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  1. I've been running Revenant with Pillage. Since he's generally built with high ability strength for mesmer charges the armor/shield strip can easily reach 80-90%, and provides a nice shield buffer for you to recast mesmer when it runs out.
  2. Not until we get a tile set that looks like an abandoned quarry
  3. Passive- Still has increased Wall Latch duration, but now wall latching causes ability durations to count down 35% slower, including Helminth abilities. Ability 1: Decoy Decoy becomes a duration based ability again with a short duration. The decoy no longer fires a s***ty little peashooter at enemies, and instead uses random dance nartas. Enemies (with guns) that fire at the Decoy become enraged after a time, causing them to run at the decoy and try to use melee attacks on it. When the duration is over, the Decoy explodes and deals slash damage in a short radius that increases wi
  4. Here's my feedback after using Xaku for a bit. Xata's Whisper still has a graphical bug that's been around since release that covers Xaku in the Parasitic Link texture while it's active and makes them look weird. Please fix thanks :v Grasp of Lohk shouldn't cost energy if it doesn't steal any weapons or if enemies die before you can disarm them (which tends to happen with a squad full of Bramma mains), and the firing range is atrociously small. 8m base range at max level? That's practically melee range, and it feels a lot smaller since the guns don't immediately fire when an enemy ge
  5. Maybe we could get some development where, much like during the Sacrifice, our kid can help Ordis overcome and accept his sordid past. It’s what he deserves damnit! 😔
  6. When using Gauss' mach rush, the camera zoom when using Mach Rush is really disorienting, and unlike most camera effects, there's no option to remove it. The issue is exacerbated when you use mods and helminth abilities that increase your speed, because it increases the camera zoom even further. I know it's to give the illusion that Gauss is moving faster than he actually is, but it just makes me not want to use the frame. Thanks. 🙂
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Deimos Carnis (the new Centipede enemies) do not grant Affinity on death. This is also true for the Rex variant. REPRODUCTION: Kill a Carnis, and see that the affinity pop-up does not appear and does not affect the affinity of your weapons. EXPECTED RESULT: Carnis should grant affinity upon death, like all other enemies OBSERVED RESULT: No affinity pop-up appears and there is no change in the amount of affinity my weapon has in the mission log screen. REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens every time, even after restarting the game.
  8. I find blasting it with a radioactive stropha with a heavy attack build does the trick, as long as you don't try hitting it with it's shields up.
  9. Yeah, they're mentioned on the update page and they were accidentally leaked in the codex in the last mainline update
  10. IMO we should get even more f'd up and get a post-Deimos expansion to the Helminth system that lets us subsume converted Kuva Liches for their abilities.
  11. I'm 100% certain there's a bad node between me and like, half of the country. Because half of people that connect to me when I host have perfect connection and the other half teleport around and complain all the time... I feel bad about but it's really not my fault lol.
  12. I’m replacing Sandstorm with an elemental infusion augmented ability ASAP when this update drops.
  13. Considering how frames are released by gender, does this mean every 44th frame released will be non-binary? 🤔
  14. That's how Konzu gets early lunch every day
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