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  1. 76 also did the smart thing and broke up its open world into smaller, recognizable chunks. It's like having 5 maps in one. Meanwhile, Vallis and Plains are just the same scenery everywhere you go. If they ever do Mars (and I think that will come after Duviri,) they'll have to go all in and diversify beyond just having a red desert with a few Grineer/Corpus pipes and terminals shoved into rocks.
  2. Yes. We desperately need more universal skins for all categories, and locking skins to specific weapons is just a shame and a complete waste. Warframe needs a rifle and shotgun equivalent for the Zundi at least, it's the only one that doesn't look like linked zip ties or a metal flower. I mean, on paper "metal flower" sounds cool as hell, but in practice it's just garish.
  3. Honestly, the only reason it blew out of proportion is because of energy pads, Zenurik, and all the other numerous ways to generate energy outside of blue orb drops. DE refused cooldowns on abilities because the idea was blue orbs would be the limiter. ...Except the moment when people discovered Trinity's Energy Vampire, that had stopped being true, and it was only exacerbated from there. Now everyone's spamming their #4 like it costs as much as their #1, which between all the energy generation methods, is now effectively free. A secondary issue is that people keep screaming bloody murder whenever the AI's simplest tactic - taking cover - is ever effective against AOE. I imagine these same people keep paradoxically crying for more challenge, smarter AI, etc, when they clearly don't even want their enemies to have a fighting chance in the first place.
  4. Thank you for your thoughts and this question. I have long since come to the conclusion the answer is strictly up to the developer. When it comes to public matchmaking, every player in a match/mission is at the mercy of the most influential play style. This fact is true for ANY online cooperative experience. This is a part of the game where the onus is on the developer to foster the behaviors they want to see, not the players themselves. There is little One can do to stop a Nova from slowing the entire tileset to a crawl, or a Saryn from melting them with a combination of spores and miasma. As it currently stands, the mechanics being what they are by DE's design, though not verbally announced, this is the intended style of play they are endorsing. I don't like it, but I'm not in a position to combat it, only let them know I don't like it. And well, they're aware of the issue, they've even dropped hints they don't like it, but they're reluctant to touch the problem with a 39.5" pole. It's their Grinch. As for the second question, it is true the truest path to victory is the path of least resistance, but this a video game, not work or war. A little d***ing around and giving people a reason to squeeze their triggers won't cost One anything but a little time, and if that time was enjoyable, that sounds like a win in my mind. Unfortunately, a LOT of a people are motivated to get every shiny ASAP (spoiler: achieving this goal is actually pretty depressing,) so I primarily stick to solo...
  5. You see... I do find the idea of someone joining a public game only to solo nuke away everything and depriving their teammates of a "full and enriching experience" to be actual garbage. Toxicity is largely defined by the individual. I feel online game play is ruined by people doing everything in their power to minimize actually playing the game, to the detriment of other's enjoyment even. Meanwhile, other people think it's blasphemy to play in any other way than the most time/effort efficient manner possible, and others that didn't speed run through a mission without firing a single round are the problem children that should play solo. The online experience is a mess, and DE still doesn't know what they're doing. They're the definition of "designing for all audiences" and I have to believe the only reason the game is still popular is in the same way Planetside 2 is still going, because there really isn't an alternative option. In short, if you run into toxicity in game, chances are it's because you're playing in a way others don't approve of.
  6. Atlas Prime is an absolute unit that consumes a LOT of a screen real estate, and he's my main of late. I too would love a 1st person camera. And for those fretting over the implications, there's no good reason to fear said camera doing barrel rolls with a bullet jump or dodge roll in first person. A developer often has to go through the extra effort of attaching/coding the camera to do that, not the other way around, so y'all can stop informing us about how little you know about game development. Also, first-person is intended to be an optional feature?
  7. Haven't prepped any spares. I want to see what powers are subsumed first. Though honestly, I'm not much of a power user, usually pick a frame based on stats and looks. Just lucky Atlas Prime's got both and a fun little power kit sans petrifying gaze, looking to replace that one.
  8. Eh, some people legit have bad internet connections. Some people, like me, just don't like the all too prevalent "GO GO GO GO!" attitude PuGs all too often have. Sure, let's load up this third person shooter then proceed to do anything but shoot bad guys in the name of speed and efficiency. And since solo players make up a fairly large portion of DE's player base, they have a vested interest in making sure solo players are not (soft) locked out of any meaningful content.
  9. My biggest beef is that with improvements to graphics, clarity seems to drop in turn. Doom 1995 wasn't anything spectacular to look at, but I could make out all the details that were there.
  10. It's usually the other way around for me: "I wish this game had this Warframe mechanic..." The only exception is a game I feel is actually very similar to Warframe in many ways - Shadow Warrior 2. For the uninitiated, SW2 (to me) is like a marriage of Warframe and Doom 2016/Eternal. I wish we had Shadow Warrior 2's weapon upgrade system, where I could permanently improve stats somewhat on weapons with a ton of investment (think focus... for guns and blades.) Improvements like magazine capacity, reload speed, fire rate, and base damage, and I'm talking max of +10-15% here, maybe 20-30% for fire rate? Borrowing from Shadow Warrior 2 again, the ability to permanently sacrifice/install a mod into a weapon, maybe even a warframe. You can't get it back, but you can replace it. I would limit this to only ONE installed mod at a time. At the more generic/Doomy end of the spectrum... We need more and better simple enemies, not better AI. Like, why are ghouls not a part of the standard Grineer line up? Such a waste to keep them as an occasional Plains encounter. Why did the Nox seemingly give up it's charge ability all of a sudden, or do I just not notice it for whatever reason? Where the butts are Warframe's variant of the cacodemon? Any of the factions could have a floating toothy gasbag. I would super appreciate being able to carry more weapons into battle, thus also justifying having a greater variety of enemies, not just simple recolors with a different form of fire-and-forget weaponry. At least rendering AW weapons more readily available (as opposed to on a timer) would go a long ways to increasing my combat options at any given moment. And for the record, I'm not concerned with power creep. We've kind of tossed that out the window with Steel Path, which almost demands it to be a thing.
