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  1. Soo i tested a Nekros with Petrify and it seems the Executioners are immune to it. It works fine on the Hyekkas so I know i'm not missing or anything else.
  2. I heard about that but i'm not sure how it will work with Desecrate/pilfering dome. Not sure if you can turn them to rock if they're already grabbed by the dome. Or if it reduces the amount of body parts you can make or anything like that.
  3. Nidus with 40% duration and 280% range pulls them in to khoras dome then the larva drops them and the dome picks them up. Then Nekros with a slash weapon slices them up and repeat. So +54% Loot from Nekros and +65% from Pilfering Khora. Haven't tried whipping with khora tbh
  4. Yeah I'm trying to min-max and hit 4k Endo in 2mins. Running with a squad of Nekros/Pilfering Khora. Does Lokis decoy draw the executioners out better than a Nidus?
  5. Currenly using Nikana Prime with Naramon focus school build. Looking for anything better. Bleeds/Crit damage/Finishers anything that can kill quickly and create lots of body parts to desecrate.
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