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  1. I can only speak for myself. It's the same issue Bethesda ran into. Things they should have fixed, they haven't. Mistakes they should have long ago stopped making, they still make. DE hasn't screwed up anywhere near as catastrophically as Bethesda did, of course, but it is what it is. DE is like a dog with an armful of tennis balls on the floor. Constantly distracted by the next thing in the pipe. It's been this way for years, and at this point my patience has run out with it. Could Archwing have been great in it's initial format? Yes, absolutely. Instead it wasn't, and it was left on a shelf for years in a boring, broken, garbage state while we got a bunch of other nonsense. It had potential. That's all you can say for a lot of what comes out. Moa pets? Potential. Liches? Potential. Railjack? Potential. That's all it ever is. Just potential. Years ago, potential was fine. At this point, It'd be nice to see them deliver on some of it, at least once in a while.
  2. Oh, I'm not arguing one way or the other for the changes. Just pointing out why people are reacting like this.
  3. The trouble largely is in that this is a massive shake up of things people probably either sunk a large amount of time into farming to build, or sunk real money into. People are liable to be mad when something they worked for- no matter how OP it may or may not have been- is rendered nonviable via dev changes. It's one thing to get power crept out of relevance, it's a whole other to find out a shifting meta just wrecked your build. I'm not saying that's something that's directly happened to me- or even that that's what happened across the board- but that's what people are perceiving, and so they're miffed about it.
  4. On the one hand, yes. You're right- they do. On the other hand, the point I'm driving at is we never had to make that decision. There was never a brick wall of content not meant for us to run into- everything was meant for us, more or less, as it was released. At the very least, there was nothing beyond our capability to do- we already had the tools and equipment to tackle anything not involving a wholly new game mode (like Archwing, way back when, or Railjack more recently.) We never had a situation like guilding kitguns on our second planet and the rep grind roadblocks because we were already done with everything else.
  5. One minor complaint with this- We didn't have *nearly* as many things to deal with as noobs (assuming you started playing back around launch) as they do today. I mean, you think about it, all we had was warframe grind, weapons grind, and the star chart. There was no open world, no reputations, no guilding weapons. While I'm not saying that really reduces player agency, I'm also gonna point out that when these things were introduced, we didn't run into them 'before we were supposed to'.
  6. I think that's a bit of a strawman. DE certainly doesn't have to behave or copy other companies, but there's no reason to not learn from them- and crib successful systems. That said, I tend to agree that Endgame for warframe would be incredibly difficult to pull off, especially with how DE likes to approach content. EDIT: Not strawman. Slippery slope? Not sure. Either way, that's taking an argument to an absolute extreme that it really doesn't need to go to.
  7. If you're not sure, I'd strongly advise against spending it till you get it cleared up.
  8. Who is Drusus? He's a lord militant commander, the one that led the Angevin crusade to it's successful conclusion and founded the Calixis sector from the worlds of the Calyx expanse in early M39.
