjack missions now look far too big, making us hardly fly through it during battles but mainly to collect everything once the mission is over, and even if I think they tested a 1:1 scale, I really wonder why DE made it so small. There are few games I know where you can enter/exit your ship that is really 1:1 scaled (No Man’s Sky and the amazing feeling in VR when walking on one of your frigates in orbit, Star Citizen but I don’t play this one yet, Elite Dangerous if I remember right… and what they show of Beyond Good and Evil 2), that would be nice if Railjack could also be 1:1 scaled.
  16. As I use the same colors for everything, I made my Railjack Black and Purple... well ... I tried to. This is the "Black I have": I tried several "As Dark as Possible" colors, but this one is the blackest of all the palettes I have, and for everything else (Warframe, Orbiter, Pets, Weapons,...) it's fine. It's even fine inside the Railjack as it is as black as expected: But not the outside hull that remains grey... and a pretty ugly grey for me. I hope you can fix that asap (as I guess this is not a big issue).
  17. Yup. And now that the Railjack is here (and I got mine), you can see there is another issue, as the Railjack is based on 6DOF whereas your Archwing is not. As said, keeping a "New controls" + "Old controls", with options to choose what you want, would improve the overall experience for everybody. The Railjack somehow works like the old Archwing, so I don't see any reason DE cannot propose both controls.
  18. I managed to get people in my team when wandering in the freeroam mission to play with the Railjack. As I was not expected people to join in this "mission", I did not set it as "solo". Then two others Tennos joined, so I started a real mission. But it all ended with an infinite loading when flying back to my dock after completing the mission -_-. As the last mission I played in another Railjack ended with the pilot stuck inside a base, which means you cannot exit the mission without abandoning it, I will pause this content until major bug fixes.
  19. Good point. I bought the Caballero skin for my Railjack, and I love it. Thing is that the 3 skins looks really different. The Cabalerro's nacelles are not straight and leans down, almost blocking the access to the main entrance of the Railjack as the side plateforms do not take in account this skin and remain the same. But using the basic skin or the Caballero, does not change the interior indeed. As said above, this is the same for the Orbiters as the skins never change the interior, something I always found weird and hope they fix one day. From a developper point of view, I imagine the nightmare of having an interior dedicated for each skin, not because it means more work I think, but because you can customize everything and put decorations everywhere. That might means some people don't want to redo everything for each version of interior, or, DE can allow decorations only in common parts that never changes. Fore sure, the best would be to have skins that match the interior. About the Railjack, I upgraded it to have 360° turrets, which means the side turrets can see and shoot in all directions which is impossible, as they remain attached on a side, and do not look at all mounted on a 360° ball or a special arm that can move all around the ship. But maybe we can start consider side gunners do not see the real space, as "windows" are a weakspot in spaceships, and the bigger they are, the weaker the hull should be. So let's say they have "screens" (that may look later more like screens). This is how I see it, even if it looks like more a workaround for a feature we must accept... but that still doesn't fit the physical turrets themselves. Let's hope that one day they make everything more coherent.
  20. Same problem. I can join other Railjack missions, but each time I start one with my ship, I am alone from start to destruction.
  21. Same issue until I found all those answers. It is really hard to think that no one is playing with a controller on PC at DE. I use a XB controller all the time on PC because I played on consoles for years and years, and very few games I play need a keyboard (Tacticals mainly). There so many issues with controllers in Warframe until last year, this was already beyond my understanding. Now this much more better, not perfect yet, but far better than what we had some months ago. And now this... I hope the Railjack will work fine as mine is almost ready, without having to rebind everything.
  22. This regression reminds me the one they made in the last Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ghost Recon Wildands has two control modes for helicopters. The first original one that have a more smooth feeling when piloting and allows to turn the camera around but the issue was you cannot aim and fight with this mode. The "drone" mode that was made to shoot and they added later, but does not allow to turn the camera around to see what's behind because the helicopter rotates with the camera to aim. In Breakpoint, they decided to remove the first mode I loved to explore and just fly from A to B and only propose the "drone" mode. This is beyond my understanding to remove something that works (and still works as Wildands is not dead yet) and people love to keep only the mode you mainly use to fight, instead of adding an in-game switch to select one of those modes. This is the same here. Instead of allowing people to choose, they remove one mode for no reason. If this was only to improve the 2-axis mode, fine... but why removing the one so many love, including myself. That is also beyong my understanding and I 100% agree... this makes the Archwing missions much more painfull to play. I cannot believe a 2D Space Battles system is what DE had in mind for so long.
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