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  1. Experiencing the same issue. "Login failed. Check your info", even when the correct email and password were entered. Reached out to the support team about this matter and still have yet to get this issue resolved. Even the app stopped working properly for me. None of my account info, foundry, inventory, arsenal etc. are showing up properly, all tabs are just empty. It's hard for me to be enthusiastic about the upcoming Tennocon when I'm experiencing this issue. Purchased the Tennocon Digital Pack hoping to access the special Tennocon Baro Relay. However with me having this problem, I am anxious if I'm going to miss out on the Tennocon Baro and bought the Tennocon Digital Pack for nothing . Crossing my fingers , hoping that the support team could help me resolve this before Tennocon 😐. ( I'm still able to access my account on the main website, support and forums).
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