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  1. It does feel weird that they did not take SP into consideration. Although I'm not sure if the impact proc is capped as well.
  2. I think he meant the base 40% cannot exceed 25k health, do not include impact proc.
  3. If prime plus riven is weaker than normal plus riven is the problem, then it's an easy fix. Just set the dispo of the normal version to lowest as well. Then the prime is better again. When it's time to buff the prime dispo, buff the normal version with it. Therefore the prime is always better. I thought the purpose of the riven is to make weak guns compete with strong guns, so normal plus riven better than prime plus riven is within logic to me. Furthermore, not every player has riven for that gun, and it heavily depends on the roll. So to majority of players prime still better than the normal version. Also there's the aesthetic aspect.
  4. Hope with multiple threads now DE will add this issue to their Feedback section of the board.
  5. Yeah I assigned right swipe to reload, it was quick call for arch weapon. Really missing quick call for arch weapon right now lol
  6. There’s one already? But I don’t see this in their “known bug” section of the board.
  7. At first I thought it just not working, but then I remember in controller I use context action to reload(X for xbox, square for PS by default). After I assigned a dedicate button for reload, it works like a charm. I just wanna know if any other ppl encountered this, and is there another way to work around, since I don't wanna a waste a button on reload lol. Already reported to the bug thread
  8. TYPE: in-game, PS4 DESCRIPTION: Gunner level 9 "Heatsink Flush" do not work with controller's "Context action includes reload". REPRODUCTION: Tried multiple turrets on either my own ship or other players'. EXPECTED RESULT: When press Context Action button, Heatsink Flush should trigger. OBSERVED RESULT: Press Context Action button does nothing. You have to assign a dedicate button for reload for it to work. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  9. Get to void asap, I might die or walk out with superpowers, either is good.
  10. The train is already moving bud, just really slowly, and quietly.
  11. Not sure what happened here but let me put it in another way. Before you can choose to : PUG(have a chance to be host), Host, Solo. If you absolutely want to use your railjack, you can choose Host, which is still engaged in co-op aspect of the game. Players with shet railjack can join in and get loot to make better railjacks. Now you can choose :PUG(have a chance to be host), Solo If you absolutely want to use your railjack, you can only choose Solo, which is one less squat for players with shet railjack to join in. I feel DE really did one step forward one step back. The new AI crew is made for ppl hosting but don't have players to join in. It's perfect for ppl that wanna choose Host. But then they just push those ppl into PUG, which not really where AI crew matters, or Solo, which won't help to make this game mode feel alive. Hella wierd.
  12. Topic, since we can't really have duplication protection for these thing. Right now the parts worth infinite close to nothing if you don't wanna build another warframe. I'll be happy even just have the ability to feed them to the wall.
  13. Trash belong in trash can. Trash can belongs in the street. Are you saying Grendel is a ho?
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