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  1. The colors of some things are informative though and effect situational awareness of other players. At the very least there should be a setting to disable energy colors effecting elemental effects.
  2. So for non-forma'd frames, we get washed out energy colors, period. This is really lame. If secondary energy impacts appearance of non-forma'd stuff (which it does) then it should not require forma to adjust. The way secondary energy is implemented is really sloppy it seems. We should be able to turn down the effect, to zero. And that should be the default, so that non-forma'd stuff is not impacted. The feature should not have been implemented until it was properly tuned to be able to do the same type of understated and fully saturated appearance of legacy single energy colors. Now we have blown out energy colors, and inconsistencies pretty much across the board, with the same colors appearing completely different from one item to another. Also, energy colors should not impact elemental effects. Until all the many problems with secondary energy are worked out, if they ever are, maybe add a 'legacy energy effects' toggle in settings. It really sucks to have bought color pallets to be able to use saturated deep reds, and now be limited to only washed out pinks, and have it require forma to be able to access the proper colors that I paid for. I will ultimately forma most everything I intent to hold onto, but it is not cool being pressured to do so, before I'm ready to, just to adjust a color, especially after buying color palettes for that very purpose already. Seriously, what is the reasoning for the forma requirement? It seems like a poorly conceived and arbitrary limitation. What, are you afraid people won't forma stuff without this additional incentive? It seems like we will generally forma everything we plan on using for very long, as soon as we have mods that will allow good builds requiring polarization. The only reason people wouldn't forma stuff they plan to keep and use often is lacking the mods that merit polarization for good builds. My guess would be, the reasoning was that secondary energy would just be a nice little added perk, of little consequence, for polarization. This reasoning would be fine if secondary energy did not impact the appearance of non-forma's stuff, but it does... Which transforms this reasoning into, taking something away from us, and then demanding forma to give it back. Because I used to be able to make energy deep red, or purple, but now, I can't, unless I spend forma, I am limited to pinks. My non-forma'd frames all have grey energy now, because that is better than any of the other pastel options I am limited to. It is kind of deceptive too, the way this was presented, claiming that secondary energy would be enabled by polarizing, when in fact it is enabled no-matter what, and forma is simply required to adjust it. This feels shady, and slightly extortionate. I doubt this was intended to be extortionate, just as I doubt this was intended to force people to spend more forma, but rather just a nice little added perk, or to tie the new feature into the game in a neat way, but because this blows out our colors and is not adjustable without the forma, it ends up feeling extortionate, and this is totally unnecessary. It really is not cool layering costs of colors like this. I paid for saturated colors, they worked okay. Until you desaturated them and now ask me to pay for them again...
  3. Agreed. Furthermore, swap weapons is still kind of a mess. If I'm using a scanner, sometimes it swaps back to the weapon I was not using, sometimes it swaps back to the weapon I was using, I think this may depend on whether I had used melee, so technically melee was equiped, not the scanner. See how this is a mess, with inconsistent behavior... If using a scanner, swap weapon should swap back to your gun, the one you were using last, that makes sense. If using melee, then swap weapon should swap back to your gun, the one you were using last. This makes sense and is consistent. The fact that you can swap to your gun from melee, instantly, but it takes time to 'swap weapons' is part of the problem here. If you press swap weapon when melee is equiped, it should instantly switch to your gun (the gun you were using last), just like if you pressed fire. Then aim, need not swap weapons (three methods of swapping is overkill), and from melee, tapping swap twice would first insta switch back to gun, then do the switch primary/secondary which takes a moment of time. Then you could give back manual block button to people that want that, and allow people who like aim gliding with melee to do that too, and we could change weapons between primary/secondary/melee/gear in a way that was entirely consistent, predictable, and responsive.
  4. Agreed, and it should be zero percent by default. That would address a lot of the issues that are coming up, and it would make it so unforma'd stuff will not be effected by secondary energy colors that can't be customized, as well as not change how stuff looks until people go in and customize.
  5. Please either revert the secondary energy stuff, or at the very least make a toggle switch next to the secondary energy color which can enable or disable it. For un-forma'd stuff make it disabled. Why is this change making my un-forma'd stuff look different? This added feature for forma'd stuff should be implemented in a way so that it does not mess with the appearance of unforma'd stuff. Or if this is going to impact the appearance of everything, forma's or not, then don't have a forma requirement to tweak it, because that is just plain mean. Honestly, this secondary energy stuff does not seem ready for release, and I think the best option is to either remove it for now, or at least put a toggle in the options to use legacy energy colors. Or more appropriately have it defaulted to off, and call it experimental energy effects. Then we can optionally enable and help test it, until it is ready for prime time. Really not pleased to find my prime warframes have two different energy colors, one of which I can not change, unless I forma, which I don't need to do yet because I don't have the mods needed for builds requiring forma yet. I will forma when I have the mods for better builds, but I will do so with the insight gained from having those mods and knowing how I should forma for my desired builds. I'm not just going to go forma-ing my frames all willy-nilly just so I can access secondary energy in order to try to fix them because they are broken as currently implemented. To do secondary energy right, it must be slightly more sophisticated. It needs opacity sliders, and it needs to not mess with things that don't have access to it. It also needs to default to setting which mimic precisely the appearance things had before it was added, as in defaulting to disabled, or opacity zero, or otherwise identical to not having it at all. Because people have put time and energy into getting their stuff to appear exactly as they like, so it is really kind of harsh to just go and kick over their sand castles like that.
