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What brings you here, weary Tenno? Well, I suppose you're privy to a little bit of my story, so come, stay a while


unless you don't have time, and let me tell you, you probably don't have time, so here's an overview:

I started playing Warframe in June or July, and since then I've mastered almost every kind of weapon and warframe known to Tenno (read: mastery rank 13, nearing 14 now that sentinels give you mastery points  mastery rank 14, almost at 15, just waiting on grinlok and orthos prime to craft made it, rank 15 right here. and yes, it finally happened, I got the orthos prime! I'm so pumped)

I thoroughly enjoy survival missions, so that's where I've been spending most of my time in the Damage 2.0 era, trying out different weapons and recklessly burning formas


[As of late my main class has been Aura Trinity, but Saryn and Mag Prime are my other two favorite frames. I'll bring out Frost Prime, Vauban, or Nekros if the situation calls for it, but for most situations invincibility is nice to have. Oberon gets a lot of hate on the forums, but he's a decent frame, the healing is nice for solo missions and Reckoning is a solid ult. but haters gonna hate] I've been trying to switch it up lately. I had a nice run with my 5-forma'd Penta (fitting, no?), but I wanted to try out some other weapons. Hek turned out to be great for utility, and I actually haven't really used it since it got a damage buff, because I've been working on Burston Prime and Latron Prime. Both go very well with Banshee, my new but old favorite. Another fitting shift, starting as Mag and then rocking with Mag Prime for a while, now I'm back to the first frame I ever crafted: the Banshee. Still working on the ideal build for maximizing Sonar but retaining CC capabilities. 


that's about it, I suppose? I didn't realize this was here until December, and I joined the forums around September. So, yeah, don't really know what I'm doing with this


if you've found your way here, you may know I also enjoy Pokemon (Warframe is, well, not a close second, but it beat out TF2. haven't really played that since May, so DE's doing something right to draw me in). well, that's an understatement. but you don't really care about that. if you've made it this far, care to listen to another tale?




I started out playing warframe as a Mag, things had since come full circle and my main offensive frame was Mag Prime (replacing Saryn) pre-U11. but anyway, the first frame I crafted was Banshee, Sound Quake was just such a cool ability, and so I switched to her and never looked back. my intent was to ultimately get Frost Prime, who was the king of defense back in the day (he basically still is, but, you'll see where I'm going...), but at some point along the way, I realized I could be leveling random weapons while I do missions, and thus began my quest for mastery. so I cycled through weapons and frames, keeping a few I found useful, and eventually arrived at a dilemma: with the introduction of vauban, I wasn't sure if I wanted to have both frost prime and vauban taking up two of my precious 4 warframe slots. I wanted to keep trinity for her utility, and I just couldn't part with my banshee, but I had more frames to master, nova was out and I was hunting down the last few frames (ash took me a while to get. let the record show I dislike ash, because I'm a team player), so I sold vauban. I've since supported DE and bought some platinum and now have a vauban again and slots for whatever I need. but along the way, I came to leveling up Saryn, and I fell in love almost instantly. Banshee had been replaced. then some time later (a few updates later), I finally got into Mag Prime and found my favorite skill of all: Shield Polarize. but now, again, I mostly spend my time keeping my fellow Tenno alive against the endless onslaught of enemies, and despite the various tweaks to Link and Trinity's less useful skills (I missed the EV+WoL bug era while I was playing Saryn, much like I missed the switch to Pull 2.0 and its sequel Pull 3.0: The Wave Clearer), I think she does fine in her current form. the main difference between now and back then is that you need to use Blessing for your invincibility instead of Link, but with corrupted mods and such (Fleeting Expertise and Narrow Minded are incredible), Blessing = god mode. I mean, you still need to dish out the hurt to get past high-level enemies,  but at least your own longevity isn't the issue


so, feel free to hit me up if you don't want to worry about those pesky napalms ruining your grineer survival missions, or just want to discuss the old days when slash damage was called serrated blade and stagger wasn't a status effect, it was what happens when you shoot an ancient with your flux rifle. I'm also (maybe surprisingly) a quiet guy, but when I'm talking to no one in particular I can ramble on for days, it would appear. don't worry about that during a mission

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