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  1. Okay so, me n my girlfriend were playing Orb'vallis when she decided to get on her k drive and thats where it happend first time. When she called out her k-drive she got stuck on it, not able to move shoot use tenno call a new one nothing. dying didnt help her either she would still be stuck and i had to drag her back to fortuna by leaving thru elevator. Some time went by and we decided to jump in AOE for some farming so she could get an archwing right? Thats where it happend second time, she called out her k-drive and was stuck no walking animation no running jumping off if she died she would still be stuck so no way for her to get off. This time i did decide to get a pic for people to see what it look like when she was on it. Its annoying and really frustating not being able to farm without her being stuck and having to either leave or me draggin her all the way out. please look into it as fast as possible, and if you need clerification come ask and i'll shall try to say it in an different way so people who dosent gets it will. As seen she has a weapon in her hand and she can hit with it so she is able to shoot and hit, but she aint able to move or getting away at any way.
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