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  1. Mag can select a group of enemies then wherever she looks they slam into as a rag doll that would be funny
  2. That’s something I would do if I got bored
  3. That’s happening to me right now
  4. I’m trying to log in but it keeps saying update needed you need this update but we can’t get it at the moment and it’s been doing this for a hour half hour I dunno what can I do?
  5. I find it funny when someone on pc complains about a content drought
  6. He turns them into revenant parts or he could give them to onkko to make amps that or has a Tenno fling it into the void using the landing craft
  7. The secondary energy color doesn’t apply to Khora abilities like Strangledome and whip claw
  8. So basically revenant but add corpus tech
  9. I know but it’s true if it doesn’t come back
  10. Did you sell it because if you sold it do what the other two people said if it’s gone do what the other two people said
  11. I like that idea but they shouldn’t be as rare as aura Forma it should be a 10% chance to get one from higher level missions and lower chances in low level missions like mars and it should be almost impossible from earth to mercury
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