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  1. This test is not horrible at all and there is no timer so you do not need to rush it. Wait till you try the mr9 test. That is also doable but need you some timing, target management. I won't spoil it if you want you can practice before doing any test.
  2. They should boost survivability on sentinels also make their weapons strong enough to fight back. Reawaken could be an universal ability or regen turn into reawaken and revives your sentinel within 30 seconds and gives 10 second invulnerability after respawn. That could make the sentinels a little bit more durable also they could given shieldgating aswell because often not really seeing the affects if they have or not. They could also given a little bit more armor to become durable.
  3. Most of the tiles are out dated on the grineer sides but mostly the asteroid mining colony what needs to be touched up. All of the old tiles should be touched up time to time and some more new but useful room would be handy. Their design is mostly okay I would add a bit more face variations because despite they are clones they could have some variations what they used for cloning. New units and some map touches also would be interesting. The main deal is to make the maps more mobility compatible so less minor invisible walls and corners what stops you when you try to bullet jump. More sec
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