  9. See, that whole 'Prices will drop" thing is what kinda gets at me. It's a more or less straight up admission that prices right now are inflated simply by being beholden to a crippled trading system. I can't help but notice the similarity, in fact, between trading right now and the alert system that nightwave replaced- You have to be online at the right time to get what you want, and if you're not, well... wait till it pops up again. And I don't buy 'effort' as a valid argument, simply because it's not- you stand around watching chat and then go to a dojo. It's not effort- it's boring. You can't play the game doing that- you have to devote time to trading (Something, again, we'll note that DE doesn't want us doing- they want us out doing things in game, as is evidenced by nightwave replacing alerts.) As for your second point, I'll admit I'm really.. not sure what you're driving at? That people will buy less platinum because auction house items won't be as expensive? No, that's true, they're not- but things like cosmetics and slots are a fixed price, and are only available via DE. Less plat will be shuffled around player to player, yes, but because of that, more plat will have to be purchased overall by the player base to cover those fixed price items. To use your example, let's say I want a Empyrean bundle off the shop- 820 plat. At 180p per volt prime set, that's... call it four and a half sets. At 90p per, it's a little over nine sets. So either I farm a little over twice as many items to pull more plat off other players, or I buy plat to cover it- and I'll be honest, I (And many other players- I'll look for the exact study in a bit) are far far more likley to do things like buy 10$ of a premium currency than 100$ of the same- hence the whole 'micro' part of Microtransactions). That's what I meant when I said you have plat constantly leaving circulation- players buy things from DE, and that plat they spend is removed from circulation, and then has to be replaced via someone then purchasing plat. It's a value created vs. value moved argument- production vs. services, if you will. The current system doesn't work 'just fine'- it's a bandaid solution that should have been replaced years ago. It relies on players sitting in their orbiter or dojo in lieu of playing missions- and using a third party site to try to manage trades. It's very easily manipulated- as is shown in your own examples above- relying entirely on a significant part of the playerbase simply not engaging with it in order to artificially inflate prices in game to benefit the traders. It's exclusionary to at least a significant minority of players for various reasons (Someone in this thread, IIRC, mentioned social anxiety, for example- that's a valid argument, honestly, and that's coming from someone who thinks we all need tougher skin.) While I'll readily accept that DE is all too happy to allow third party sites to do heavy lifting for them (See: The absolutely atrocious availability of information to newer players about extant systems and the common response of "Use the Wiki"), and that the game does need polish desperately in some areas, community aspects like trading are, I'd argue, reasonably important in a game like warframe, which has a large, active community that does interact - And is the primary driving force for the majority of premium transactions, come to think of it- you don't fashion frame to impress the dog. You wanna show that mess off!
  10. Ok, but, again. How is an ingame vendor kiosk or whatever that doesn't have to be babysat really all that different from a third party site that allows you to put an item with a price on it and a buyer to contact you via it? Prices will drop to a lower bound- whatever the market eventually corrects to because of supply and demand. You're always going to have prime parts leaving circulation via Baro at the very least, and there's always going to be at least a little plat leaving circulation as people buy things from DE, so there's always going to be some sort of demand. It's not like suddenly allowing us to throw items into a store or whatever instead of having to bail out of missions to run and do a trade is going to completely ruin everything ever and no item will ever move for more than 5 plat ever again. So we're assuming that everyone would suddenly use an auction house or store function if we had one? I mean, that's kind of a stretch, at best- and even then, like I said above, you're always going to have some sort of sustained demand just via Baro and plat leaving circulation because people buy things from DE. Similarly, I've gotta admit, that whole 'prices will drop to nothing' thing is kinda a silly argument- you're basically saying things only have any value now because they function in a crippled economy (Like paying 800$ for a roll of toilet paper in certain socialist economies right now). The rest of that is alarmist, at best. Plat moving player to player is plat that DE sells once and then never sees another dime off of. Yes, players may be motivated to buy plat for an item in trade, or a particularly good riven (There's threads on that too, by the by- and the salt about those rivens getting nerfed is *delicious*), but again: people are always going to have to buy plat for things from DE- slots, cosmetics, and trucks full of space roombas. It's not like people will suddenly stop buying plat because the market prices dropped out- if anything, they'd have to buy more plat because the market can't reasonably cover the costs of items off the market anymore.
  11. RIP my whispering ice barbarian. Funnest build I ever had, completely ruined. Haven't touched PoE since then.
  12. Ultimately, that's kinda my hang-up about the whole "NO AUCTION HOUSE" Thing. We already have a more or less defacto one anyway, just with extra steps. How is it anything other than a QoL step from what we already have? Instead of having to set myself up on a third party site, Then be online and available for trade you can, ya know. do other things. Sleep. Eat. Leave the house. Play missions while your crap sells. I've never really seen a satisfactory answer, either, just "It's not the same and you're stupid because it's not the same and you should be able to tell the difference." That said, I'd argue the opposite. It sounds like 76 at least got trading better than Warframe, since you can sell items while also out playing the game. Last game I played that required you to be online set up a shop was Ragnarok online- and even that allowed for a more or less automated shop where you could just sell an item for a price.
  13. An impressive troll, really- just enough effort to appear sincere, but he didn't have to stick around to keep the topic bumping along. Edit: Lost points for putting it in the right category though, a true masterclass troll would have plonked this in GD and made a mod move it.
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