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  1. You loose all of the event accessories after certain time. Same with the halloween pumpkin and others.
  2. Why is the lepus headgear 5k, instead of the usual 1 cred? That isn't exactly much, but why bother when we still can't keep it.
  3. Just wait for the railjack, which is going to suffer from just that.
  4. That indeed seems to be the case, I just never noticed the self damage. Though I do think amps shouldn't do self damage to begin with, considering how squishy operators are.
  5. Virtuos trojan (and probably other amp arcanes that change damage type) causes Propa scaffold to do self damage, while normally it doesn't do so.
  6. The latest nighwave update makes absolutely no sense. Isn't Alad V infested? Did he figure out how to heal it? Is infested Alad V no longer lore? What?
  7. I think they explained that it's because it was released on all platforms at the same time. So basically "won't".
  8. I must agree, the whole nightwave is rather poorly designed mess. Also I think it's inexcusable that they "can't" fix the issues mid season. We can just hope the next season wont be as bad.
  9. Hey, going from 1.0% to 1.1% is still increased spawn rate.
  10. Having run into thumpers more I must say I'm rather disappointed. Like I've previously said, the bullet sponge enemies just are not fun, and higher level thumpers just have insane amounts of health, and running solo is just not worth it because they keep disappearing. I don't know if they are supposed to, but when they get somewhere between 15-40% hp they just disappear, even if I'm standing right next to them. Sure making the enemy extremely frustrating is one way to get people buy Korrudo (void knows I gave up and bought it), but it's not very fun.
  11. So the Thumpers like to escape when you're about to beat them? Not cool DE, not cool.
  12. Rarity and changing dispositions are one reason I absolutely hate rivens as a system. First off it's rare to even get a riven, and then even rarer to get one you want/need. Then you have to spend a lot of time and resources to reroll decent stats on it, that are completely random. OR you can dish out a literal ton of plat (which, by the way is 50+ eur) for a single mod, making some scalper very happy. And then in few months there's a good chance your hard work goes to trash, when the disposition changes and suddenly it's just not cutting it anymore.
  13. Also shows as incomplete, but I did get the standing from it.
  14. Ayatans are way too rng, endurance players should not be asked anything because average player does not do 3 hour runs for fun, and requiring friends is kinda silly considering basically everything else can be soloed even if it's not meant to. And before anyone says it, I know you're supposed to play with other people because that's how it's meant to be played, but stuff like exploiter just breaking if you run with others does not encourage that. On other hand I don't really like the current wolfcred system. If you get to rank 30 within these 10 or so weeks, you can get 300. Potatoes cost 75 a piece. Maybe every rank should give some creds, and have larger milestones on top of that. Also if wolf is supposed to be important part of the story, why is he so rare to encounter? I know he's going to appear more commonly the further in we get, but going from 3% to 3.8% is not that great boost. And whoever thought making him literal bullet sponge should go to the corner and think what they have done. I can't speak for others, but at least I'd like to see more bosses with some special mechanic or something, instead of huge bullet sponges that are mostly time consuming and not all that fun to fight.
  15. No it doesn't? I haven't carried single canister in and I've beaten him plenty of times.
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