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  1. Make the grakata shoot the projectiles of the Kuva Ayanga then it will be as powerful as Clem actually is he holds his power back because Clem is secretly a warframe that can destroy the corpus fleet for fun if he feels like it
  2. What the what did you do to that Kavat it could probably make a Crewship a toy good god
  3. Did you use the titanic rumbler augment? But damn boi he thicc
  4. Yes the dual packs do give you prime noggles I got one a few years ago and got the rhino and nyx noggles
  5. Ok thank you having two of the ephemera would be annoying
  6. I just got a Lich with the Kuva nukor and it has the vengeful toxin ephemera and I wanted to know since I already have the toxin ephemera will I have two of the ephemera or just one after I kill the Lich
  7. They could add it with scarlet spear the corpus operation or the Railjack expansion or in some other unrelated update
  8. I just got one with toxin and an ephemera if we were on the same platform I would try to trade it to you
  9. I would prefer something you can use once in a mission that will destroy the Liches weapon causing them to get a new one and just rerolling what weapon you have not getting rid of the Lich itself
  10. In the last picture how do you get that as a decoration the thing you use to stop coil drives in the Vallis but nice orbiter
  11. I wouldn’t use wolf beacon I’d use the stalker beacon that would make more sense
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