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  1. May I request: ∆XIUS LIИK - ПРØДØЛЖ∆Й 3∆ṂИР∆†Ь (best time stamps are 1:03, 1:43, 3:55 - 3:55 is probably the fastest and most preferred, but whatever you can do I'll be grateful for) Kefka's Theme Ristar - Du Di Da My fingers are crossed on these requests!
  2. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1099625-remove-the-out-of-bounds-teleport-back-from-orbiter-decoration/?tab=comments#comment-10827349 Please.
  3. @lukinu_u has made excellent points. As a Tennogen artist who has made multiple pieces, I would find them a good source of information regarding this topic. That said @rinaxln it's an interesting concept to say the least. If you're truly committed to this idea, maybe take your helmet and create an alt helmet for Octavia? Even if you can use her entire body model, trying out her helmet would be a good start point (I think, but take that with a grain of salt). I wish you the best of luck.
  4. Please address: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1099625-remove-the-out-of-bounds-teleport-back-from-orbiter-decoration/?tab=comments#comment-10827349
  5. I commented on the Arbitration thread talking about the P2P model, nothing was said in response to me. In regards to DE ignoring player feedback, seems like the going trend in the gaming industry currently.
  6. I'm very curious as to why the burden of hosting missions is still placed on the player rather than on DE at this junction. I'm going to safely assume that the lack of hardware is probably the biggest leader, however, does DE plan to move towards taking the burden off players? I feel like this change is not a fix, but rather another bandaid to a larger issue (the issue mentioned above). If hosting is removed from the players, this removes the need for crutches such as this, as well as, help alleviate other host migration issues in other modes. Again, I'm sure it's not something can happen overnight, but I'm wondering if this is even in the long-term roadmap.
  7. As everyone has said so far, why revert the Ogris? What made these changes bad?
  8. New Warfan / Fan-type Weapon!!!! FINALLY! I absolutely LOVE Gunsen. My main melee weapon. Wisp looking great, though I'm worried about how f*ed her drain on her 4 is going to be considering Rev's cost is 5/s with max efficiency. Hopefully it won't be stupidly expensive, but I'm not holding my breathe. Vauban and Wukong rework....glad they are getting attention finally. Wukong's I'm worried simply because I don't want his deluxe to be the reason his rework is finally happening.
  9. As someone who is not affected by these changes, I still feel the need to speak up. DE, you are basically dictating what weapons you want players to use. Your tools are based on popularity usage, right? If that's the case, you're telling players that you don't like their choices and you want that to change. I mean absolutely no disrespect in my words, so please don't take it that way. Rivens are a very HUGE bandaid over a balance issue that stems from not knowing how to make Warframe powers and weapons mingle together cohesively. You can't stop min/maxers and/or the creation of a meta. You can, however, create an atmosphere of distrust and disdain by continuing to show players that their choices in game should reflect your own. As mentioned before, if a weapon is too strong/weak take a look at that specific weapon and see why. Adjust the weapon itself (which is what should have been done instead of rivens in the first place). Overall I feel these changes are just creating more frustration across the player base. I'm wondering if resources could be better spent on coming up with a larger plan to rework weapons entirely so the bandaid that is rivens is not needed anymore. Just my thoughts, again no disrespect was intended or reflected in my words.
  10. This this this! I'm so over getting boosters it's unreal. Every sortie, daily login, etc I get boosters. Like DE just stop. If I want a freaking booster I'll buy it myself.
  11. I appreciate removing the "Kill X Wildlife" challenge. However,
  12. Shot in the dark on these: Xenoblade Chronicles - Mechonis Field T-Mass - Ignoring My Heart (starting at 0:51 pref) Ashes to New - Broken (Melody at 1:00)
  13. It finally went down eh? Surprised it took this long.
  14. Shout out to all the Tenno who are going Kuva farming this weekend!
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