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  1. But staying in t3s for 120 minutes is, too, doing the same thing over and over with same tactics because all mobs one shot you. Also, you aren't forced to do the meta thing on eidolons either, it's just the same thing, not same tactix.
  2. pavlo555

    Are Kavats better than Kubrow?

    ___The Chesa Kubrow can use Retrieve to pick up Plant Extracts and Ayatan Sculptures for its master. I take it all back, making a chesa.
  3. pavlo555

    Are Kavats better than Kubrow?

    It depends on what do you want from your companion. I have found myself running my huras kubrow because Howl is very very stupid and shield help a lot for me because I run trinity and I prefer when I only have to take care of health for myself, and everything else for others, so with mitigation I am more safe because you actually remove your mitigation for a second when you recast blessing. Kavats on the other hand, provide you with dubious amounts of damage, which I don't need in the era of such mods as Hunter's Munitions and Rivens (for example on my attica). I can remove lvl150 tanks reliably with gun alone, not counting Abating Link I use a lot, and else. To each their own, people love their aoe guns, which are inferior in that regard. Sadly, when you are breeding a kubrow, you can end up with a sunika. Yes. one slash proc with a full hunter set and a mob is just gone one by one, but attacks take time to execute on kubrows and we can't mod up the attack speed (were that the case, good! But DE abandoned kubrows, releasing Helminth charger and that's it.). Other not so good kubrows to get are of course Chesa (which isn't too bad, if it prioritised things based on what you have and had a very large scouting area, which it wins over a sentinel but it brings 3 things at a time, which I presume would be cool if it literally could walk around the entire map). bla bla bla bla bla What I'm saying is, you have to roll a dice to breed a decent kubrow, or make a helminth. Kavats are both good. DE, pls buff sunika and chesa.
  4. pavlo555

    Negative Platinum

    Just ask support about that. We can't look into your account.
  5. pavlo555

    Negative Platinum

    Yes. this is how supports actually answer
  6. pavlo555

    When is Gram Prime coming out ?

    With Chroma Prime of course. In the exact same time.
  7. pavlo555

    So do you think DE is going to hit 100 warframes?

    MOBA can be applied to quake MP, too. Which is why it's not a good abbreviation. What would be a good abbreviation is Aeon of Strife-based Strategic Fortress Assault ... And I'm legally not allowed to finish that abbreviation.
  8. pavlo555

    So do you think DE is going to hit 100 warframes?

    Well, not to explain the joke, but here we go: Warframe is Multiplayer Is Online we Battle in it And Arena is basically anything, it's never clarified. We fly through a set of same rooms killing same enemies, how's that not akin to arenas?
  9. pavlo555

    So do you think DE is going to hit 100 warframes?

    Warframe is one of the better MOBAs. So of course they would keep creating characters.
  10. pavlo555

    Please delete archwing missions from the starchart

    Except the OS, tho. Not that console OS's are better in any way, they are just less S#&$ty. Thanks, M$.
  11. pavlo555

    Consequences of the info in The Sacrifice

    1. Wrong. All UMBRA warframes were dax. We literally rebuild umbra from parts and get a standalone being, whilst doing EXACT SAME THING for primes DOES NOT. 2. It's whatever you make of it, really. Umbras were made of specific infestation+human, primes and regulars probably were not, but even that's arguable --- we use nano spores in many builds. 3. Lotus did not betray us. If you choose third option when you are given an option to tease ballas, he says "So now I see what she SEES in you". Present tense, she DOES see it in us. My theory is Lotus sent some Tenno to put an end to Umbra era and have more humane no-mind, synthesized warframe + tenno instead of putting a human through a torture to make a berserker. Which explains Ballas pwn-ing it, but that's not THE reason. Lotus may be a sentient, but at war with hunhow? And lotus does not push us to battle against sentients on lua. Compared to Juggernaut encounter: "Sentient scouts, prepare for sentient troops" (something like that) vs "Looks like you enraged him. Good job" (on juggernaut encounter) 4. Maybe... hey, daddy issues. 5. That's what you make of it, it really depends. ____ 6. Same as primes, duh. Except we get bleuprints and make them, we don't research lol, WHO NEEDS SCIENCE?
  12. pavlo555

    What do you plan to wear to the Sacrifice?

    How do you guys play "Trinity: The Movie: The Videogame" with something else than Trinity? I don't get it.
  13. He can keep banishing saryn/volt to give them needed energy. He can stasis scary groups of eximus in banish, etc. Nope, he will stand around being completely useless. We need a reward/exp system dependent on grades. Then ppl will also just leave when super cheeseframe is eating all the rewards, which makes cheeseframes lonely....
  14. well, why being efficient is so effortless? Isn't that the problem (not exactly with this thread)? If being super-efficient means your allies can't do anything, that's just wrong.
  15. DIdn't you just say how meta builds destroy enemy spawns before allies even notice it, let alone the caster? I quoted you just a couple replies ago, or go two pages back