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  1. thanks for the reply guys I appreciate your help just want to give you a quick update I checked the wiki which had helpful voice lines but in order to create new lines I have to synthesize his voice using the voice lines so I will be working on that next ps: odris as GPS looks like a great idea but I'm sure if it comes true will results in lots of accidents 😂
  2. Hello there tennos I'm programmer how loves to play warframe, I recently went into the IOT territory with google assistant and alexa but I found all of them to be boring so the only AI I want in my house is none other then the Cephalon we know and love Ordis. I've been searching for few days trying to replicate his voice and cephalon transmission to put create an AI assistant from but disappointingly I didn't find useful so I want to ask if anyone can help me how to replicate his voice?
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