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  1. Meathook needs to be more forgiving about what it actually hits, and firing line needs about 3 times more range from the beginning. Also both mechs need a huge boost on their health/armor/ shields, they are warmachines for crying out loud, not trash cans on legs. Also consistent way to heal and gain energy.
  2. No fix on necramechs showing all kinds of wrong in the profile? (showing twice, showing maximum possible rank, not the highest you have actually leveled it to etc.)
  3. Maybe it's just me, but this "console facelift" was a botched surgery. These fruit-based product electronics(tm) tables do not fit the rest of the ship that has open pipes and wires everywhere,
  4. Why can't the tables on the deck be straight? All of them have some stupid angle at some point, so everything you put on them just looks stupid because some part of it will always float.
  5. Don't know about controlling your own, but as an enemy they are just extremely bad. Tiny area you need to hit, doesn't always even work because they have super shield ability. Insanely high damage, they can one hit KO shatter shield mesa. So far nothing else could do this. Breaking the arms doesn't actually break the arms, they just appear back. Overall I'd give the necramechs (and the whole cambino drift as of now) frustrating and annoying out of five.
  6. The token system is just messy, and annoyingly grindy. I'd much rather get the standing like in previous open world locations, than having to fiddle with the tokens. Also 20 grandmother tokens to build any of the new weapons? That's just nuts. Also the matrixes are stupidly random, seeing how many you need to rank the necraloid.
  7. Are there any plans to make the deimos stuff less grindy? I still think the tokens are just annoying to deal with, and in general way too labor intensive to gather. Also the weapons take seriglass shard to make, which is 20 grandmother tokens, really? Just drop the tokens, and give the standing straight away, or at least make them less horribly expensive.
  8. Can you add the nightwave act 5 in the drop pool?
  9. That's neat and all, but where's the nightwave act 5?
  10. Where's the Nightwave act 5? And why is the whole entrati thing so messy and annoyingly grindy. Just drop the tokens and tell people what to do, or give out a lot more of them. Not gonna lie, the deimos grind broke me, and for the first time ever I haven't really bothered. Oh well, was fun as long as it last.
  11. Does the demon hunter prex actually exist, or is it either super rare or dev stream/whatever exclusive? Would be neat if these things were specified.
  12. Neat, can you also make the vault trash cans less bullet spongey and annoying to fight?
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