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  1. Zyneris

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1

    Excited to test out Nyx! Also saw quite a few things that I'm interested in/excited to try out. Thanks for the additions!
  2. Obvious cash grab prime is obvious.
  3. Zyneris

    Tanking With Mirage?!! 😮 [Experiment]

    Always love to see things like this! Definitely worth trying out, thanks for showing it off!
  4. Zyneris

    Gunsen Love

    I love using Gunsen, you should too 🙂 (This video is based on my personal bias towards the weapon)
  5. Zyneris

    Lets Discuss the Mesa prime accessory pack

    I want to add quickly that DE relies on this to make money for their company. This plus the other various items they offer us for plat is what keeps them running. In the event they continue to pump out low quality products, what do you think will eventually happen? I'm not saying this will happen tomorrow, next week, or even next year. It will be steady, slow process, but a gamer refusing to open his/her wallet is bad times for a developer. Don't believe? Look at the top dogs in AAA right now. They are ALL suffering. Stocks are the lowest they have ever been, most down 50% of their value. Shareholders are pissed, gamers are pissed, and all these games are on sale for pennies. That's a REALLY bad time if you want to continue to have money for large, ambitious projects and that's not even mentioning the normal everyday costs they have to maintain. "But Zyneris, you can't compare DE to AAA because......." Look, I get it. You're right, they aren't the same. Business models are different, values are different, games are different. However, they all share one common LARGE factor: They need to sell a product to enough people to profit. Breaking even does NOTHING for a company. A gamer refusing to buy a product, while alone, isn't damaging. A whole host of gamers leaving a game or refusing to invest it spells bad times ahead. You know what happens when you tell a gamer "Don't like it, don't buy it"? They don't buy it, their friends don't buy it, their friends don't buy it, and so on and so forth. That attitude spreads like wildfire until enough people say "ok I won't if that's how I'm valued". It's a terrible mentality to have towards those who make you money. I'm sure I'll get flame and a half for this post, so I'll just stop there. Food for thought. Take it in, analyze it, and move on. Don't internalize it. You can like what you like and that's just fine.
  6. Zyneris

    Got suspended from chat last week

  7. Approx. 30GB if you're using Steam.
  8. Zyneris

    we need a primed streamline

    I'm so ready for a Primed Streamline if for no other reason than not having to use Fleeting with the negative duration 🙂 Yes yes!
  9. Zyneris

    Tigris Build w/ Riven

    Gonna be honest, I think that having 2 reload mods might be a waste of a slot. However, I do recommend testing with it and without just to see what happens. BUT, I think in the end dropping chilling reload for a 90% mod would probably be the better option. Testing will be the only true way to know, unfortunately.
  10. Zyneris

    Tigris Build w/ Riven

    If you're taking Ammo Stock for the added mag cap then you'll notice it. I believe it affects the delay from the second shot the third. Obviously if you're not going to take Ammo Stock, then you probably won't notice much. I'm also wondering if you'll notice the slow down of fire rate if you hold down your second shot rather than letting it go right away. Testing testing! I'm honestly not sure as I don't use fire rate on my Tigris, but as I said, I'm interested in seeing your test results. Edit: Went to test, but I don't have the negative shotgun mod, however, I did find this from the wikia: On duplex-fire weapons, fire rate mods affect the time between each 2 round burst, similar to burst-fire weapons.
  11. Zyneris

    Question regarding Sortie and Rivens

    Unfortunately it's awful RNG. The percentages don't really mean guaranteed once hit that threshold. That said, a riven CAN and WILL drop even if you are at max capacity. Once you earn the riven, it will go to your inventory as unveiled and your mods will show a warning next to the riven capacity fraction. If you plan to unveil it then it will require you to purchase more slots via a dialogue box (I don't think you can even equip it until those slots are open, but not sure). Not sure if you can do this more than once though.
  12. Zyneris

    Tigris Build w/ Riven

    The negative fire rate is not something you want on a Tigris. That said, the ideal builds for the Tigris are (with some flexibility as you want): Damage: Point Blank (Primed), Hells Chamber, Vig Arm, 2 90 mods, Ammo Stock, Burdened Magazine (not mandatory), Seeking Fury(or mod of your choice) Status: Point Blank (Primed), HC, VA, all 4 60/60 mods, Seeking Fury If you absolutely wanted to use it as is, then probably add it to the damage build for Burdened Magazine. Going to be honest, I don't think it's going to feel that great to use with the reduced fire rate since the Tigris fires 2 rounds/s but only has 2 rounds per magazine (base). I recommend testing it in the Simulacrum against whatever enemies you plan on using it against and see how it is. Good Luck, I'd be interested in how the testing goes 🙂
  13. It's all RNG, my friend. If you're looking for a specific mods, I suggest checking out the Warframe Wikia as it can point you to the enemies and their locations. That way you know exactly where you need to go to find the mods you need. Hope this helps.
  14. Zyneris

    After 2 years.....

    Awesome! Sounds like you're making quite a bit of progress. Have you tried all the MR tests, or do you just test as you get to them?