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  1. To be fair Nihil exists long before Orokin dead. Her grandma probably tell the story to her during the orokin empire days. It's just that Nihil is addressing her directly, like she meant sth to him. kinda throw me off.
  2. I get what you saying, but judging by how long this season has been running, Ima put my money on they are just slow.
  3. His sword is very easy to dodge. I just had trouble hitting the thing. At least give me an arc indicator. I still have no idea how high I should aim. I just killed him by sui-side bomb him.
  4. For valkyr they can just release a new stance for her claw, unlock by getting her prime, which makes her move more methodical instead of hysterical.
  5. How old is she? Her conversation with Nihil make it sound like she was around when Orokin got destroyed. If I'm not misunderstood then what make her survived for that long?
  6. That's what I'm saying. This is just TOO much work compare to what they did, and do you see how long it take for them to do the current boss fight? Don't forget Warframe is a shooter game as well. If you change the boss fight to melee focus a lot ppl will riot, and it's DE catches all the hate. There still will be threads like this one, just not posted by you. If we strip warframe to the bone, it's the movement that really differentiate warframe from other games. Focus on that is a save bet. I can't blame them for that.
  7. It wasn't. They just translated part of the game into this investigation theme. Nothing new here. for a slow and methodical dual, they have to rework melee, slow down our movement. is this anymore "warframe" than what we have? I'm not saying they nailed the boss fight, I'm saying the solution from the dude I quoted need tons of work, I don't believe it's a realistic solution.
  8. That will be a complete different game. Nothing in warframe can be translated to dual. They will have to build melee from ground up. And warframe is awful with the timed attack mechanics. Even in solo shet lagging all over the place.
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