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  1. Anyone experiencing this? Been seeing it since this patch. The other side of the ship looks normal: S And a super trippy visual when trying to enter the freightlinker:
  2. Just thought of something... Ghoulsaw can be heavily tied to the combo counter mechanic (cuz high speed spinning sawblade), really becoming its own class of melee weapon. Hold heavy attack to charge/rev combo counter, enemies coming in front take damage/become gibs Conversely, melee attacks with the Ghoulsaw don't build the combo counter, as the weapon is a powered weapon Very high combo duration Having combo counter makes weapon alarming Saw spins relative to combo counter Rip N' Ride's distance is fueled by remaining combo counter and causes combo counter to decay faster
  3. Railjack is a distinct enough game mode with potential, so could it have its own subforum for Railjack specific feedback? Megathreads aren't enough, and feedback threads get blurred with base-game feedback. This could become more relevant once Archwing (modular archwings when) gameplay gets brought up to speed at some point. Since the subforum might evolve to encompass Warframe's "Space" combat.
  4. A fully featured spin-off game for faction vs faction PvP/PvE? Sure I'm fine with that, a lot of content for each faction exists now too. It'll have to explore the Origin System's conflicts when the Tenno aren't involved, and would have to further characterize the bosses that lead the factions, along with the grunts that follow them. Might not even be canon! With what-if scenarios, like if Grineer attempted to invade and hold Deimos. It won't be a replacement for Warframe's PvP, but Warframe: Battlefront. Gameplay different from controlling a Warframe, equipment progression would all be side grades as they're unlocked, and unlockable classes to access different equipment trees and abilities not found in a regular grunt. The PvE gamemode in there would be vs Infested with Starship Troopers vibes, without the CC provided by Warframe abilities. I can imagine NPC Tenno coming in like a force of nature, going from a fixed point A to B, creating a kill zone for anyone in their path. Simply just making the spin-off game an arena shooter would get old fast, it's gotta go the combined-arms gameplay route; thinking Planetside 2 or Angels Fall First.
  5. Mercy kills have been (at least for me) happening just a little more than usual, but most of the time the eligible enemy units are dead before I can get to stabbing them with the Parazon. I've even got instances where they had the mercy icon, but was locked out of the finisher as they were flailing about after getting hit by heat status, or them being ragdolled. Could we have mercy-killable enemies have a short bleed out state? I'm thinking Bursas, with Parazon kills instead of hacking. They'll be effectively dead, but still around as a battlefield resource unaffected by weapons or abilities. Possibly tie the amount that can be put into mercy state with squad size, and bleed out duration modifiers based on LoS and range.
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