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    Ivara skin concept

    Big fan of the Fortune and Shellhead designs. Great work as always.
  2. Because replacing the textures on an already existing model is a million times easier than rigging an entirely new body mesh. Also, prime frames are generally just the base model with extra accessories attached to it. That being said, I wish it were possible too.
  3. -L1me-

    With Warframe on switch now have to ask

    I'd like to see an Eidolon Amiibo or Inaros... 😁
  4. -L1me-

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    What's player count like for the Switch version of Warframe, is it as successful as you thought it would be? Alternatively, have other game studios ever approached you for game cross over stuff?
  5. This looks really good, I wish making Deluxe Tennogen items were possible though. Do you have an art station account or other similar website where you post art? I’d really like to give you a follow.
  6. Clearing the Sands of Inaros quest with a ragtag team of equally-low Mastery Rank players back when I started playing the game again. Whittling down a swarm of tiny Rumblers while dodging boulders that'll stagger and takes out half of my Loki's health bar was a very enjoyable fight.