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  1. #SetRazorbackFree Sitting at 111%
  2. You Serious DE max stat and this is what i get 0.75sek of CDR why Efficiency cap even exist on Lavos ? This warframe need real CD CDR balancing or straight up make probe CD really short 10sek is way too long for key ability to work with his kit, also elemental dmg dont combine they just stack on top of each other.
  3. Also add Trade option to it as for all alike Baro goodies.
  4. Some who need couple of minutes to identify who i deal with to me seems like you are drama seeker my friend. Also rephrase your statement to address whom you talked about in your 1st post.
  5. Yeap thx for lumping me with them while i simply enjoyed the way she played that let me complete solo defence missions that was simply dayli check marks unlike playing limbo or frost to cheese them out. Also she was my 1st pick for syndicate mission for double pet loot radar.
  6. Well that was easy to trigger one Lancelot 😄 try reading whole context.
  7. Nothing changed for you there buddy cambion drift is place where khora change don't affect her that much unlike like normal mission where barrel or small ramp breaks LoS. Also have fun with mag and equinox or ember (that blows your ear drums) players they are just the same. People will just switch to what ever is still left unnerfed you just hurt one frame at the time to anger manage instead make it universal and make bigger riot for this band aid mentality behind these changes. PS: How's Arcana video L:D rating.
  8. Seriously this whiteknighting need to stop how many horses you will need to change to keep it up with praising whatever DE does even if its THAT bad nerf after bad nerf into unannounced nerf on top of nerf to the meta it was abused for in 1st place look no further Ash went from hero to zero and he still can't get proper rework 2 nerfs in scarlet spear none asked for whole ally healing stuff thankfully reverted trinity link nerf on top of previous blessing nerf double whammy to that lobster booty and i'm only talking out of my mind but there sure be more Good changes out there.
  9. try 1h nikanas with blind justice its combo is 360 degree aoe and also has 100% slash procs you dont even need status mods also has insane mobility and knowing how DE is lazy to rebalance stances you are safe to abuse it. also check bullet dance STROPHA on heavy attack build with either radiation or corrosive if u prefer being slow and steady.
  10. Yet another untested brain dead nerf with nothing else to offer straight up aimed to kill frame we love and recommended to play sneakily added post test cluster, well but Deluxe is cashed so screw you guys go play other frames i guess... Next nerf baruuk LoS after he get deluxe i know my plat not going there for sure we already see the pattern.
  11. Issue is with ppl joining after completion of 1st round and rewards are distributed differently for late comers those who host just grab their radiant relic and bail while u need to play one more round to do the same. It wasn't working like that its just typical DE broke old stuff making new stuff.
  12. I would vote for Garuda being new Female starter her kit is just godlike awesome for fresh start she never runs out of energy/health if you rotate her 2 and 3 and her 1 gives mobility + dmg gating only down side is Gore that can be repulsive to some specially when you try to explain to your parent what this game is like :D
  13. If you quote me i feel obliged to respond tho all you had done was try to insult me for being sarcastic on practice that a lot of IT company's working at home using to their advantage when it coming to delaying projects. Most of us works outside that kind of "comfort zone" and i don't wish anyone getting sick. End of off topic.
  14. To counter arguments about this event being old and boring i will do you all one better what's more interesting open relics then deal with trade chat for an hour or do ISO voults or any "NEW" activity's on Cambion drift with 0.2% drop chance for good stuff or maybe just run same boring event for 3k points (per full run ~15min) and select whatever you fancy from Nakak operation store that has everything you love&hate about open area maps (yes i'm looking at you mining and fishing) + weapons and full build forma?
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