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  1. I'm bent out of shape and frustrated. So bear with me if it bleeds over into this post. Thermia Fractures are PAINFUL to do. There are so many issues when not doing this with a premade. First, the lobbies for them are shared with freeroam on Orb Vallis, so you're screwed and have to redeploy if some paragon of humanity decides that they want to go fishing in a public lobby to leech, or if there's another group farming Toroids. Second, actually finding a fracture then getting 4 canisters to max it out is a difficult concept for most pubs. Most of the time they sort of bumble around the fracture despite me asking them to follow me to help me haul canisters to it. When I inevitably have to haul canisters 1 by 1 to the fracture some dingleberry will dump that into it and boom, at most I can fit one more in in time and we have to do 2-3 extra stages as opposed to the 1. Doesn't matter much if I ask them to wait till we have 4 since most of them don't pay attention to text chat or don't know english. When this happens, it's absurdly boring. Enemies drip feed in, and I might as well open a youtube video. On that rare occasion that I do get 4 cans in a fracture before a rando can self-sabotage, most pubs can't handle it. I go Frost Every time and that tends to help, but why on earth are there frequent Magnetic Procs on the fracture itself? I just want my Opticor Vandal.
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