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  1. I can imagine "structural integrity" being implemented with a system like Banshee's sonar. Crewship gets past an HP threshold, glowing weakpoints appear on specific parts of the crewship. To add to that, I'd add an additional stat: "Crew", they're crewships after all. The amount of crew still living would determine the duration of the weakspots mentioned earlier. So in addition to the "structural integrity" weakspots, you'd get smaller moving weakspots that represent the crew traveling around the ship. Shoot those to reduce the ship's recovery speed. Each spot "killed" has a chance of
  2. Grineer and Corpus crewships are functionally invincible unless you go board them and blow their reactors, or hit them with your forward artillery once their hard-counter defenses are down. If Railjack had NPC faction vs faction combat, once all the fighters on both sides are inevitably gone, they would be locked in a stalemate. Lemme go through what I've observed: Corpus Crewships: Security nodes that prevent boarding Completely invulnerable-where-its-facing drone shields Grineer Crewships Shield submodules, while one is active, the crewship is invulnerable to all attac
  3. I honestly feel that Railjack needs to leave the stigma of being a "game mode" and more it's own game... Accessed through Warframe and augmented by a player's progression innit.
  4. Penalty? Anyways had a think about filling the Death Well for survivability: Once Exalted Shadow can be used (Death Well is glowing) Sevagoth gains an auto block via their Shadow from where they're facing. Would help a ton for survivability while forcing the player to adjust their position relative to enemies... And would give Sevagoth's (really thick) mantle/scarf some flavor and would be a reminder of Shadow's loyalty to their master at the end of the Call of the Tempestarii quest. On the plus side, at least Reap can be recast (without any huge cast animation thankfully) while the Sh
  5. Had a Void Sink one shot me in Sevagoth, I don't know how to feel about that. Necramech powers/archguns do not pop them. Visually, I wish the void storm columns were at different angles, I feel like them being parallel to each other doesn't fit the chaotic nature of the void. Being at different angles would make them interesting to fly through. Note, one of them interacting with the crewship in the hangar despite LOS.
  6. Hm, Sevagoth is really squishy against Veil Proxima Grineer. Anyways, abilities: Death Well - Reliance on killing enemies affected by Reap/Sow to fill it means 1vs1 fights might deny Sevagoth of their Exalted Shadow - Probably needs passive chance of minor gain on enemy kills in range (kill a lot more to fill, independent of energy) - Potentially affect Sevagoth's survivability based on Death Well's fullness? ========= Reap/Sow + Reap following reticle on aim is neat! + Very, very responsive abilities! + Reap/Sow combo for explosion is fun at lower levels - However, thi
  7. Yep, the single-part-bounty trigger circles that pop up in the map... Then getting guilt tripped when you don't do them, while you're fishing :d I want something where there's a point of interest with elements that you can interact with, contextualized based on the area in the map.
  8. I like the Corpus Railjack side objectives, quick, simple, straight forward, has effects for the map once they're done, and has rewards. When they aren't required for the main objective, they fit the "so you want to do this?", in that if you want to complete them, Cy will walk you through them, otherwise you can completely ignore it. I want this in open world maps during free roam, for example: "Want to use this drill to mine this rich ore vein?", when you happen upon one, you start the drill and a short timed defense mission starts.
  9. I've been starting to visualize Warframe as it's own game storefront (since I don't think DE has outputted anything new). The outright oddity of the Planes of Duviri teaser has been strengthening that thought. DE has the potential to spin off a team, since they did try with The Amazing Eternals, though that fizzled out early on, so eh. --- But yeah, related to the topic's title: Railjack being its own game, space battles in the Warframe Universe, rather than a game mode, might make the implementation of the core idea better and more fleshed out. I don't think a minimum-viable-
  10. Angels Fall First was pretty much what I expected out of Railjack, funnily enough. Cept with the power fantasy that Warframe brings. Though I'd kill for a Grineer vs Corpus Battlefront game, since both factions have so many unit types now that it's a shame that we don't see them duke it out. --- I'm pretty receptive to additions to the Warframe Universe, since I'm a fan. As for the OP... Railjack appeals to me because it's my favorite Warframe piloting a powerful space gunship, and I've invested time into making it as such. I await the day when my Railjack allows me to fight against a
  11. Alright, had an instance of not knowing my Railjack was boarded because I was invested in an on-foot task, warped back to notice that there was a bomb planted. That was exciting. The lines for Cy indicating boarders was probably skipped in favor of mission specific lines. Railjack Shield/Health display should show an icon for the current hazard(s) present and if a boarding party is present. Icons flashing in whenever they occur to draw attention.
  12. Lines like "I wish <feature> never existed and was removed" stings, because I like the additions to Warframe for the gameplay and lore, despite the flaws. Said line indicates to me that DE has been inadvertently implementing new games for the Warframe Universe, not game modes. The new game is treated as a part of the base game, forcing uninterested players to unwillingly invest time into it, especially if they want to get content could become meta in the base game in a quick timeframe. "I didn't sign up for this" is the feeling I get from some topics in the community. Becau
  13. Wouldn't even mind smaller non-procedurally interiors for bigger ships, you'll clearly know what you're stepping into, and that's been happening already with the current crewships. The main Corpus missions in the new Railjack levels are definitely a different beast compared to Crewship interiors, as it's the classic generated levels we experience in non-Railjack missions. Dropping in this for general reference: Might've steered my own topic off course, since I really just wanted bigger enemies to fight with my Railjack, board-able or not. Indirectly, I'm wishing we can simply shoo
  14. So as I'm practically bullying the shielded Orm Crewships and just remembered doing an epic-in-my-mind strafing run on a bunch of turrets on top of a Corpus Stanchion-class capital ship, I realize I'm still waiting to fight higher ship classes, not just fighters and crewships. So while I generally enjoy Railjack content, I'm always dismayed by the fact that the capital ships we board are just set pieces that aren't at all dangerous to an approaching Railjack or Archwing. When are we gonna fight frigates? When are we gonna fight destroyers? Cruisers? Balor Fomorians? Since both the Ra
  15. Ticker's crewmember selection should refresh over a shorter period, like every four to eight hours. It'll help us pick our cosmetic choices with stat spread variety quicker, instead of waiting a real life day. That said, I'm not a huge fan of: 8 point spread for credit brought crewmembers 10 point spread for material brought crewmembers Why would I want to get an 8 point crewmember when I can have a 10 point one? Maybe all of them should get a single perk that distinguishes them?
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