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  1. uh oh, messing with grineer galleon tiles. I'm a little worried about that one



    but glad to see helios will now work properly. I might bring him back out, it'll save me time trying to scan eximus enemies on my own, thanks DE!


    event sounds interesting, guess it's time to grind out some rescue missions for the next week

  2. but the glaive already had 2 combos with gleaming talon. I assumed that we'd get a separate stance mod for the new one


    yet no love for shimmering blight and bleeding willow? I am disappoint

  3. I'll admit, being a god is pretty awesome, but blessing is probably overpowered past the point of balance. though the real issue stems from corrupted mods (fleeting expertise in particular). but I think reverting blessing and link (except the single target aspect. 3 or 4 linked targets is a good number) would make trinity balanced, but far less overpowered than she is in her present state


    I still view ash as largely useless, and I assume the changes for banshee are centered around silence's uselessness as well. banshee needs something else unique. either that, or make is so stealth is important, such as in the upcoming revamped rescue missions, which means silence might actually find its way onto some builds


    as for sentinels, without complete overhauls, the current gang of sentinels will remain inferior to carrier's convenience (some people like shade, and I can respect that, I'm just lazy and don't like to hide from my enemies). if helios' scanner only scanned unfinished codex entries, that would be good. but tbh, I think some people should run around with helios even before that. simply because they have barely any entries in their codexes (so many people I've noticed recently ask simple questions that are easily answered by the codex. of course the response when these questions come up in the forums is 'check out the wiki.' but really, DE has built in a great wealth of information in this Tennodex/Tennopedia)

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  4. I think that decaying resources are pretty cool, and fortunately you don't need many, and you can get them from running random void missions. so all it means is that before you want to craft something, run a couple void missions, then you'll be good to go. but yeah, when I got mine, the timer started at like 8 or 9 hours until decay. something should be looked at there. and the timer should be separate for each crystal, but I have a feeling it might just remove all of them once the timer expires


    people who don't have a grasp of what the stance mods actually do will complain about the "basic stance". because each stance only gives you one or two combos, and no other combat benefit. otherwise, the normal attacks (E E E E E...), jump attacks, slide attacks, and finishers are all the same as the weapon without them. I thought the stance mods changed those, since some were given names (btw, DE, if you're looking for fan submissions for naming the rest of the melee attacks, just say the word!), but they are no different from the attacks without a stance mod


    codex is looking good for now, and I don't think drop rate should be boosted. these are cool new mods, they should be relatively rare, otherwise everyone will have a ton of them. which while cool, means that no one will profit from selling them. to be fair, in a couple months that'll probably happen anyway, when some people have tons of extras


    similarly, I don't think delta beacons or other beacons should be drastically tweaked in terms of drop rate. it's obvious that those are the rarest, and you only need 2 to craft the vay hek key, and that's why. I'm glad the prosecutor spawn rate was increased, but it's a bit ridiculous, tbh. eximus class mobs don't spawn that rapidly in any other map. I can understand that it's sort of a special event, but they seriously spawn once per minute on survival. does make things fun when the lotus pops up with a message warning about an incoming prosecutor, then congratulates you for defeating it. I'm just trying to finish up my codex, so if other eximus mobs spawned that rapidly, it would be great :P


    j-2000 golem keys really weren't too bad to make, but people like to complain when something isn't outright given to them. the 6 hour build time was tedious. and remember when the OD keys took an hour instead of a minute? yeah, those were some good fixes

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  5. yay farming fixes! maybe now those dirty scorches will drop a polearm stance for me, and farming beacons will be even easier! glad they dropped multiple beacons after 13.0.2, but now multiple prosecutors as well? I'll fill up my codex in no time! thanks, DE!


    and after checking the codex, I see that the stances have moved around a bit. this is acceptable, and also appreciated (farming bosses for a mod is pretty annoying, worse than farming for the systems BP back in the old days. I wasn't looking forward to that)!

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  6. oh Lotus! always cracking wise to us tenno as we fight for our lives, racing to extraction. I might try my hand at this one if I get a clever idea. also I'd have to learn some photoshop or something


    quick question: I assume it doesn't actually matter what mission type it is, as long as we're on the galleon, but bonus points/cookies if we have the datamasses with us? what mission is that, spy? Idk, I only ever do survival anymore, so

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  7. I'm not even in Warbros and I'm still happy that they won.



    Warbros #1

    you shouldn't be


    What's Warbros?


    it's a meme that's taken on the guise of a clan


    I think what we should all really be looking at is the average score of the ghost clan players. damn impressive, those 10-man clans are competitive


    also, Warbreed #1, well done!

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  8. Glad you guys are considering shotgun rebalance. the status c proc nerfs were somewhat understandable, and accelerated blast was a straight up bug that we all exploited, so I'm glad that's out too. but overall, shotguns don't perform at the same level as other weapons in-game. you guys also boosted the status chance of the boar prime and strun wraith to 40%, and I don't recall that being mentioned at any point. but this also means the hek/sobek/tigris at their 25% status chance, and the not-per-pellet status effects of shotguns have made those weapons all but useless


    glad you guys are looking at defense/survival void drop tables. there definitely needs to be a more advanced system than just 20 minute cycles in survival. although that was definitely a great change to normal survival missions, for the void it's still a little unclear as to when prime parts drop. it sounds like one is guaranteed at 20 min, but you can get them sooner, but after 20 min, then what? is it an increased rate to drop prime items over credits or rare cores? I do have to agree with sheldon that we shouldn't get a prime part every 5 waves/minutes in defense/survival, that's not the point, but an increased chance would be great


    however, it shouldn't be ever-increasing, because then there would be no randomness. even if say the 2 hour reward is guaranteed to be a certain part, that just means some players will farm precisely 2 hours to get a ton of those parts, and monopolize the market (rhino prime chassis are fetching a pretty high price right now, for example). although it would be nice to be guaranteed the part you're looking for, part almost all games is random chance. having a lucky run is what keeps people coming back, that possibility that maybe this will be the one. if it's a guarantee, then it's not as special

  9. excellent stream! really enjoyed checking out some of the melee 2.0 concepts, and now I think we as a community can really see how big an undertaking this is. take your time on that one, because once that is implemented with some nice polish, warframe is going to be an entirely different game


    the vay hek hack at the end was also amazing, well done!

  10. what's the consensus on snow globe? is removal of duration enough to balance it out, and should a casting limit be imposed so people can't turn any given mission into hoth? and then, what if you want to place a new globe in a different location, but you've reached the limit? I think it should just remove the earliest one cast, so that you can still move around positions on the battlefield (survival, for example)


    part of the concern is that infested can't damage snow globes, so it duration is removed, and a hard cap is set, your first X globes will be there forever if there isn't a way to remove them by recasting it


    also, will freeze get an overhaul similar to fireball, with some radial splash damage/larger hitbox? the travel time is acceptable, but because it's still single target, it isn't super useful. fine when fighting one heavy unit, I suppose. guess it's not a necessity, as ice wave is so fun that I'd probably just use that anyway

  11. this sounds fun, kind reminiscent of payload in TF2, except if the cart had health


    and usable electric damage mods? unheard of! (but seriously, shocking touch needs to be increased. now voltaic strike and focus energy are the same thing, for less, with an added bonus. rebalance necessary)


    either way, looking forward to the event!

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