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  1. pavlo555

    Consequences of the info in The Sacrifice

    1. Wrong. All UMBRA warframes were dax. We literally rebuild umbra from parts and get a standalone being, whilst doing EXACT SAME THING for primes DOES NOT. 2. It's whatever you make of it, really. Umbras were made of specific infestation+human, primes and regulars probably were not, but even that's arguable --- we use nano spores in many builds. 3. Lotus did not betray us. If you choose third option when you are given an option to tease ballas, he says "So now I see what she SEES in you". Present tense, she DOES see it in us. My theory is Lotus sent some Tenno to put an end to Umbra era and have more humane no-mind, synthesized warframe + tenno instead of putting a human through a torture to make a berserker. Which explains Ballas pwn-ing it, but that's not THE reason. Lotus may be a sentient, but at war with hunhow? And lotus does not push us to battle against sentients on lua. Compared to Juggernaut encounter: "Sentient scouts, prepare for sentient troops" (something like that) vs "Looks like you enraged him. Good job" (on juggernaut encounter) 4. Maybe... hey, daddy issues. 5. That's what you make of it, it really depends. ____ 6. Same as primes, duh. Except we get bleuprints and make them, we don't research lol, WHO NEEDS SCIENCE?
  2. pavlo555

    What do you plan to wear to the Sacrifice?

    How do you guys play "Trinity: The Movie: The Videogame" with something else than Trinity? I don't get it.
  3. He can keep banishing saryn/volt to give them needed energy. He can stasis scary groups of eximus in banish, etc. Nope, he will stand around being completely useless. We need a reward/exp system dependent on grades. Then ppl will also just leave when super cheeseframe is eating all the rewards, which makes cheeseframes lonely....
  4. well, why being efficient is so effortless? Isn't that the problem (not exactly with this thread)? If being super-efficient means your allies can't do anything, that's just wrong.
  5. DIdn't you just say how meta builds destroy enemy spawns before allies even notice it, let alone the caster? I quoted you just a couple replies ago, or go two pages back
  6. Or tone down said weapons of mass desctruction to not mass-destruct effortlessly. If we take that out, we did the job --- there's less mass-killing. The next big thing is probably worse than the last one. Keep doing it, buffing some other plystyles that are not mind-numbing, that allow for cooperation, etc.
  7. Which is why such builds are nerfed, tweaked, etc. This game was initally designed for 4 ppl to cooperatively work for the rewards. Except the only time you'll need so is on lvl2000 or something, but we aren't getting that. People already complain about armor and such being bullS#&$ every time something is nerfed, so why make even a bigger pile of armor a standart? That's why DE gathers statistics and makes changes to strategies which allow to carry 2-3 dead weights, because that's just not what DE wants to create.
  8. Damage is not good, but if you complete a lvl 60 bounty and pick one up, it got like 16k hp and that's so sick.
  9. I think you can carry around scary as all hell enemies in puddle of hydroid now, which is fun for me. Fight me, but also this bunch of scary scary scrambus/nox.
  10. pavlo555

    This is a serious problem.

    Last time I was about to get banned for hydroid interception exploit, it was not my course of actions. Good to see you show up, instead of someone like *redacted* who would lock and go away, like with my support ticket.
  11. pavlo555

    Elite Sanctuary Onslaught soft capped?

    But we can easily proceed to zone 16... Unless changes let us not...
  12. pavlo555

    Someone didn't like my DIO cosplay.

    As said above it's an artist. It's also a villain in a very known anime series manga for which has been kept up for ten years. Villain is also the most memorable and the most A****** of a villain you can get.
  13. I do a lot of rightclicking with my weapons and I can say -zoom is a headache that I have on both Sicarus and Attica which can land nifty headshots and destroy stuff that way. I actually zoom out with thiccarus.
  14. The problem that makes warframe lose it's life is the fact that it sorta is designed around being an RPG more than action, as of late. Some weapons are just stat sticks for Riven mods (like Quartakk and Argonak --- these weapons feel specifically designed for use with riven mods due to all decent no biggie stats) while being interesting to a degree but not so much. Then you have melee which is always chosen for stats and each melee powercreeps another in it's own category, while whips and polearms are genuinely the cancer due to slide-crit stat that is a very big mistake on DE's part, and honestly should have been removed already, but it's meta and everyone would complain. The game doesn't really offer anything but loot stuff, which is fine if anything for a game still in development. But that's where satisfaction from combat just drops to 0 --- you just keep doing it until the end of days, with all the varying weaponry and warframes --- whatever the hell people say about variety durr durr, you are still playing warframe, a game about jumping shooting and pressing 1-2-3-4, melee is left out because if you try melee in public, there will be one asshat with a big range whip and you just don't get to play while he dabs on them enemies. #removememestrike Enemies are stupid. Even arena/index ones. Arena is excusable, mobs do something new and show any sort of competition to a player that doesn't meme strike (again, #removememestrike) or spam Ash, who just is invincible on sight of enemies. Nox was a nice change of pace, with some, even small, but relevant AI (where you shoot his glass off and he goes dashing on you, but that's really it. Scambus shambus and such just strafe all the time in a predictable patterns or like a drunk, really, but they are very predictable with occasional shots from very unconventional, but well-known weaponry. Infested are sorta done well, but with memestrike, they still get dabbed on hard. So, if someone still says it's an action game, there are quite a few proofs and metas that prove otherwise --- that like an MMORPG, you are just told to push some buttons and you do so.
  15. pavlo555

    Unairu School does not work

    What should show? There aren't any actives that affect warframe, aside from stone skin that doesn't require you to use the operator.