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  1. I really wanted to make sure I submitted something unique, so I searched high and low and, far as I can tell, this might be the first of it's kind. I wrote out the theme, a small poem as that's how I 'sketch' ideas in my work, and then some details of backstory I can imagine that might let the team come up with a good kit or design. *** Theme: Sherpa As the young dead strand themselves Upon the shores of this side of the void’s tide We find our dear and unsung hero, Of meek and meager means Warmly waiting to be the guide And give up his share for the good, the benefit, of the young. -- This frame, during the high-point of the Orokin, served as an instructor and commander to others, a custodian of order. With the revolution against the Orokin, this warframe instead sacrificed itself to protect the newly-born tenno, and now guides them and spends its time helping new frames develop their skills.
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