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  1. LAGpWND

    A Game Of Frustration.

    Now this was pretty funny :)
  2. LAGpWND

    Warframe Ability Changes: Nova

    Thank you guys. I was beginning to think that I'm the only sane person here. Re-balancing of Nova couldn't have come soon enough. IMO MPrime is still too good (as it was mentioned - this skill has buff ,debuff and damage in it) ,but the uproar of the no 4 spammers this change created is both irritating and funny at the same time. Irritating ,because they just don't get it. Funny because... well their tears are so tasty... nom nom
  3. LAGpWND

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

  4. LAGpWND

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    I certainly hope so. At this point players have too much power at their disposal ,which makes game very ,vary easy - thus not challenging and boring. And all the cries of people whining about nerfs makes it all the sweeter.
  5. LAGpWND

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

    Yeah ,she was "irrelevant" after certain enemy level which is irrelevant, because only a small fraction of player base ever stays so long in a mission to see that certain enemy level. Uh-huh ,even ignoring the damage buff and explosion chain reaction, the slow down effect on all enemies in sight was sooo "irrelevant". About time DE did something about this no fun to play together WITH frame.
  6. LAGpWND

    New Music Preview!

    That's all nice ,but what I would like to know is if we ever have an option to replace the music with our own? A good example example would be a folder named "Infested" where we can put our own music and Warframe will play that music during infested missions. Something akin what Skyrim or GW2 did.