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  1. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Disconnect from Xbox Live

    Are you a member of the xbox live insider thing? I managed to play all night yesterday without a single disconnection after I unenrolled? Though maybe it was just a fluke... i will jump on game again shortly and see, then report back. Lol
  2. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Fix these network issues NOW

    #wealldisconnecttogether #warframcustomersupportisnonexistentalltogether
  3. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Disconnect from Xbox Live

    #wealldisconnecttogether #warframcustomersupportisnonexistentalltogether We should try these on twitter? It would help if we had some visibility I think. 😂
  4. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Server Connection Lost

    Welcome to the club...noone knows anything except that it seems to be on their side. And they aren't saying anything about it, or even acknowledging that there is a problem..is like they are told not to take anything to do with it, and just leave us in the dark.
  5. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Disconnect from Xbox Live

    Same thing is happening to me... worst thing is I bought the Chroma prime pack anddddd I can't even use it. Every where I look people are reporting the same problem, and yet the devs etc remain silent. Won't even acknowledge the problem exists which I find strange too. I just want to hit things with Gram prime. :(