  6. Well, I got into this game for a few months about 5 years ago, spent a little cash to unlock a few extra slots and have a bit of plat handy. Had to quit due to real life, as my work had me traveling to many remote regions constantly, and my laptop was not capable of running games. Just recently came back, was having great fun for a couple weeks, then nightwave hit. It is exhausting. I know someone will pop in here to tell me it is optional, and that if I don't like the nw tasks no one is forcing me to do them. That's right, no one is forcing me to play warframe either. Last time I quit due to real life, this time, I am liable to quit soon from exhaustion due to nightwave. Nightwave makes what was lots of fun into an exhausting list of chores. Wolf is a p.i.t.a. too. Before I ran into him a few times and fighting him was a time consuming chore, like most of nightwave. Now though, with his three invulnerable henchmen it is more like a punishment. This is not an exciting or rewarding encounter, it is just not fun. Since he got his henchmen, every single time I have ran into him (quite a few times), everyone in the squad aborted leaving me fighting him solo. They aborted because it is not fun, and I hardly blame them. Even the fugitives are a p.i.t.a.. Of course most of us need the nightwave standing so we are going to go after them, but for 150 standing, it is hardly worth the effort. During the event in orb vallis when they were worth 300 it didn't feel quite so tedious. They should be worth 300 always, and for such a time limited and region specific event, 600. But really, little fixes like this are nowhere near enough to fix the exhausting pile of chores that nightwave is. Edit: As for constructive feedback, bring back alerts, and keep nightwave. Improve alerts and improve nightwave. Nightwave improvements: Wolf creds should not be in the progression rewards, but should be earned along with nitghtwave standing from each task. This way, people who need nitain for instance can invest a reasonable amount of time into completing a few nw tasks and earn the creds they need, as opposed to weeks of grinding. Wolf creds should be Nora creds and should carry over from one act to another. The rewards should be chosen by the players, each tier they can choose one. Then players wouldn't feel they were being forced to do tons of chores to get the one or two things they want. This boils down to simply not forcing players to play something they don't want to play, some players would grind through 5 tiers to get the things they want, others through 15, and if you make the rewards really good, then many players, who have the time, will play through 20 or 30 tiers, but then players wouldn't feel forced into an exhausting weekly list of chores. Alerts improvements: Make alerts be randomly generated quests that involve 2 or 3 hops around the star chart with different rewards for each leg of the quest. The quests can have random challenge elements that could grant additional rewards. These quests could include bosses that were randomly generated with a modular character model system, and lists of possible abilities, strengths and weaknesses, possible companions, etc.. The potential here is limitless. The alerts should drop into players alert ques where the past two alerts will remain available until they are either completed, or replaced with new alerts. Once a player completes any given alert it will no longer be available to that player, however players could share their alert ques. So if you already completed an alert, and got the rewards, then you could not access that alert directly again, however, if I had not yet done the alert, then I could invite you into my squad and start it from my alert que, and you could do it again and get the rewards again, but make the rewards different for each successive run, dwindling towards less valuable/rare.
  7. Still have an issue with glaives becoming unthrowable when dual weilding. Wind up, charge, bam, no throw. That is pretty harsh when you just jumped in front of the toughest enemy, and suddenly just fail to attack. So you leap away, and out of habit try to throw mid air. nope. The throw is broken, until you fire your secondary, and this seems to often occur when your secondary is out of ammo, so you need to reload, then fire your secondary before you can throw again.
  8. And F (or swap weapon) did, with the first few iterations of this update, switch you back to the weapon you were using. Pressing it twice to go back to gun and then swap guns is a minor, minor thing, and sacrificing aiming, and aim-gliding, with melee equipped, just so you can have another way of switching back to gun is a massive sacrifice just so people who want to switch back to their current gun without firing it, don't have to press F twice. Not only that, it is inconsistent behavior. If you are using a gear item, like a scanner, torch, fishing spear, then F goes back to your last equiped gun, but if you use melee, then F changes guns. Simple solution, swap weapons swaps to your gun, and if you are already using gun, then it swaps guns. This is simple, sensible, lets us use aim with melee, fixes some currently broken combos, lets us use aim-glide with melee, and the only drawback, is that if you have a melee equipped, you have to press F (swap guns) twice to change guns, the same as you do when you have a torch or scanner out...
