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  1. Too bad it means this thread will be dead soon, was a fun ride
  2. In my memory most updates are around the 5pm-6pm mark for us Germans. Though I also remembered waking up one Friday to hear PoE Remastered dropped "overnight"(for me at least) so there is that, too. I will see what happens, either I will play the update, or not. There is enough to keep me occupied one way or another.
  3. Thanks for answering my question, I guess? x'D time to sleep now for me though.
  4. I wonder if we can have more than one *w*
  5. Same down here at the Bodensee, greetings and good night *waves*
  6. Ouch, similar situation here, with a DL speed of 1 MB/s at best (if noone else is occupying the internet with say... Netflix). Regardless of any information from the side of DE, I will aim to gain the sleep that I need. Worst case scenario is anyways only that I've to play catch-up with those in clan that were ready much earlier. *shrugs*
  7. Ah, cynicism. You have a fine taste there 🙂 But yes, I agree with your statement about sleep, it really is very important, I know that from life and work, too.
  8. That is true. Simply wish to play with my friends once i get home after work without taking a whole evening to keep pc stuck at updating with little use for it otherwise.
  9. Have to agree with this. As a german that cant stay up until 1 or 2 am, I more want to know if I can let the update happen over night or not. With my not superfast connection, it would take me all evening to update if it does drop over night (for me at the least).
  10. I personally have my lunchbreak start somewhere between midday and 1pm. That aside, I myself am now more waiting to see if there will be any information, or if it will remain at the Tweet about improved Orbiter Lighting. By now i am doubtful about a release as it would soon be too late to have enough time for emergency hotfixes, i believe.
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