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  1. I feel ya tho give DE some time i bet they can workaround it somehow :) from my knowledge it wouldn't be hard to use relays to have personal Drydocks you will just need to get access to it in some sort chore just like simmulacroom works 😛 it seem best way. Tho too bad it takes a lot of voices to reach ear of some figure at DE to make it happen specially now when they have a lot on going DElays slowed even more due to pandemic and work at home stuff.
  2. Happened to me today as well both clients and host cannot pass any of those small doors on that POI, sucks to see RJ still struggle with bugs such as this its really disheartening 😕
  3. Repetition: 100% Removing equipped railjack speed avionics and reequipping them does that here's SS: Works in mission if lunched if it load without your rig crashing.
  4. Every single section of Codex now has no category tabs that let you navigate trough each part of it as used to be for lack of screenshots of previous build i'm unable to provide evidence that old tabs were straight up removed with new patch. That include being unable to preview: Warframes & Archwing categorys (warframe, archings) Faction categorys (grineer, corpus, infested, ect.) Kuva Liches History categorys (active, traded, spared, vanquished) Waepons categorys (melee, primery, ect.) Relics & Arcanes categorys Mods categorys (warframe, primery, aguments, stances, ect.) and more...
  5. Desync... przenosi cię na inny przekaźnik Przekaźniki z 1h i mniej nawet niewarto zaczynać bo albo są zbugowane jak opisujesz, albo ludzie z innych już ukończonych przychodzą żeby skorzystać tylko z sklepu i wyjść, nikt go nie dokończy w tak krótkim czasie.
  6. Te kody przychodzą na zakładkę 'OFERTY' dlatego ich nie widzisz... wp jest dziwne poszukaj tam napewno znajdziesz między ofertami pożyczkowymi, praca zdalna za 5k EUR/h i przedłużeniem członka 😉 widomość od: no-replay z tytółem: Your Warframe Account : Access from new computer tam masz kod, pozdrawiam.
  7. Long story short they nerfed cat i had to 8 forma it and gave nothing in return, given old bugs with Venari it was always like that take, take, take, give nothing in return to compase it. Just remove problem by swaping it under rug. Try fixing event without removing existing features next time. If Vazarin mending tides can't heal optlinks but venari could meybe there is your solution, dont lunch nukes were there are other options to squash a bug.
  8. I agree i prefer vanilla reload that's why i love and still keeping this shotgun, making it to just switch mag now its like any other shotgun totally killed this weapon. Such wasted potential you could have made animation to pack 2-3 shells at the time instead we got a poo like this. Im DEappointed.
  9. Converted kuva liches as ally Enthralls your companions breaking them for the rest of your mission thx DE
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