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  1. Thank you, setting the ports to different ports then forwarding them seems to have fixed it.
  2. I've had an issue lately both hosting a joining games, as whenever I join a squad, the loading bar will fill 70% of the way and stay there forever while mission noises play in the background, and whenever someone joins me when I host, the side bar says they join but never load in and eventually leave after a minute or two (I won't host any games until I fix this so don't worry about me ruining your game). And of course, other multiplayer games work completely fine. I believe this has to do with switching internet providers, as joining and hosting missions has never had issues until then. I've tried port forwarding on my wireless router, turning firewalls off and on to see which one might have been blocking the connection, and the Warframe network analysis tool says everything is fine, so all I can do is ask if anyone knows how to fix this sort of problem. Thanks.
  3. Doing a radiation sortie in the void with Negation Swarm Inaros and a teammate playing as Valkyr did the neck snap finisher on me while irradiated and killed me instantly. Total accident of course, but I didn't know finishers could be done to teammates until then so I was very surprised.
  4. What's player count like for the Switch version of Warframe, is it as successful as you thought it would be? Alternatively, have other game studios ever approached you for game cross over stuff?
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