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  1. Same news as always. "Update your Windows, click the 2 buttons in the launcher-options, delete the strangely named files in AppData/Warframe/..." In one log-file there was a "[error]: Buffer underrun" or something like that and all the other logs stopped after the last item i ve build with "info: >4k objects were loaded". Not even the "Warframe has crashed" pops up.
  2. From "Game is running" to "crash" in 33 secs Edit: forgot the video: 😛 Edit2: The faster i craft, the more likely my game crashes (without this "Your game crashed"-Window). Looks like not even the EE.log finishes writing. The game crashes at ca. 4.2GB RAM-usage always. About my Portable-Potato(Laptop): 16GB DDR4, GTX1050Ti, i7-8750h.
  3. Let's assume you want to go fishing in Orb Vallis: You sit in the spaceship, look at the Orb Vallis weather app and a) you dont want to wait 20 minutes for the next 6m40s (Six Minutes and Fourty Seconds!) warmth cycle. (well, i wouldnt wait, or go to vallis too early) or b) i see the 6m40s counting down. (in this case, going to vallis is pointless either) or c) you dont miss the warm weather period, because it starts in 1m(one minute), you go to vallis, throw two baits aaand it is cold again. The chosen intervalls are horrible. That's what should ve been fixed.
  4. Would be cool if you could fix throwing the wolf sledge, as it is now, as i stated in a topic, it is terrible.A buff in general would be great, too. And (mentioned in one of my last topics aswell) the broken riven roll count, when you link a riven. When you link a riven with >256 rolls, the roll count starts at 0(n-256, with n >=256) again.
  5. i m out of content (and it is almost march!), i m bored, and simply because i can.
  6. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i didnt know that it didnt work as expected
  7. still no fix for ... linking weapons properly when you name a companion after the weapon, e.g. the name of the weapon is "Lato Prime" and you name the companion "Lato Prime" aswell. whichever you choose to link in chat you always end up linking the companion "Lato Prime", it doesnt matter if you click on "[Lato Prime]" or [MOA: Lato Prime]"
  8. can i have one more weapon with the next Hotfix to reach MR27?
  9. Still no fix for the roll-count of linked Riven mods with >= 256 rolls.
  10. gib 4tuna. i need the mining rework.
  11. you are definitely talking nonsense.
  12. Sooo, why is the update itself so slow?
  13. catching an animal after 30 minutes only happens to bad people...
  14.   do i get auto-demoted, as founding warlord, to warlord after 30 days, or what does this mean?
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