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  1. Last post I know, but would you look into perhaps allowing the subsumed resonator to use our octavia's current track? The odds are if you have a different track on octavia then its likely one you dont mind hearing.
  2. I get what your saying. I just think they should bring it back instead of making it a temporary things. Still keep Transference by tapping, but transcendence as an option. It was great as a momentary invulnerability. But yeah, adding mods to amps makes a lot of sense. Just like they reworked RJ with the Plexus. Edit: I do like the idea of operator schools being reworked so better diversify them. Zenurik for me is really the only one worth using at the moment
  3. This is likely to fall into the depths of the forums, but I can always hold out hope that someone from DE might pick up on this. After finishing the Second Dream we gain the ability to use the Transcendence ability, the void chest-beam. I always saw this as raw un-tempered power of your operator. And sure enough after completing The War Within you are able to jump out of your Warframe at will and you're given a Mote Amp which always felt weaker. Why not bring a stronger, faster cooldown Transcendence back that we can use by holding down the Transcendence/Transference button? Why remove the ability altogether after a single story arch? I'd like to think the chest beam can have some special damage value against sentients, giving it a real purpose. Here's to hoping this gets signal boosted.
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