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  1. I ve made a video to explain the bug. i simply cant use more than 1 medallion at once while having negative standing. it is quite annoying
  2. Thanks. Title should be more clear now. I should re-read what i wrote when i'm i a bit annoyed by a topic.
  3. I wouldnt apply logic here. You can farm cryotic on earth (and mars) too. As if it is freezing cold below the surface on earth and the planet doesnt have a hot core. However, there is an endless excavation bounty in cambion drift and there is no point in wasting time by doing this mission in a group. We get 3 excavors solo. and 5 excavors in a group. In conclusion you waste 100-200 seconds per stage by joining a group. You could invest those 100-200 seconds in destroying crates by accident in a void fissure and optain multiple ayatan stars. In my opinion there should be some sor
  4. As the Titles says. What are those excavors doing? Are they just drilling holes into the surface or what? Just give me some cryotic. ayatan stars per 5 excavators isnt rewarding at all. "Here take an ayatan stars for 5 holes"
  5. i transmuted raremods for ~5.5 million credits got two times bite and a lot of other rare stance/doge mods etc. . It was totally worth it. Got mods like true punishment and ammo drum too but all in all it was worth it. transmuted ~600 mods to get 150 mods and i think ~80 of ~150 mods were rare. Well, and there are a few non rare mods like. E.g. shield flux. It's not a rare mod, but only possible to get buy transmutation, ( call it non rare rare mod) BUT! If you only transmute ONE single time you cant say that you ll always get True Punishment every single time. spent a few more credit
  6. things i saw/did in the first few runs: -some people have no idea what they have to do -stand next to a spawnpoint and spam abilities like miasma -stand next to the enemy spawnpoint and spam frost globes and do spawnkills with teammates -you have friends and want to play with them in a team? not possible.(matchmaking bug) -valkyr/mirage/frost/etc. are overpowered -mirage with penta/ogris/whatever is a one hit wonder. -valkyr is invincible -frost can place globes over enemy spawnpoints -how? do i get the mods? how RNG is it? -laggy hosts are annoying. and there are wooden hosts everyw
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