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  1. Zyneris

    Favorite frame and why?

    Octavia. It started out as she looked amazing to play, is amazing to play. It became, I'm lazy, let mallet do the work.
  2. Zyneris

    Mastery Rank 6 Weapons Advice Needed

    Unfortunately some of the most powerful primaries are snipers, shotguns, and beam weapons. Weapons that are available to you that will get you through the majority of content: Hek, Ignis, Soma, Vectis, Kohm If you're wanting 'op' melee weapons, you needs Zaws which are unlocked and obtainable through Cetus rep / resources Zaws, Atterax, Galatine, Scoliac This link will take you to a handy wikia page that let's you compare and see all the weapons in the game.
  3. Zyneris

    Training Debt-Bonds not dropping in Fortuna?

    Luck of the draw, my friend. Just keep chugging away at it. Don't forget Tinker whom you can buy debt-bonds from (some only costs credits and/or non fortuna resources). Tinker is upstairs above The Business. Good Luck!
  4. Zyneris

    Riven Challenge Sharing

    Just sharing how I completed these riven challenges. The first one I've done more than once this way. The second was my first time with that challenge. Before you spam this thread, remember that these challenges are subject to what works best for the player. No one way is right or wrong. If you want to share what works for you that is fine. Kill X Vruush Turrets in archwing without being downed or dying Synthesize Simaris target without taking damage, using trap, or using an ability with a hobbled dragon key Good Luck in your challenges, Tenno!
  5. Zyneris

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    No noggles yet for me. Will there be an update post when the script completes? @[DE]Drew
  6. Zyneris

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions!

    Glad you understand me.
  7. Zyneris

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions!

    Disable Region Chat -> Best form of moderation 😄
  8. Zyneris

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.1

    Excited to test out Nyx! Also saw quite a few things that I'm interested in/excited to try out. Thanks for the additions!
  9. Obvious cash grab prime is obvious.
  10. Zyneris

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    YES! Bless for this!
  11. Zyneris

    Max Framerate

    Yeah I thought about that end too after I posted. Haha, oh well 🙂
  12. Zyneris

    Max Framerate

    Sounds good! Was actually very interesting to read through this 🙂 .
  13. Zyneris

    Naramon Nyx - build advice

    I'd take Corrosive Projection for easy armor strip, BUT I'm sure slotting something else will be fine. Just don't waste your time repolarizing that slot. Leave it so you CAN use the dash polarity later (but that's just me). The thing is, if you're going to use Assimilate, I'd drop the Handspring. You're immune to knockdowns in it, maybe slot something like range or coaction drift (increases your aura power). With the builds (both) I listed above your 4 only costs 1.1/s (the lowest is 1/s). So that's very low energy cost, if you're going to slot Primed Flow no reason to not use that to the max. Rotation could look something like: Corrosive Proc(if you want it) > Chaos > Executing Dash > Pop in to 4 (make sure your by enemies for this) > Finisher > Operator to move to enemies > Repeat (I tested this btw - can supply another vid if you want it). This actually would be the best idea to get the most out of having Assimilate. You CAN use Operator while in Absorb when you use the mod for it. You can keep using Executing Dash while still in Absorb allow you to just dash to enemies and finisher them once you get back in your frame. Now, to avoid having to waste energy all the time by recasting your 3, that's where Chaos Sphere would come in to play here. It leaves a ring that applies Chaos to all enemies that walk in to it. So now enemies coming towards you will auto cc because that ring is there. That helps cut down on energy costs AND you can recast Chaos while in Absorb with the mod. So all around win-win. I think in a situation like this, maybe drop Shade and use Deathcube, I think, to get additional energy drops with it's mod - BUT I truly don't know how effective that is. Of course another solution for that is to just walk around a corner and pop energy pizza once you get to 25-50% energy. Whatever works for you to maintain. As for defense mods, that's something you'll just have to test and see what works for you. I'm sure with my first build, I could drop some of that range for defense if I wanted to and be just fine. It's all down to preference. How much range do you want on Chaos = how far you have to travel while in Absorb, so something to think about. If you do take defense mods, I'd not worry too much about shields and focus on raw health. And yeah, if you don't have a zaw that's totally fine. Use whatever dagger you want honestly. The game is what you make it 🙂 Hope that helps!
  14. Zyneris

    Naramon Nyx - build advice

    Ok, I have 2 builds I use for Nyx (2 forma): Quick note: If you wanted to use Arcanes, I'd say an Energize set and possibly the invis set for using finishers. But since I have neither, I just slap on my Guardian and Grace and call it a day. It's not the best, but I don't run Nyx in much end game stuff currently so no need to optimize them. CC: - Energy Siphon - Power Drift - Primed Cont - Intensify - Mind Freak - Overextended - Streamline - Stretch - Chaos Sphere - Narrow Minded (max) Note: This is the build I tested with, however, you've given me some thought on how to make it fit what you're doing. Take out the Mind Freak and use assimilate OR if you wanted to use her 1 as well, drop stretch and add assimilate. Kind of depends on how much range you want. You'd also want to drop energy siphon for Corro P since it won't do anything while using her 4. Assimilate: - Corro P - Power Drift - Primed Cont - Glad Resolve - Assimilate - Vitality - Primed Flow - Natural Talent - Streamline - Narrow Minded I personally would use a combination of the 2 to fit what you're doing, but I'd have to do testing to see what truly did the best. Now for my dagger, I'm using a Zaw (Balla, Plague Akwin, Vargeet Jai II): - Primed Pressure Point - Covert Lethality - Drifting Contact - Blood Rush - Primed Fever Strike - Body Count - North Wind - Primed Fury If you have any questions, let me know 🙂