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  1. They just stack, don't worry :)
  2. Thanks for the awesome Tennocon live stream ❤️ And MR24 test should be looked at. Plenty of bug threads about it, from me included. Thanks in advance :) And host migration sometimes still doesn't give rewards or lets all reactants disappear or shows 0 kills as if someone just started the mission.
  3. Since the Limbo P update, I constantly get host migrations, the HM doesn't work properly and then I get thrown out of the game completely. Never had stuff like this happen, aside from in SO/ESO It's also like it was before, with losing all affinity/traces/kills (as if one just started the mission and didn't enter it again.) Please take a closer look and try to fix this, DE, especially with people wanting to farm for Tennocon Baro. Big thanks in advance 😢
  4. Now that the update fixed most of the UI stuff, could you please make MR's visible again before one entered a mission with the squad? Hovering over the squad members will only show their respective MR "symbol" and not everyone knows which symbol is what MR exactly. Please fix this also, at least 😢 Big thanks in advance.
  5. Bug: When the "connection to session/host lost" message comes, I'm unable to get past the "Ok" with KB/M and with controller and was forced to Alt+F4. ALSO: The "time stamps" from chat messages are gone. I'd love it if you could revert that and activate it again. It can sometimes be rather important to see the time of when something got written, so thank you in advance.
  6. Hydron is missing its "Wave cleared" message after some waves, I noticed. And was a nice experience having no timers on MD, but a very bad for ppl who did the Rescue Sortie, rip 😞 And my glyph on the website rarely changes, too, after I changed mine ingame. Changed back to the butterflies a month or so ago and the Tennocon glyph is still being used here.
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