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  1. Just want to see if anyone can share there idea's on how to make my clan emblem better, since every time I try to look at it, it's all pixelated and out of focus. thanks for your time.
  2. Hey I found a way around the bug (at less for me), I just change my password to something completely different and tried and it went through on the first try. If you have this problem you should try this.
  3. Ya I'm in the same boat there, though I did get through once just to only find out that it thinks my back-up PSN account was my main one so I had to restart the migration thing again and I haven't had any luck since that time hope they fix it soon though.
  4. Is it weird that the first thing I notice was his name, also that looks just like my Sunika but not as crazy skinny.
  5. well i found one that I didn't see up there and I've already made a post about it. Its basically a endless loop of the end of Howl of the Kubrow guest and stops you from starting a new one to some point. ill just put the link below since it'll be fast then to just retype it all https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/269394-howl-of-the-kubrow-quest-end-loop/
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