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  1. I would say Nyx, because her kit is pure cc and has no damage or self sufficiency. She also squishy frame and her essence is to controll the battlefield but in the time where there are nullifiels her ability to shine is very limited. Chroma is 2 but mostly 1 trick frame because his Vex armor is his selling point and his 1-4 abilities are just there to fill the slot. Atlas can be good if his golems could get some ai reinforcement and his wall actually could be useful. The wall could be longer to block more area also could be good to drop more than one. Petrify is an ability what never fitted well to him and I could imagine that ability on a real medusa / gorgon frame. His first is only good if there are enough enemy nearby to use on them. Loki because he is the crocodile of warframe which exists millions of years in the same shape. He is not that urgent for rework and he can just have tweaks but his decoy could be something more useful. Invisibility can get some tweaks on him other than that I see nothing special to do for him. Oh, forgot his passive, that could see a change. Maybe Volt, but he is currently fine, what I could see on him is more base movement speed and a little more armor. Other than that he is fine as it is. Excallibur, because his radial javellin is very out of place and his other abilities have more synregy. Also if you count his ultimate can do radial blind, you could merge both abilities and add 2 new or just 1 new ability because the blind itself is a great cc but that is the same as Vauban Bastille and Vortex. Valkyr is outdated and she needs a better ability to replace her ripline and her ultimate can also get some love other than that she is still tanky frame. I do think the rest of the rooster is now okay, may you can mention tweaks but I don't think a mass rework needed for those other frames.
  2. I personally see these games as cooperative ones. All of them could cooperate with another to keep each other alive. Each game use the coop as a core feature and each game is a kind of looter shooter but all has their limits. I would not say they kill each other but there are games what can kill the others if the game is better quality, has the same playerbase, has the same class and the developers timed better. Warcraft 3 killed basically the Kohan series despite there games are different in the control part. Armies of Exigo killed by Battle of the Middle Earth because the EA decided to release both games at the same time and the Lotr was more famous name then. Despite in quality both game was good and fun to play. Etc. There is a lot of games in the history which wiped out by bad decisions or by a stronger competitor.
  3. The energy system as a whole is okay in regard there are pizzas, zenurik and also the mobs drops more likely energy instead of hp orbs. What would be nice to be refresh to add a moderate hp and energy regeneration so you can use your abilities and each action performs like in dota 2. There is also potions and mango to refill your energy, also some items, in warframe also there are the items but I personally imagine a different energy management system which works similar like a stamina bar if you not use your abilities, then it will start refill in seconds. Nuker frames are energy dependant, not all frame could work like Nidus, which can refill his energy with rage and with killing an ability. An ideal system the cooperation between the classes are on and each frame depend on another on a degree. Trinity is famously support and the devs made her the ultimate support, but she needs also a tank who protect her also a cc frame which can make it possible to work for the team also a nuker which does the damage. Each frame can perform these classes in a limited level, some can do better some lesser but all capable. I never used pizzas or zenurik ( still not second dream ) and I just rely on my weapons combined with timed ability use. Most of the time I play solo so for me it is not a big problem.
  4. I personally can imagine a cooperation instead of competition. Anthem, Destiny, Warframe can coegsist and would be nice if these three game somehow could cooperate to survive and boost each other. Each game has it's good parts and worse parts I personally play Warframe because I enjoy this game the most, but each game could learn from another.
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