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  1. I don't think they hear or see anything unless you give it through the partner discord.
  2. Probably the person who decided it takes 3 days to build any frame.
  3. "you should understand" is not a valid reason to ban someone. Stuff like that should not happen, and devs should test things before pushing it to the public, not ban people when they find something like that.
  4. Can we get a fix to the desecrate "fix"?
  5. Inactive clan, we had to do way more between the few of us to get the trophies.
  6. That's not the point of simaris' trades.
  7. Do we really NEED 4 different colors for basically the same thing? And if we do, at least give them all their own slot instead of those tiny split slots, and maybe explain better what any of them actually do.
  8. You loose all of the event accessories after certain time. Same with the halloween pumpkin and others.
  9. Why is the lepus headgear 5k, instead of the usual 1 cred? That isn't exactly much, but why bother when we still can't keep it.
  10. Having run into thumpers more I must say I'm rather disappointed. Like I've previously said, the bullet sponge enemies just are not fun, and higher level thumpers just have insane amounts of health, and running solo is just not worth it because they keep disappearing. I don't know if they are supposed to, but when they get somewhere between 15-40% hp they just disappear, even if I'm standing right next to them. Sure making the enemy extremely frustrating is one way to get people buy Korrudo (void knows I gave up and bought it), but it's not very fun.
  11. So the Thumpers like to escape when you're about to beat them? Not cool DE, not cool.
  12. Rarity and changing dispositions are one reason I absolutely hate rivens as a system. First off it's rare to even get a riven, and then even rarer to get one you want/need. Then you have to spend a lot of time and resources to reroll decent stats on it, that are completely random. OR you can dish out a literal ton of plat (which, by the way is 50+ eur) for a single mod, making some scalper very happy. And then in few months there's a good chance your hard work goes to trash, when the disposition changes and suddenly it's just not cutting it anymore.
  13. Considering baruuk doesn't appear in the framefighter roster, I'd say it doesn't exist yet.
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