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  1. Since the AI change there has been nothing but issues mission wide in both Steel Path AND normal missions. Events I have seen: Enemies will not alert Enemies will not REMAIN alerted Enemies stop and stand still even with a player near them Enemies get 'confused' and run around in circles near a player with LoS Enemies hide for cover with no player around or in LoS Enemies seem to walk rather than run with active alarms Enemies seem to be moving A LOT slower as if they are under the effects of a Nova slow Even with clear pathing enemies will
  2. Octavia is a very good frame and scales very well. Her abilities: 1. DoT that requires enemy fire to ramp up damage 2. Ball that taunt enemies and carry around the DoT 3. Buffs 4. Damage buff based on sound levels around you. Her whole kit is brought together by music set on her Mandacord. The Mandacord is broken down in to sections. Each section controls the pacing of her abilities. Thats the short of it, mind you. I do recommend checking out her wikia page for a deeper look https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Octavia Playing her is how you want to
  3. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. I mean, you're acting as if it's impossible. There are good apples and bad apples in every bunch.
  5. Never got in to TOR enough to raid, but I did raid in WoW and 20man raids were hella fun. 10man raiding in FF14 is pretty decent as well. Idk, I just like raids, call me nutso.
  6. Anything referencing Pulp Fiction wins in my book 🙂
  7. My Seer riven is the reason I put 4 forma in to that thing 😄 Plus it was the first secondary I actually liked when I first started playing and got it from Vor. I felt like such a bada with it! Note: I will need to add more forma to it now that I have my primed secondary mods x.x
  8. Never give up on your dreams! Jokes aside, nice guide. I enjoyed it. I love giving underrated or mr fodder weapons attention. They -can- be on par with some of the best, it just takes more investment than what's practical. Now i probably should go finish mine about Seer that I started months ago...... Great job!
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