  9. So, it seems like dual wielding with a thrown melee and single secondary is just getting progressively more and more buggy here with each update. Since intro of new melee system, I intermittently can't throw my glaive at all. It winds up, the anim starts to play and the cursor shows charge up, then it resets instead of throwing. In the middle of combat, this is brutal. Firing secondary usually fixes it, but sometimes that won't fire either! New with the last patch: sometimes my melee weapon simply won't equip at all. I switch from primary to secondary, no matter which weapon my melee attack does nothing. When it happens I can usually get my melee back, somehow, but how excactly, I'm not sure. The last time it happened, a ground slam fixed. These are rough bugs because, suddenly being unable to attack in a game where enemies can kill you in seconds, and there are lots of them, well it is a real problem...
  10. Please make new melee/legacy melee a keyboard mappable toggle. Please make option to disable channel blocking. Either a toggle in options to disable entirely or contextual like tap toggle control for channel attack, long press for channel attack and block/ Please make extracting with team mates a choice that comes up for players who are not at extraction when players are individually extracting. Please make spin attacks register hits more reliably. Please make it an option to have aim not switch back to your gun, until you fire. Thanks for all your hard work! Edit: Forgot to mention, bug when dual wielding glaive. Ever since 24.4.0 when I dual wield glaive, frequently my glaive glitches and refuses to throw, it charges and the charge animation plays, then no throw. This is really pretty bad too, because in the heat of battle, you line up your shot, then, nothing, then you do it again, nothing... Because you're in the middle of battle, you have a tendency to try 2 or 3 times, all the while taking damage. I have to fire my secondary before it will work again. Sometimes, less often, my secondary won't fire either! Then, i'm not sure what fixes it, jumping around, running away, rolling, bullet jumping... At that point, when both my weapons freeze up, I'm just trying to stay alive. This really messes with the awesome dual wielding style... Please don't remove dual wielding though, it is awesome!
  11. Please. Instead of leaving Teno behind, make it so when people extract early, others get a selection screen to join extraction or remain. Otherwise we get unwanted host migrations, and potentially lost loot, progress, rewards, time, etc.. Please. Add a toggle for 'legacy melee' or new 'auto melee,' make the toggle a control which can be bound to a key so we can switch between legacy and new-style on the fly, when we realize halfway through a mission that we need it temporarily. Please. Let us use aim down sites without leaving melee mode in the new system, or make that a toggle. Please have a look at how exactly weapon switching works. Gun equiped; F switches guns. Great. Melee equiped; F quickly switches to last used gun, so press twice to switch guns. Great. Scanner equiped; F switches back to gun, and switches to the gun that you were not last using. This is troublesome, and should simply switch back to your last used gun. I know in your original notes it said F switches guns, always. It doesn't though, and it shouldn't. Sometimes, we used melee, then ran around, then we want to be sure we have the right gun equipped, without firing. F will bring up our currently equipped gun. This is how it currently works and it makes sense, and it means 'aim' doesn't need to switch back to our guns. It is fun and awesome aim gliding with melee... and with the new system, if you want to use your gun mid-melee-aim-glide, just start shooting... There are lots of problems with auto-blocking. Combos that require manual blocks for one thing. Channeling toggle combined with auto-block means rapid accidental energy depletion. How about tap channel toggle for channeling attacks only, long press to toggle on channel blocking and attacking. Or, you could even just have a toggle in options to simply disable channel blocking entirely because I think most players don't want to use all their energy to block, ever... Also, please have a look at hit detection for spin attacks. I was testing on containers. Half the time spin attacks simply don't register hits... Spin, should be 360 degrees...
  12. From the wiki: "If the Warframe is not revived during this time, it dies a proper death and must either spend 10% of their Affinity acquired during the mission to continue playing the mission, wait for an ally to finish the mission, or forfeit the mission entirely." This is no longer true in missions which allow individual extraction, and it is really pretty messed up. If you die in survival, then when others extract you will simply be left behind, host migration will occur, then the mission will end in failure... Solution: Players (including dead players) who are not in the extraction zone should be given the option to extract with team, or stay behind. This would solve the death issue, and it would solve the issue of players who simply fell behind or got lost and couldn't reach extraction within 30 seconds, but don'y want to do a host migration.
  13. Good Stuff, I have been away from WF for a few years and I've been enjoying all the great content that has been added. Being as you are tweaking and improving melee, there is one thing that has been bothering me since I came back. I used to love doing flying spin attacks. But now it seems like they tend to not register hits way too often. I can doing flying spin attacks directly into enemies and see them clearly connecting and yet more than half the time they just don't register. Sliding spins have the same issue to a much lesser degree, if I'm on the ground, spin attacks register hits 9 out of 10 times, if I'm in the air it's more like 5 out of 10. The other thing I really miss, is being able to do an airborne slide (flying kick) with Ash, and then use his 3rd ability and come out of the teleport still doing the flying kick. That was awesome, and it required skill because you had to get the cross-hairs on the distant target while doing the flying kick and hit the ability all within a tight window. It was a little thing, certainly not OP, but it was fun, and cool, and satisfying. I think it would be great if you made Ash's 3 not do the little setup-for-finisher-action but instead simply continue his current animation just in cases where he is already doing an attack, like a spin attack or flying kick, when he launches the ability.
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