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  1. Defy doesn't buff 'combat stats' other than armour. It's there to change the tide if you're getting overwhelmed and give you some armour to do it with. You really never need to spam it until you start reaching level 250+ Except energy is restored as a % of dmg to health, not dmg, so it had diminishing returns. You always had to reset after a couple of deaths. I was aware of how his build worked, it's the build I had. It could go for ages on endless. But it was boring and I didn't care about the frame once I got other, more fun frames. Like, sure you could tank a lot, but you're also playing Wukong. Balancing a frame around an ability that was being used to hit level 1000 on endless.. meh, that's the nichest of niche in Warframe. If they kept old defy with his current kit it would be broken as hell. It is a nerf on defy, but having Wukong be fun again is way more important imho.
  2. Abilities in warframe don't always have to be 'up'. Use it if you need it. If you're searching for enemies to shoot at you then you don't need it. Why buff armour if you aren't even taking hits that are somehow threatening? I don't understand. I don't understand. Cloudwalker brings me to almost full health really quickly. You have a clone to attract aggro away from you. You can use Defy when getting overwhelmed to gain 1.5k armour, knockdown enemies and damage them, and then attack. Your 4, an exalted weapon, now actually scales and makes level 160 Corrupted bombards and heavy gunners weak. There's obviously something wrong if you think his kit somehow lowered survivability. Instead it's actually useful, is good for spy, and gives healing. Why is it out of place? Why is it 'unnecessary'? You have a literally infinite supply of energy now. More interactive is better. Wukong had less interaction before than Inaros, and Inaros at least has a decent kit.
  3. Easyyyyy there tiger. 1. I've had no problem executing finishers. 2. Wukong was my most played for pretty much my first 100 hours or whatever. I'm at 2k. 3. I'm more ashamed than proud of the hours spent tbh 4. I had an optimal build. Doesn't mean it was fun doing exactly what every other frame did, that is, use weapons but with the added caveat of only really using one ability when I did an endurance run just for the sake of doing an endurance run. Wukong is undoubtedly a good warframe now. He wasn't before.
  4. 1. You don't spin. 2. You gain armour, knock things down, and then take the fight to them. It's undoubtedly better to the old defy where you were more focused on the energy meter than the game... no contest defy is better as an ability even if it is nerfed. Hint: attack an enemy straight out of Cloud Walker rather than deactivating it manually. 100% will land a huge finisher every time.
  5. I think asking for a rollback is even more delusional. They're undoubtedly good changes. Wukong is great at level 165, and I can't imagine ever needing to go higher than that for any content.
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