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  1. Drefiliam

    Arcane Fury & Exalted Blade

    ok now i am convinced, becuase you gave me concrete proof, thx a lot
  2. Drefiliam

    Arcane Fury & Exalted Blade

    that dones tprove that Arcane fury makes damage with the ability because it only shows taht the ability is activated, not that it is really doing 120% more damage, all weapons make the arcane activate nut only melee ge the 120% damage and you cant see that damge working unless it is a low weapon that gets boosted and shows a different result in the end
  3. Drefiliam

    Arcane Fury & Exalted Blade

    are you sure? because it says melee damage... and that is an ability XD
  4. Does Arcane Fury work with Exalted Blade? Also....what do you think is the best arcanes for this abilty?