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  1. Any plans to balance the arcane costs? At r0, I'd see the legendary ones at 2,5 to 3k, not starting the common trash at 1,5k Or make them r3, so you still need to buy 3 to max.
  2. So how does the event scoring work? I got some 3-4k event creds, but only 765 points. Am I doing something wrong, or how am I supposed to obtain 50k?
  3. The staggering is just a death sentence. The effects of it should be changed in some way so that when it happens it doesn't mean you die. Especially bad on operators, who stumble around for ages.
  4. Basically all of the rare railjack materials and titanium are way too rare. It's not fun to farm hours and hours after doing the missions to get enough materials to repair ONE piece of railjack gear.It doesn't feel like a natural part of the game, when you have to go out of your way to get COMMON resources like that. And then there's limits on how much you can have. That's about as bad as having a hard cap of 30 normal weapons, just why? Railjack is not fun when you can't get new stuff, because you can't get enough materials without awful grind. And the amount of intrisincs needed is just too tedious, and later you're going to have more of them? Nah fam, no dice.
  5. The changes on how elements work is just a huge slap. lvl.30 enemies are now worse than lvl.130 used to be. Doesn't really feel that powerful when some random grunt will just shrug off everything you throw at them. It's not difficulty either, just bs annoyance that you need to micromanage your stats so much.
  6. "stay agile" is the name of the game. Apparently you just don't want us to, with the knockback being basically a death sentence.
  7. Making the arcanes go to 5 instead of 3, with usually lesser effect than before, and the added cooldowns is just stupid. Surely you guys know what kind of grind it has been to get 10 of certain arcanes, and now it's up to 21. Why does DE hate their players? Why, @[DE]Rebecca
  8. Having a quick run around, I feel like this whole thing was a joke to drive away the players who didn't go already in the past year. DE please, stop fighting your players, and rather work with them.
  9. So more stuff that uses the railjack resources, but no boost in their drops? It sure is neat that the dojo researches took basically all I've been able to gather so far (haven't used a single nullstone or pustrel before this.) Also the status changes and most of the arcanes seem like a nerf. Can't say about the other changes yet, but if anything this update didn't get me interested in railjack. I sure hope the scarlet spear isn't heavily based on railjack.
  10. I feel like all of the status chances would need some working, and/or more mod slots. The current system doesn't really support sensible builds with lots of status mods, so this seems mostly like a nerf to me.
  11. This is basically a huge nerf everywhere, with no redeeming features. Not a big fan of adding the timers and having some of the r5 arcanes being so damn weak compared to before.
  12. Neat stuff, but I'm still scared about railjack being extremely unbalanced, and being a part of the event. I sure hope it gets to a better place so it's not just frustrating mess.
  13. Any plans to work on railjack enemy stats? Also would it be possible to not get ingame messages about the twitch prime. Getting spam from darvo is not going to get me register for one.
  14. So what's the stand on linux? Seeing that you do not support linux officially, people have to run it through proton or similar, which if I understand, messes with dlls to emulate the game. That usually is a big no-no for games with anticheat.
  15. Railjack should be doable solo. Not too easy, but doable in sensible time. Nothing about the railjack missions is sensible. All of the enemy stats (and I do mean ALL) are way too high, and should be cut in half if not lower. Even after the lowered armor they are way too tough. Basically all of the resources are either too scarce, or fixing the parts too expensive. It's nuts that you have to grind tens of hours to repair ONE part. Also they should not have random stats. It's just too much random. The anomaly should be always accessible, if you're going to tie a resource to it. It's insane that you thought it's good idea to have the node appear once every 3 hours, when it takes 40 minutes or more to finish the node, and you need to find it 65 times to get everything with the shards. Didn't you get blasted hard enough about the poe clock already? If I wanted a job simulator instead of fun game, I'd play eve or something. If things don't change, I sure hope new war has nothing to do with railjacks, it's just too big slap in the face to be fun.
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