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  1. You guys know what's stupid? The amount of steel essence we can sensibly get at the moment, compared to the amount you'd need it to buy anything. Just double or triple the steel essence and the holokeys, or would that cut all of 5-15 hours of someones playtime? Especially the holokeys, when you need to do something like 15-20 missions for a weapon, and you'll have to buy 4-5 of each to max them. Just why? This grind is getting ridiculous, even for wf.
  2. That's a lot of bandaids instead of fixing stuff, innit? Maybe just make the guns good.
  3. Mercy kills are terrible because they break the flow when you have to stop for the animation. Yeet the speed mod, make mercy kills faster overall. And add more mod slots to the parazon, if you're going to introduce so many new mods.
  4. Here's an radical idea. Instead of nerfing anything at all, why not bring the other weapons on their level?
  5. All but kill it with fire work at the moment, though.
  6. Not getting correct amount of Nakak pearls it seems. Got 67 out of supposed 94. This also happened yesterday. Doesn't really get me pumped to farm a TON if I don't even get the darned currency I'm supposed to.
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