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  1. Type: In game Description: Cannot use abilities on Merulina when using a controller on PC Visual: Self explanatory Reproduction: Play Yareli with a controller on PC Expected Result: You should be able to use abilities by hitting their respective keys on the keyboard, but attempting to use them on a controller will not work. Observed Result: I was able to switch abilities while on Merulina and using a controller, but attempting to use them did not work. Reproduction Rate: Happens every time.
  2. Okay so, Yareli. Sea Snares is laughably bad. Sure it deals scaling damage over time, but that damage is so miniscule that it doesn't even matter. It is also really slow to home in on enemies. Merulina is just clunky and gets one-shot in MID LEVEL CONTENT. Plus: Unmoddable damage reduction is just bad. Either increase its health, or let us mod the damage reduction. Or both. Aquablades does too little damage for something that can't be modded range wise. Very disappointed about it, honestly. Riptide probably her best ability, but that's not really saying much since the other ones are terrible. Damage scaling per enemy falls off quickly and its range is miniscule. Honestly in my eight years of playing, Yareli is one of the most disappointing Warframes I've played. How you can change this: Sea Snares: Should sap HP to Yareli or Merulina if she's on it. Damage per second and speed of the bubbles should be increased considerably. Merulina: Give it more base HP or give it an invincibility period where it absorbed damage to convert to HP similar to Iron Skin. Aquablades: If you insist that we can't upgrade its range, at least let it deal more damage. Alternatively, make it deal more damage to sea snare'd targets. Riptide: Increase the grab range. Make it deal damage based on total grabbed enemy health, rather than by numbers of enemies grabbed. Have it deal more damage to sea snare'd targets as well.
  3. Thank you! What I like most about her is how her abilities play into one another leading to some interesting combinations!
  4. Hello everyone! Amateur artist, but long time player here! Decided to try my hand at making my very own Warframe! This is Pagonia! Let me know what you think! Name: Pagonia Theme: Ice/Aurora Borealis/Mage Health: 150 (450 at max rank) Shields: 100 (300 at max rank) Armor: 250 Energy: 150 (225 at max rank) Passive: Pagonia siphons life from her frozen foes. Enemies frozen by her abilities restore health to Pagonia and allies within affinity range. Ability 1: Glacier Pagonia summons up to 1/2/2/3 stationary ice crystals that release a cold aura that slows down enemies, eventually freezing them solid. -Aura size is dependent on ability range -Slow and freeze rate dependent on ability strength -Crystals have unlimited duration -Frozen enemies killed within the crystal’s auras will explode into ice shards that deal 50% slash and 50% cold damage to nearby enemies (can cause a chain reaction) -Recasting while max number of crystals are active will cause the oldest one to explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Ability 2: Permafrost Pagonia surrounds herself in a layer of ice that absorbs damage from enemies for 4 seconds adding their collective damage to fuel a freezing aura that lasts as long as the amount of damage it receives. -Pagonia herself is immune to damage during these 4 seconds. -Damage absorbed is multiplied by x2 (Dependent on ability strength) -While active Pagonia receives a capped 50% damage reduction -Absorbed damage is fed into an aura that radiates from Pagonia. -Damage absorbed decays at a rate of -100 per second. For example: If she absorbs 5000 damage, the aura will last for 50 seconds. -Aura will slow and slowly freeze enemies until they are frozen solid -When used next to a Glacier the freeze rate of both abilities is doubled. -If no damage is absorbed energy cost is refunded and she can cast it again Ability 3: Aurora Pagonia fires a beam of energy from her staff, dealing 50% radiation and 50% magnetic damage to the enemies it hits. -Beam has unlimited punch through and will bounce from frozen enemy to frozen enemy if they are close to each other -Casting on frozen enemies causes them to radiate the area surrounding them causing an aurora borealis effect around the frozen enemy, enemies caught within this aura take damage over time. The more instances of the Aurora Borealis, the more damage over time it does. -Casting on a Glacier will cause it to pull in nearby enemies, as well as causing the Glacier to deal damage over time. -Killing frozen enemies within a Glacier affected by this ability will cause the enemies to explode and deal 25% radiation 25% magnetic 25% cold and 25% slash damage to nearby foes (can cause chain reaction) Ability 4: Absolute Zero (Exalted Staff - Khione) Pagonia summons her exalted staff Khione -Staff deals 50% impact and 50% cold damage and has innate damage boost (50% per status) against enemies under status effects -Staff deals 10% more damage with the more enemies frozen by Pagonia’s abilities. (5 enemies frozen means 50% more damage and so on. Damage boost is lost on enemy death.) -Slam attacks turn the staff into an ice hammer that causes an eruption of ice spikes that impale and freeze enemies for a small energy cost. -Heavy slam attacks do the same, but with more damage and range, at a slightly higher energy cost. -Hitting a frozen enemy affected by Aurora will temporarily add radiation and magnetic damage to the staff.
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