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  1. If you are looking for some feedback on the new Twitch Drop system, it is complete crap. I watched 3 hours of streams this week (I never can watch the Wednesday one), and managed to get exactly two drops. Today's Home Time somehow managed to count for 1 drop and 73% of another drop, even though I watched every second of it. If you guys are up for correcting this (Twitch support is worthless), it would be nice to have the other three grab bags added to my account (and all the other people's accounts who got screwed out of drops). Please go back to the previous drop system. It had its i
  2. Yeah, the new drop setup sucks something awful. So far, I have watched over 2 hours of eligible streams - got one drop. It's hard to complain about free stuff, but being offered free stuff and getting jerked around instead is just crappy.
  3. Were the drops broken yesterday? I watched the whole stream and got no drops at all.
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