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    Disconnect from Xbox Live

    Are you a member of the xbox live insider thing? I managed to play all night yesterday without a single disconnection after I unenrolled? Though maybe it was just a fluke... i will jump on game again shortly and see, then report back. Lol
  2. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Fix these network issues NOW

    #wealldisconnecttogether #warframcustomersupportisnonexistentalltogether
  3. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Disconnect from Xbox Live

    #wealldisconnecttogether #warframcustomersupportisnonexistentalltogether We should try these on twitter? It would help if we had some visibility I think. 😂
  4. (XB1)D3ZTRY03RX

    Disconnect from Xbox Live

    Same thing is happening to me... worst thing is I bought the Chroma prime pack anddddd I can't even use it. Every where I look people are reporting the same problem, and yet the devs etc remain silent. Won't even acknowledge the problem exists which I find strange too. I just want to hit things with Gram prime. :(