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  1. Ok I was able to log in now. It was probably due to everyone trying to log in at same time.
  2. You need to add a conversation history/journal to your menu. I have no idea what nakak is asking for and can't even talk to her about it again. This is not the first time this has happened in a quest. I should have to ask online to other players on how to finish a quest. Please add/fix this.
  3. can someone please post the dialog of nakak for the first item.. no idea what needs to be done. i am in the circle but haven't found anything
  4. Most people are happy with this. I am actually disappointed. Sortie Interceptions have always been the fastest and most efficient focus farm for me. 100-120k focus per sortie of 3 rounds. Now lowered to two its just more time wasted.
  5. Because Venari is considered an Exalted Weapon when it comes to mods. It is a feature and not a bug, the same way Umbra's Exalted Blade and Mesa's Resonators can use the same mods as their melee and secondary respectively.
  6. Not sure what needs fixing on the earpiece itself, mine looks alright? Maybe post a screengrab or give more details. Speaking of cosmetics, currently when your operator's hood is open, you can see all the cosmetics like earpieces, diadems, blindfold etc.. except on Umbra Scarf, which doesn't display earpieces and face cosmetics only the blindfold. It should display just like the other operator hoods do. Nakak's operator masks have a similar issue when you select open hood it hides all the cosmetics. In addition to displaying cosmetics while operator masks are open, also add the option to display at least the earpieces while these are closed.
  7. Alad.. haha that would be quite something. As long as its not Cephalon Sark... ugh.. Might as well get Man in the Wall to do it. Since the problem seems to be an issue with having to record everything again or new dialogue with a different voice, I think it would just be better to modulate the existing audio to be more of a "fake" Lotus voice. Something that is clearly not the original and maybe somehow reminds you that it's not really her. Visually her image would benefit from also appearing different from the original Lotus. I dunno, I understand that it's not her and just a hologram Ordis is using, but it's having a similar effect to the "uncanny valley" where it so close to the original that it feels odd, except in this case it just feels like there is a disconnect between the lotus in the missions and the lotus in the story
  8. Exactly.. I understand it is DE's way of avoiding having to record a new voice to replace Lotus but still could do something that differentiates it from original space mom and doesn't take away immersion.
  9. Three things : 1) Can we please have focus school selection per loadout? People use some schools with specific warframes and having to change depending on which warframe you choose even if you're using a loadout is time consuming and a pain. Being able to add a school preference to your loadout will save so much time. 2) (spoilers?) I've done the Sacrifice and I still can't get past the Lotus talking and engaging with me while doing missions. It loses story immersion. Once you get past a certain story quest, someone else should be talking to us during missions, like Teshin, or maybe Konzu? Either way, Lotus is off with Ballas, yet if I do a T1 Fissure she is telling me I need to get reactants like nothing is happening. 3) For warframe abilities that have sub categories like Khora's abilities for Venari and arrow selection for Ivara: please add shortcut option for each selection in the key binding section of options.. having to cycle through with the same button can get confusing and you can only cycle forward. Would be nice if you can do like 7,8,9,0 or wherever you want to assign it. Keep up the amazing work!
  10. sell duplicate rare mods or primed parts in trade chat **EDIT** Unless you mean that it's a bug that you can't sell weapons.
  11. An issue that has been dragged from other versions is that on Plains of Eidolon, when you are in public mode and someone leaves causing a host migration, fishing and mining gets glitched. Your lures disappear and landing a hit with a spear will not catch it and the circle around the mineral will not show either. Currently you have to extract and go back in. Going solo is the only way to avoid this it seems.
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