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  1. Issue is with ppl joining after completion of 1st round and rewards are distributed differently for late comers those who host just grab their radiant relic and bail while u need to play one more round to do the same. It wasn't working like that its just typical DE broke old stuff making new stuff.
  2. I would vote for Garuda being new Female starter her kit is just godlike awesome for fresh start she never runs out of energy/health if you rotate her 2 and 3 and her 1 gives mobility + dmg gating only down side is Gore that can be repulsive to some specially when you try to explain to your parent what this game is like :D
  3. If you quote me i feel obliged to respond tho all you had done was try to insult me for being sarcastic on practice that a lot of IT company's working at home using to their advantage when it coming to delaying projects. Most of us works outside that kind of "comfort zone" and i don't wish anyone getting sick. End of off topic.
  4. To counter arguments about this event being old and boring i will do you all one better what's more interesting open relics then deal with trade chat for an hour or do ISO voults or any "NEW" activity's on Cambion drift with 0.2% drop chance for good stuff or maybe just run same boring event for 3k points (per full run ~15min) and select whatever you fancy from Nakak operation store that has everything you love&hate about open area maps (yes i'm looking at you mining and fishing) + weapons and full build forma?
  5. Yeap RIP forma star time to whip our wallets and get those 3-packs
  6. na its this type of content that can be monetized for skins (and those being work on np btw) also ppl put plat in it already so it will sure sty.
  7. What's Railjack can you eat it? JK this content reached dead end and been put on back burner next to lunaro and conclave (due to squad link floop), also don't forget about Covid card that DE slap on everything as THE argument everything can't be work on atm.
  8. what are you smoking this build chops 175lvl under 10sek https://ibb.co/DfYVVn7
  9. Build melee Viral dose shortwork on them you need mods like blood rush condition overload and one of 2 mods that increases your combo timer from here u just fill viral, range, atk speed, crit chance and dmg depends on what your weapon is short on.
  10. I think ppl including DE forgot about (grendel) Nurish on my build it adds 280% toxin dmg as 25m squad buff for 31sek. also can be recasted and heals caster on use.
  11. Fun facts did endless run today reached round 13 took me 2h44min and i learned that drop table literally ends at round 11 since round 12 started i got no drops by completing 3 stages reached round 13 and 1/3 just to be sure every stage since completion of round 11 reward screen popped empty i didn't bother to even take pics i leave it to DE to properly test whatever they putting in game i get nothing from doing this job for them peace.
  12. I made topic about it months ago and this issue still haven't been addressed hurts too see how sloppy DE become to move 3-4 spawn areas on the map.
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