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  1. I must say, I'm not very happy about this system. So far I've gotten one drop out of how many? The progress bar always freezes somewhere between 50 and 95, resulting in no drops for me. 0/5 would not support twitch based on this.
  2. "Error Occurred Drop was not claimed." Very cool, thanks DE.
  3. Up until the naberus, event color palettes and such have always been one credit.
  4. I must say, moving the 1 credit items to using tokens of any kind if not a good direction, not a big fan.
  5. Can you guys please fix the drops? There seems to be a 50/50 chance if I get them, and the support is unable to do anything because "it's not us, it's twitch" or whatever. I think I got one of them last week, and neither of them so far this week.
  6. Would it be possible to make the voidrig helmet spinning during abilities only happen with the base helmet? It looks extremely silly with any other necramech head.
  7. Nah, just decent squad. My personal best is over 19k from one 36 orphix run. That's enough for our ghost clan to hit gold even if nobody else played a single run.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but necramech enemy radar should be passive instead of a mod slot waste. And please make the usual healing sources also heal necramechs, or is this purely a case of "no fun allowed"? Also the other helmets on voidrig look kinda silly, as they spin during storm shroud, maybe make them not spin?
  9. So are you guys going to enable the event trophies anytime soon?
  10. Too bad you have to waste a slot for it, instead of having it passively, like it should be. Even short range, but it should be passive.
  11. Can we have another method of obtaining the transmutation probe deco? I sure as [hek] am not paying 645 plat for that decoration.
  12. Shouldn't Volatile Rebound add bounces like regular Rebound does? Kinda feels like it should not be named rebound if it has nothing in common with it.
  13. Meathook needs to be more forgiving about what it actually hits, and firing line needs about 3 times more range from the beginning. Also both mechs need a huge boost on their health/armor/ shields, they are warmachines for crying out loud, not trash cans on legs. Also consistent way to heal and gain energy.
  14. No fix on necramechs showing all kinds of wrong in the profile? (showing twice, showing maximum possible rank, not the highest you have actually leveled it to etc.)
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