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  1. Currently, extractors (the things you place on planets and, after 8 hours, get the equivalent of a 1 minute mission of resources worth) are completely obsolete. This is where Railjack comes in. Excluding the idea of a mission type just for mining, Extractors and their prime and distilling variants could be used as gear items after the completion of a Railjack mission to begin sucking up all the resources in that mission instance that haven't been picked up yet. Some details for example: Mission complete, place down basic titan extractor 2 minute defend, basic enemies will target you and the extractor. Prime extractors will take 1 minute 30 seconds, and distilling extractors have the chance to increase rare drops by 2x. After the timer is done, and if the excavator hasn't been destroyed, all loot on the map will be automatically added to the mission rewards, not going to the forge, so as not to overfill it and lose items. This somewhat eliminates the long time it takes to loot a map after the mission is over, and gives extractors a use again.
  2. In the first mission, we have failed twice because we cannot respawn whatsoever.
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