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  1. From your description above, it sounds like the tactical menu has a map (you can use frame abilities on the map) but the map doesn't have the white diamonds at the various locations (pilot, two gunners, engineering, and a couple more)? That would be a bug 😞 Just to be clear: you *have* unlocked level 3 in tactical, yeah?
  2. Yep, I've bought 4 repair drones to upgrade shields, reactor and two weapons (all mk3 with reasonable stats). I repaired a mk1 reactor early on, and that was a good idea at the time. Fortunately I've sold a bunch of Primed mods recently 🙂
  3. To use the fast travel you click on one of the white diamond icons in the tactical map.
  4. "mummy issues" ("mommy issues" for those in the US 😛 )
  5. Fantastic spin on the lich system, much closer to what I thought it was going to be!
  6. Friend, I'm sorry I offended you with what I thought was genuine friendly advice. Peace out.
  7. Or, indeed, any other mission in the game, and enjoy yourself. I'm MR28 (yay!) and I stopped running missions just to rank up gear many ranks ago*. I'd have gone crazy just going back to Hydron (or ESO, or stealth Adaro, or whatever). * hmm, except I have forced myself to go do hoverboard races every now and then but I have only maxed one board since Fortuna dropped so that shows how interested I am in pure MR chasing 😄
  8. Please, please revert Titania's flight model. As a Titania main, she's frequently unplayable now: the camera's been moved so we can't see what we're aiming at now "sprint" forces forward movement, so we can't be as agile in other directions as we must be to survive (plus it also sounds like we're engaging archwing afterburners which is just stupid) the new movement turning model is making me motion sick after a very short run in razorwing, something I've never encountered in a video game until now The loss of momentum in her movements alone breaks what was one of my greatest joys playing this game 😞
  9. Oooh nice, I can KILL MYSELF EVEN FASTER 😂
  10. Lich trading has to be outside of clans, please, or you're just unnecessarily penalising us solo players 😞
  11. Are Larvaling spawns broken for everyone or just me? I've just run 6 missions and got the yellow flickering in 4 of them but no Larvaling spawned. Ran them by myself, so I didn't miss a spawn, and there was no usual announcement thing. No, I don't have an active Lich, I killed my third last night and wanted to run another tonight but can't even start the darned thing off 😞
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