  11. It would help if they didn't constantly stop at bare bones implementation because people bashed out what few prizes were there then went back to the grind that has tons of prizes to collect. Looking back, Warframe was no better than what Railjack or Archwing were at their releases (the Gorgon was considered hot $#!% for Void's sake.) Some weapons, and a handful of "frames," with basic enemies in the same one or two tilesets. Hell, the Grineer spoke meme-worthy phrases in english and wielded bratons, Corpus had a PA broadcast, all in english (I still miss these elements, now they lack any and all charm and personality.) Games/systems don't fail, developers do. I'm still waiting for Corpus and infested railjack regions, more RJ and AW weapons and modular archwings. Placing void tears and kuva siphons and Liches in the vacuum of space would be neat too, just to expand mission options. I feel this is part of their "popularity" problem. I mean, who visits Uranus all that often after the initial run through and Equinox farm? I've seen only one Kuva Lich node on Uranus once. ONE. No void. No kuva siphons. Arguably these special modes are what draw people back to completed regions in the first place.
  12. I'd appreciate an augment slot or two. They'd make a lot more sense if each warframe/ability had multiple augments, but that's a tall order, so maybe some generic augment mods could help provide some much needed competition for those slots...
  13. I'm not necessarily going to be bummed if we don't get more unique walk animations, but the current movement animations are less than stellar. Running/sprinting still looks like rapid foot shuffling to me.
  14. I've been of the opinion augments should have had their own "exilus" slots for a while now. One or two would have been fine. Would be nice to have a few general-purpose augment mods just for some more flavor, like a mod that converts a portion of shielding into armor. Just mods that fundamentally change the way some mechanics work or interact. I'd say the Steel Path was their declaration they no longer cared.
  15. The new war can take it's time. Mostly because I'm in no way excited to be fighting an indescribable menace whose gimmick is having butt-loads of HP and a knack for building resistances just because. Because what better way to provide a "challenge" than sponge AND tedium?
  16. Considering this is even demonstrated as a thing of sorts with the new Jackal fight... As for subsumed abilities? I'm a simple Tenno. If I can punch faces off Atlas style with Mag and be immortal while doing it, I'm totally going to make it happen.
  17. Where are these abilities defined as "signature?"
  18. This year wasn't a bunch of "new game incoming" proof of concept bollocks, but actual content we could look forward to. That we'll have it within the month, barring unforeseen issues, is a welcome surprise.
  19. I can only hope Rhino's ability is Roar, but chances are it will be charge. Maybe his iron skin, as it would definitely help a number of the squishier frames, though that sounds like a really $#!%%& excuse to not go and address their survivability issues.
  20. It's mostly DE. If I could put Atlas Prime's entire kit on Excalibur Prime or Mag, I totally would, and I'm not convinced anyone in a PuG would be anywhere near devastated if I did.
  21. Good luck with finding that. If One doesn't enjoy the act of dodging harm and shooting the baddies in a TPS, nothing is really going to excite One for very long. Everything else just adds direction and purpose so that there's more to it than sitting there, pivoting on the spot, and waiting for targets to come along to be shot (this is the reason I hate defense and survival missions.)
  22. Problem is defining balance. In the initial starchart. Every frame decimates everything. Kuva Lich hunting? Some frames start to fall behind, but not brokenly so. Sortie/Steel Path? Definitely balancing issues. But the latter is newer, and the former was always meant to be more in line with "build" challenge more so than actual skill challenge. With the Steel Path however, a real argument can be made that frames should be balanced around level 100+ enemies now. Mind, the vast bulk of the game's "challenge" is mastered in the arsenal, not in the game play. When that is the standard we're shooting for, balancing is near impossible, because we're playing a raw numbers game, not a mechanics game. Naturally, the Warframe's that can delete the enemy before they have a chance to shoot or make their threat irrelevant are going to render those frames that only start to shine in the hands of a more capable player moot. It's like having a race between a standard driver in a flying car vs a professional racing driver in the most state of the art ground-locked car on a winding road. Of course everyone's going to take the flying car.
  23. As I understood it: Each Warframe has one select ability that can be "donated" to another warframe. A warframe can only replace one ability, but they can replace any ability with that one ability.
  24. I'll agree it's mandatory if, and only if, DE stops making new weapons and warframes the moment non-founders can reach MR30, and we've got plenty left to prime (or hell, Umbra.) Still waiting on them Corpus and infested(?) "liches" and railjack missions too.
  25. You should know by now that people refuse to consider band aid mods as a solution, despite the modding system for any weapon boils down to "install all the damage" without any flaws to deal with.
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