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  1. My suggestion would be: It's in the shape of a sarcophagus/coffin, so whatever is inside it is/was humanoid. We know it's not the Cephalon (it doesn't have a body). I think DE just borrowed some inspiration from Warhammer40k (no idea where that universe has the idea from) with their navigator. Essentially you need someone/something that helps you navigate through the void. Is it something our operator gets into to navigate the Railjack? Probably not. Is it just void energy, and since the man in the wall in kinda just Void, he is in there? Probably not. Why would he help navigate
  2. They probably just have a hard to listening to a community that doesn't seem to know what it wants, while keeping things (relativly balanced). The new Itzal 1 sucks, that's true, but they needed to replace it with something since blink was gonna go universal, no matter what.
  3. So, even considering that many players (mayself included) misunderstood the meaning of the % redline indicator, imo the "100%" mechanic still needs some tweaking or changes. The battery cost reduction will benefit his 2 and 3, but charging it up is too much of a hazzle/too unpredictable to rely on the mechanic. Having unlimited battery for 10-ish seconds after focusing on spamming Mach Rush for 30 seconds isn't worth it. Both Redline and Mach Rush should also have some sprint speed boosts in them, but i already went over that in a previous comment.
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