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  1. I had a real fangasm at the "stay a while, stay forever" line, oh yeah. Played the HECK outta Impossible Mission back in the day 😄
  2. The resource list in-game lists Hexenon (and it does drop) but the mobile app doesn't list it as one of the drops.
  3. The request wasn't for evergreen (which you take to mean something that can keep being rewarded), but for greenfield (something not previously done in the game) rewards. While I am a software developer, with experience in writing games, I don't know the Warframe codebase, and there's certainly enough unknowns. Is it as bad as Zaws not being able to be skinned because of fundamental issues in how Zaws are coded, or is it similar to energy colouring, or is it even simpler? We don't know. We can't know. I'm just putting this idea up so they consider it, which apparently y'all think is a bad idea in itself... Neither of you have addressed the actual idea, just pooh-pooh'ed it as "we know it's going to be too hard for them to do". Odd responses.
  4. I doubt it's a complete rebuild. They already have the ability to specify PBR shaders for the parts, and colors for the parts, it's just whether they can let us choose the PBR for the parts.
  5. On twitter Space Mom asked what greenfield reward we would add to Warframe - but I'm in a bad timezone so there's no way she'd ever see a response from me. I think they should add *earnable* materials shaders to the game that we can apply alongside colours. Just like in that other PvE flying-suit game that launched a few months ago had. Being able to make any part of the warframe the colour we want *and* metallic, or cloth, or rubber, or textured cloth, or whatever, would be really cool.
  6. Love that it's a multi-step boss fight! Love the new mechanic of flying it into the bug zappers! Really, really love that this is the second boss fight added since I started playing (almost 2 years ago) that lets me play with my main, and not some terribly constrictive meta build.
  7. Great boss. Looking forward to more farming, and future bosses with interesting mechanics!
  8. OK, my bad, clearly 😅 "we" there is a bunch of extra story that I compressed for brevity: Kid said "what do I do now?" I said "what does the solar rail thing on the star chart say to do?" kid said "go to Cetus". OK, off they go. But, you know, if you need to bend my words to fit your narrative, go for it 😂
  9. If I want to check out fashion I just go to the door at Cetus or Fortuna. Plenty of fashion going on there!
  10. I would have loved this 2 years ago when I started, having missed out on all those old events which my friends just hinted at. Those old events had a bunch of lore - or at least character building for a bunch of the NPCs - associated with them as well, didn't they?
  11. I really like @--END--Rikutatis definitions there, but like a lot of people have said, there's nuance. I have friends who have been playing since day one, so they're kinda veterans, but they'd really be considered casuals since they only jump in once every few months or so and they're not really familiar with a lot of new mechanics. I've been playing constantly for two years (every day barring a very few) and would consider myself experienced, but not a veteran because I came in four years into the game. I'm probably hardcore, I guess, in the MR sense (my focus is on owning everything the game has) but certainly no other like the Eidolon hardcore folks. If you need a label 🙂
  12. I'm really looking forward to NPCs seeming more like real people before I blast them to death pixie hell as I casually zoom by 😄 (on a more serious note, I actually do like that there's more life coming into the game so it doesn't just see like there's us players and a smattering of cardboard props)
  13. I wish I could lock a post from further replies. The responses here, varying from completely lacking in empathy, to pointing out how much better at video games you are, to huge assumptions (I'm not a new player, I've been playing practically every day for almost two years, I watch all the devstreams avidly, I think I do a pretty good job of parenting) are so depressing. I was trying to give feedback to DE (the purpose of this forum) but y'all don't seem to think that's worth it. Thanks for the folks with the positive, helpful responses.
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