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  1. And now it just worked never mind
  2. I’m playing on Xbox which you can obviously tell because before my name it say xb1 but I tried signing into warframe And it said I have to make sure the latest version is installed and there is no update available I checked in my games and apps
  3. Yes please I had the same thought
  4. When I’m in my operator form when I have wisp equipped the operators footsteps and slide sounds are replaced with the noises wisp would make instead of the proper sounds
  5. The secondary energy color doesn’t apply to Khora abilities like Strangledome and whip claw
  6. I know but it’s true if it doesn’t come back
  7. You weren’t the first to comment for once what are you doing?
  8. Will ash come out of the vault anytime soon?
  9. Contact support and then wait a few months for an answer from them
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