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  1. It is minor, but you'd think it would be a relatively simple fix. Either way, it's not gamebreaking, it's just a bit of an eyesore.
  2. Since their introduction last year, Vox Solaris amp parts have been noticeably twisted around. All braces are backwards, and initially, the scaffolds were sideways and rotated by a noticeable amount along the Z axis. Since then, the sideways rotation has been fixed, however, the braces are still reversed, and scaffolds are still rotated noticeably along the Z axis. The issue appears to be purely graphical, as I haven't noticed any functional problems while using an FFF-111 amp. Examples are provided below.
  3. Probably because railjack, season 2, new war, and all the other roadmap items are slightly more important than providing 1 or 2 new cosmetic items. I mean I get it, fashion is important, I'd love to have an armor set or syandana too, but I'm not gonna get upset over missing out on something tiny so that DE can focus on content.
  4. As of right now, you still can't copy Garuda's default colors to weapons and sentinels unless you have her talons equipped, and you can't copy her default colors to anything in the vehicle tab regardless of whether or not her talons are equipped. Every color except for energy turns the same shade of grey, and energy turns white.
  5. While Garuda is equipped and has default colors, using "Copy Warframe Colors" on weapons while her talons aren't equipped still causes all colors to turn grey, and it happens to vehicles regardless of whether or not her talons are equipped.
  6. Do you still have plans to rework frost grost's helmet, or is that on the back burner as far as graxx goes for now?
  7. Using "Copy Warframe Colors" with garuda on any weapons while you don't have the talons equipped leads to every color being changed to grey, and energy becomes white. The same thing happens with vehicles, regardless of whether or not you have the talons equipped.
  8. Would it ever be possible to add a new option to sell ungilded zaws/kitguns for a bit of standing to have them broken back down into parts? As it stands, there's not much reason to keep gilding otherwise.
  9. Is there any possibility of Garuda's crafting costs being changed? As it stands. it takes getting rank 4 with Solaris to be able to craft her parts.
  10. So instead of waiting two years to get weapons, we have to wait.... two years? This system seems like it addresses none of the biggest complaints about the current system, and makes things more complicated.
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