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  1. I mean, trusting any dev these days is a recipe for heartbreak and disappointment.
  2. Spoiled your comment just to help keep things a little shorter. Yeah, and that's another solution- though it's one I'm frankly a little leery of because DE's usual solution to 'tougher enemies' is "Make them immune to at least 50% of abilities and effects" Then again, as I stated, I'm a little shook of DE's attempts to balance... well, anything, at this point. I believe it needs to be done, of course, and having a situational use for a point target weapon in any given mission would be great, but at this point I'm also not entirely sold on it not causing a massive swing in the other direc
  3. Trick is, how do we fix that? Nerfing Melee is certainly one option, though I personally am pretty sick of "nerf the best option so everything else looks better!" Personally I'm kinda stumped. Give single target ranged weapons innate punch through or armor pen? Buff Ranged weapon mods significantly? Say 'sod it, Outriders looks fun'?
  4. I'm going to be the first one laughing if DE decides to re-introduce Arcane helmets... and then gets bored of making them for the massive backlog of frames that don't have them. It was... what, vauban? that was the last frame that had 'em, all the ones after that didn't? Maybe valkyr, I honestly can't remember that far back. What'll be really funny is if they do reintroduce them, and then we start seeing threads here whining that they're not worth using over the existing arcanes. Because outside a real few outliers they're really not. "Arcane helmets need buffs!"- Can't
  5. This is legitimately the first time I've ever heard of any kind of codified system of behavior anywhere in warframe outside DE's ToS. just sayin.
  6. Not as they were. Maybe we'll see something called solar rails come back in the future, but it won't be the same as the junk they removed.
  7. No doubt they'll ask for reworks. There was a thread just here a couple days ago doing just that. Hopefully there isn't one though. Nidus is one of few frames I'd argue is in a really good place.
  8. And counterproductive, IMO. Viral is good now. It may not be in another damage rework.
  9. Yeah, but check out the MR heatmap for Excal. He's used for people's first 3-4 MRs... and then just ditched.
  10. If we're going by how many people use a frame, clearly Excal prime needs a rework. He's at the bottom of the list!
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