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  1. AHHHHHHHH thank you so muuuuuch! I was so bummed about not getting the scene but PROBLEM SOLVED <3
  2. Changes look neat! i will have to play with it more. I would like to add my voice to the folks who would like the 2/gun grab ability's range to be a bit longer, maybe affinity range? feels kinda silly to grab a buncha guns but only have them matter activate in like shotgun range, esp when we have protea's turret that will just GO. and nuke anything. It doesn't have to be like, mesa levels of range, but it'd be nice to have it be almost defensive and start attacking folks earlier/further out.
  3. Hello! I've been enjoying Deimos so far, but i've run into a bit of an issue with one of the bounty steps -The Hold this area/defend this area segments. These are the ones where you stay in a defined area and kill incoming infested for % of control. I've come to dread these cause unless it's in the open, I never seem to get enough spawns to actually hold the point - I keep failing out after about 1 Min into the task because there are simply no infested to be found. I dunno if it's just pathing errors or what, but its getting a bit tiring to keep hitting this segment and seein
  4. Looks neat! I can;t wait to have my little Nervo friends on all my frames <3!!! Also i just wanted to say: THANK YOU for the little garden/memorial. That's such a sweet touch, and does make me feel a bit better about sending frames off to join the eternal flesh.
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