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  1. I would suggest all of you to sty clear of it DE will review this bug and punish abusers for sure.
  2. Not gonna lie its hard even for me to defend new game mode, and its recent additions to it, tho you may think i have a no reason to (got all weapons farmed after 23 liches prepach since day one). Yet still feels like all our feedback is just being soaked with no return in what really is the core issues since the patch totally killed coop part of it. I'm basicly play solo with little enjoyment to continue, farming thrall is just tedious (and its not the amount needed to learn the spell that's a problem but this process that make no sense and is devoid from any coop benefits) in current form i spend 10-15min per mission to drain all their spawns while letting every other mob just punchbag me with lich included if it decide to invade, with no reason for me to even hit it without knowing the spell and just letting it roam and convert nearby enemy's into thralls from time to time, while wielding my kuva weapons that i need to relvl 5 times each just gr8.
  3. Ok im done with the rant now constructive feedback 1. Make coop worth something 2018/19 show us even worst game designs are better with friends 2. Decide on RNG part that must go away: - get rid of weapon acquisition by simply moving it onto larvas wearing weapon with which it will be spawned as lich - get rid of RNG % values of weapon boost or narrow it common/uncommon/rare values like 15%/30%/60% 3. Remove Ayatan amber stars from req.relics i bet you already have enough statistics that shows how useless this PH item there is 4. Add more functions for converted liches E.g.: - make them works as resource drones or boost to mission rewords similar to those how they worked when they steal from us as enemys - fix their AI for 60sek ally all it does is back-walking at you, deal next to 0 dmg on mid-high lvl missions (if it has range weapon without proximity safety), and it dosen't use ability's
  4. It's Forma dump season bois/gals it's what it's we can't blame them :D Here's your skip to RNG why fix it then? (like parazon mod pack and mod drop chance booster wasn't p2w enough) I need yet to see its final iteration and restrictions for it not becoming another riven market with ludicrous plat values on GODs stat weapons. On the side note so much for any sense of achievement wearing your lucky earned Ephemera.
  5. Welcome to we didnt thought so far at DE as how Converted lich cab be of use to you, as of now its just fallow companion that butt in between lotus and operator messages during your game play it does not deal any noticeable dmg unless you play against lvl1-5, also dont use his/her ability's of any sort, i think Atlas rumblers has more utility and they are made of rocks just sayin.
  6. Cause of this bug is Sprint speed buffs breaking animation makes this tab bugs like that your only option is use Map to navigate when it breaks :/, its main reason why i dont use wisp volt gauss ect. or saryn like i see on your screen prolly with molt speed augment.
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