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  1. I actually really like atlas, but his farming is so bad. I mainly use his augment for scanning new things into the codex. At least it has a use. They should increase the drop chance significantly if he kills enemies with his 1 on stone enemies.
  2. Exactly. Pilfering and desecrate abilities don’t work on se. The extra drops were mainly for energy otherwise nekros could have been on the nerf hit list.
  3. Well it’s not going to matter what kind of damage you took when you’re eardrums get ruptured, but imo a direct hit should do slash damage and the aoe should do impact.
  4. Sound does cause damage if it’s loud enough. It doesn’t what? Compared to hydroid and khora, he’s the worst option as far as farming frames go.
  5. Of all the things to change, why only los? A cracking whip produces a sonic boom which is what I assumed is the damage causing part of whipclaw since it makes a loud noise when damage is dealt. Last I checked you don’t get hit by a shockwave because you can see what produced it. The shockwave should be able to hit anything near it and it’s effect would only be reduced for traveling through objects. I know I’m trying to bring real world logic into a game, but it’s logic that’s at least consistent and makes sense. The logic behind this change makes no sense. Khora can still do huge amounts of da
  6. It’s probably thermal sunder. I’ve put it on a few frames using the helminth and even as a subsumed ability it breaks the game. I can only use it a few times before everything just locks up and all I can do is wait to die or abort.
  7. I ran into an annoying bug after I put thermal sunder on hydroid. I had a high efficiency setup so I was spamming abilities and it was working well for about 30 seconds then I couldn’t use any abilities. For seemingly no reason I kept getting the ability in use or ability not ready message even when I tried switching to my operator. As far as I know from what I’ve seen online and from personal experience, none of my abilities should have been blocked from being recast except maybe the tentacles so I have no idea why all of my abilities suddenly locked up even if they were abilities I hadn’t us
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