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  1. I know this sound weird but when I clear all the steel path and got many trophies from them. I'm just started to thinking about "Should we have real shelf for keep more trophyies and other stuff" because now we just put picture from shop and tranform them into DIY shelf that's look weird in my openion sometime and I know their not only steel path trophies but we got ton of them and we have know idea where to keep them around. So why would we have real shelf in Warframe for more fashion?😂
  2. After update for about 2-3 patch the bounties start to get bugs more and worst than when they're release. -You might alway found Grineer's score increase multiply with out any kill infested or you use DPS frame killed all infested before them. -The deffend area with out any hostile spawn in the area for trigger bounty for start the mission. -Failed the deffend area mission by unseen hostile and deffend percent decrease multiply while you make sure there's no enemies nearby the deffend area. (This problem still found in other bounties too) -Enemies spawn less or none in the mi
  3. I know this isn't the new problem. Me and my friends still found wrong position waypoint in any mission or sometime the waypoint didn't show on the map or in the screen that make me and other guys in squard can't find the way to get extraction.
  4. After update for a while light in the operator's room make operator's hair color wrong as you guys see in my screenshort my operator actually have black hair on top but light make it become gray texture. And sometime I can rotate my operator in any custom mode.
  5. I didn't touch Nikana weapon type for a while then after I pick my zaw nikana to play in missions I found something weird thing likes in this picture. That sheath not suppost to be there!!!! lol Yep, It's alway happen when you use nikana type then sheath start to moving to any randomly position likes on you arm or worst than that. Hope they will fix it soon.
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