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  1. It seems to happen very often lately, that mission desync between host and clients. e.g. all of a sudden doors dont open for you (client) or you dont see enemies anymore in onslaught, the other clients neither (while everything is ok for the host). You dont get any affinity from kills, but damage from enemies and it seems like you are unlocking abilities etc. Or, as a host, you see enemies dying, but no other players "do anything", players walk up the same wall over and over again with no obvious reason and so on.
  2. Fraank


    Not my Concept, but fits into warframe. Two Tigris linked with a chain.
  3. Nah, wont happen. Currently, i m waiting for another Plague Star Event to farm more Plague Zaw parts.
  4. ehh, i'm 110% german. that's why i can do this. : >
  5. Like my previous projects (all regular Zaw combinations and all KitGun combinations) I've finished my latest project, all 252 MOA combinations: In addition, i dont use MOAs at all (I use my smeeta), i dont know which Combinations are the best. The other Projects, in case you missed them:
  6. Thank you DE. the 3-5s loading time were very painful
  7. I want auto-block to get removed and my manual-block-button back.
  8. are you going to revoke our friendship?
  9. any thoughts about a more userfriendly UI rework? as the UI gets reworked at the moment it becomes more and more a pain in the ass to use. e.g. the MarketUI IF i want to buy a blueprint in the Market: i have to click on "Blueprint" and "confirm the quantity first. the Textfield is empty, it doesnt say "1" (but acutally "1" is pre selected - no one knows that!) and the buttons are tiny too. IF i want to look at the stats of a weapon, i have to move my mouse cursor above the "Purchase"-Button. Why cant the stats be displayed right away? Whos stupid idea was this and why isnt it fixed yet?
  10. Does this mean i could run multiple instances of Warframe on one PC without getting banned, since it isnt a 3rd party software?
  11. Let's assume you want to go fishing in Orb Vallis: You sit in the spaceship, look at the Orb Vallis weather app and a) you dont want to wait 20 minutes for the next 6m40s (Six Minutes and Fourty Seconds!) warmth cycle. (well, i wouldnt wait, or go to vallis too early) or b) i see the 6m40s counting down. (in this case, going to vallis is pointless either) or c) you dont miss the warm weather period, because it starts in 1m(one minute), you go to vallis, throw two baits aaand it is cold again. The chosen intervalls are horrible. That's what should ve been fixed.
  12. Would be cool if you could fix throwing the wolf sledge, as it is now, as i stated in a topic, it is terrible.A buff in general would be great, too. And (mentioned in one of my last topics aswell) the broken riven roll count, when you link a riven. When you link a riven with >256 rolls, the roll count starts at 0(n-256, with n >=256) again.
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