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  1. Oh, yeah, no doubt. Just saying that so far as PvE balance vs. PvP balance goes, DE is... remarkably poor at both.
  2. To be absolutely, 100% fair, here, DE's track record balancing PvP is apparently far, far worse, judging by the reported state of conclave.
  3. Well yeah. I mean, unless he got a complete overhaul IIRC it's mod to stack health and armor, use his... 4? to get additional armor and status effect resist or something and then just truck on with arcane pops to keep you going. Bearing in mind I always found Inaros boring as all hell and preferred Nidus and Garuda.
  4. I mean, I haven't played in over a year, but if someone's after immortality, isn't it just Inaros + Arcane Grace and laugh your way to the bank?
  5. I'll be honest, I thought it was OP again. In which case I'd have argued that yes, there is something dreadfully flawed here.
  6. Would it be interesting if done in a well thought out, planned, and executed manner? Yes, absolutely. Which means it's a terrible idea, unfortunately.
  7. More or less, yes. Ninja were far more about "The ends justify the means" sorta things, and were more than happy to use sneaky, underhanded, 'dishonorable' methods of getting things done. And honor is at best guidelines for pirates. At absolute best. More often their guiding principles were "Get loot" and "Avoid the navy"
  8. The issue really, honestly is, I have 0 interest in starting on a triple down RNG grind (Grind relics, crack relics, guess mod order) where I utterly loathe at least one step (cracking relics) in order to get a karak with some minor buffs and an innate 20% toxin damage. It's got nothing to do with difficulty- there's nothing difficult in the process at all- more in motivation for payoff at the end. If the weapon was good or interesting? Then maybe I'd sit down for the day or two necessary to suffer through. I play solo or with friends, and all my friends started extended breaks a couple years back.
  9. I made my first and only lich in a fit of what I can only describe as 'ooh shiny' syndrome when I saw it had a kuva variant of a weapon I enjoyed. Then I realized I'd have to farm every single parazon mod. Then I realized to do that I'd have to grind relics first. Then I realized that even once I'd gotten through that grind, I'd then have to grind murmurs and play the guessing game to actually get rid of the thing. Thankfully, the lich took over luna, so I can just ignore it forever! Or at least till, when and if, DE gives us the option to just yeet an unwanted lich. I might even pay plat to just have it gone so I don't have to look at it occasionally.
  10. There's also always the founder packs, but I'm not sure if those'd really be PC exclusive per se, or just they were a timed exclusive deal.
  11. It's a reason, but I doubt it's a major reason. With what's been coming out of the epic-apple lawsuit, it sounds like one of the big stumbling blocks is that sony don't like cross platform titles with crossplay or cross save unless they think it'll benefit them substantially. In all honesty, that lawsuit is super interesting in what all it's exposing in the games industry, especially in terms of stuff like this.
  12. Yeah, but we can't FUS RO DAH so that's out. How we gonna be dragons, we can't even speak dragon.
  13. Rumors (and sorta evidence?) says they've never forgiven us for Nova.... I still have no regrets.
  14. Well, yeah, that's kinda what I meant, though. Everything- even content islands where we start out fresh, with none of our old armory really factoring in- turns into the same wildly OP power trip the core gameplay is. Everything. To the point, now, where 'challenge' - if it can even be called that- involves whatever we're facing having to either have absurd invulnerability phases or straight up immunity to most of what we can do. Basically, DE's hands are tied, yes, but they're the ones that tied them.
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